Magic Gift Box – Magic For Humans

What’s your favorite
part about Christmas? – Presents. – Oh, yeah? – Yeah, I think that’s
everybody’s favorite part. – [Justin] I set up an
experiment to see just how generous kids could
be if given the chance. – It’s a magic gift box. And what it does is gives one special kid any present they want. All they have to do is ask for it. – Oh my God. – It’s pretty amazing. So tell me, Demetrius. What do you wish for? – Minecraft. – The video game? Okay. I’m sure that’s an easy one. Should we do it? – Yeah. – Yeah? Minecraft it is, you ready? – Yes. – Minecraft, okay buddy. (snaps) – What? Oh my God. – What sport do you like? – Baseball. – Baseball, okay. Let’s try something. I’m gonna have you hold the box. So just hold it like that for me. Okay, don’t move. Okay perfect. And set it down. (snaps) – What? – I wish for a PlayStation. – Okay. (snaps) – How did you do that? – Why don’t you just secretly make a wish of
what you want to appear. – I didn’t ask for marshmallows. – You didn’t see season one? – No. – Now Ben, you don’t have to keep it a basketball,
’cause the box is magic. I can turn that into
something else if you want. What do you want to turn it into? – A RC car. – A remote control car, why? – Because I could chase
my dogs around with it. – You wanna chase your dogs
with a remote control car? Fun! Roll it to me. Okay. You ready? – Mmhmm. – All right, here we go. (snaps) An RC car. Apologies to your dogs. – [Justin] Now that I’ve shown the kids the power of this box, I dropped the hint that the gift they keep doesn’t necessarily have to be for them. – I have a question. What do you think your mom wants for Christmas? – A new coffee maker. – Nail polish. – Nail polish? – Some nice shoes. – What do you think your dad
Lenny wants for Hanukkah? – Beat headphones. – Beats headphones? – Harrison, what do you think your mom wants for Christmas? – A hair dryer. – A hair dryer? Are you sure? It could be anything in the world. And you want a hair dryer? – Yeah. (claps) – Easy, let’s put the Hatchimal back in the box and cover it up. (snaps) You’re sure you don’t want marshmallows? – Yes. – Okay. Coffee maker it is. A gift for mom. (snaps) – All right Demetrius, give me the game. We’ll turn this into
nice shoes for your mom. Snap your fingers. (snaps) Perfect. – Nice! – [Justin] And now to find out if there truly is a Santa gene in all of us. – Do you want to keep the shoes so you can give them to
your mom, or do you want to change this into anything
else for yourself? – Well, I know she would like them. – I don’t know. Which one? – It’s up to you. – I would like to keep
the shoes definitely. – Why? – Cause I haven’t had anything or enough money to get
something for my mom. – I’m gonna get her this. – You wanna give that to your mom? – I love my mom so much. – Really? – [Justin] What these generous kids didn’t know is that their parents were watching from another room. It was now time for them
to receive their gifts. – Open. – [Justin] And act surprised. – What? – I got it for free. (laughs) – Merry Christmas. – Thank you. These are great! (laughs) – Thank you. – Say Merry Christmas. – Merry Christmas. – Aw thank you, that
really means a lot, sorry. – [Justin] I didn’t learn ’til I was an adult that it’s better to give than to receive. If these kids are able to learn that at this age, just imagine how bright our future could be. – Do you want to keep that as the gift or I can turn
that back to a Hatchimal. Your mom would be so proud. – Hatchimal. (thud) – Merry Christmas. – Merry Christmas to you.

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