Lana claims she is pregnant with Rusev’s baby: Raw, Nov. 11, 2019

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100 Replies to “Lana claims she is pregnant with Rusev’s baby: Raw, Nov. 11, 2019”

  1. Don't hate on Lana, she can certainly be my baby mama…..hands down. All these comments hate to see a beautiful chick making out with a black dude……

  2. …Anyone else want Rusev & Lana to just get back together already? Lana finds out that Bobby lied to her about Rusev cheating & she's still in love with Rusev but was terribly heartbroken so she cheated. Now she's pregnant (kafade or IRL) & they make peace. Prefect ending.

  3. I like the storyline… Lana is perfect for the role….. The WWE has to get something going….. I like this one like a soap opera with fighting

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  5. I'm so glad I stopped watching after the attitude era those wrestlers had been amazing. This is absolutely sad this show it is so boring the storylines. The attitude era was so much better with storylines and everything. This is by far the worst show now in PG rating it is the worst thing that ever happened. Also such bad acting as well very bad everything. I'm really not missing anything at all. Such gay storylines. This show has went from amazing to a joke.

  6. WWE edited out "storyline sucks" and say "boring" THUMBS UP OR COMMENT IF U WANT THIS STORYLINE BE OVER BY CHRISTMAS OR NEXT WEEK

  7. WWE fans: This story sucks!
    Also WWE fans: 1.3 million views in less than a day. Every other video has less than 500k

  8. This… is really cringeworthy. I thought that terrible divorce court was gonna be the bookmark of the terrible happenstance that is this storyline. JERRY. JERRY. JERRY.

  9. please wwe enough with these silly story lines, like Lana and Lashley its just odd, its not relevant to wrestling. Vince no wonder why ratings drop, Rusev used to be good wrestler, but your not utilising his potential, think that chance has come and gone or prove us wrong

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