Ken Jeong in Awe of Audience Hidden Talents

Ken Jeong in Awe of Audience Hidden Talents

So I’m sure you’re all
familiar with the old talent show from the 70s
called the Gong Show? [CHEERING] Well, since I’m hosting
today, I thought I would bring out some
people with talents and play my own version
called the Jeong Show. Let’s meet our first contestant. Grace? Hi. Hi, what is your name,
and where are you from? My name is Grace Pike, and I
am from Kansas City, Missouri. Kansas City. Nice. And what is the talent
you’re going to show me today on the Jeong Show? My talent is that I can sing
with my mouth completely closed. Wow. All right, let’s see Grace
sing with her mouth closed. (SINGING MUFFLED) I’m gonna take
my horse to the old town road, I’m gonna to ride
till I can’t no more. I’m gonna take my horse
to the old town road, I’m gonna ride till
I can’t no more. Can’t nobody tell me nothing. Can’t nobody tell me nothing. Ah, you made it! You did it, Grace! Wow. That was– I was that close. Wow. That is kind of interesting. Thank you very much. Give it up for Grace. Good job. Nice. Awesome. Let’s meet our next opened
or closed mouth contestant, give it up. So what is your name
and where are you from? My name’s Olivia Marie, and
I am from Phoenix, Arizona. Nice. Pleasure to meet you, Olivia. And what is the
talent you’re going to show the Jeong show today? Well, what I have for
you is a martial arts act that I’ve been doing. Oh, OK. Since I was five. Do you need any props
or anything for– I just need someone
to help me out. That’s about it. OK, we have– We have help right here. All right, so that’s
the human prop there. My human prop right here. OK, so let’s see it. Let’s give it up for Olivia. A couple of practice
ones wont hurt. OK. Couple ones, all right. Now here we go. [DRUM ROLL] Oh, yeah! Thank you. You did that. Give it up for Olivia. Thank you guys. Great job kicking
with your right leg. Yes. All right, let’s meet
our final contestant. Yes. Yes. How are you doing, sir? What is your name and
where are you from? Hi, Ken. My name’s Dan Foley, and I’m
from Boston, Massachusetts. Nice. Beantown. And what is the talent you’re
going to show us today? I am a juggler. Oh, well so I’m assuming you
need something to juggle. Yeah, I have a few things
backstage, I’ll go grab them. Great. Should have done that earlier
on the Jeong Show, but whatever. I mean it’s fine. What time’s rehearsal, Dan? You know what. It’s fine, it’s fine. It’s fine, we can just
cut it This is all good. And then like well,
you know, Dan Foley is going to be totally
on it, and he’s not going to waste my time. I say I guarantee you, as
long as my name’s Ken Jeong, and I’m the owner of the Gong
Show, Dan will be here on time, and be out– oh there, give
it up for Dan, oh, yes. All right. What– Oh. Whoa. Oh whoa. Whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Oh, dear lord. Whoa. No! No! Whoa, whoa, oh God. Oh my God. Oh God! Oh my God! It’s– oh. Give it up for Dan! Ugh. This– someone get some water. You can extinguish that. That was amazing. So for showing off
your talents today, you’re all going
home, including Dan, with a 65 inch TCL Roku TV. Yes. Thank you. Grace, Olivia, Dan,
you’re amazing. We’ll be right back.

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  1. love Ellen❤️❤️ you can start being kind to another by watching an Ellen video and subscribe to my channel 😍🤭

  2. Bruh that's olivia marie garcia….that is not a "hidden talent" she is a model and does pageants and is very open about her martial arts….nice job trying to finesse us.

  3. That was amazing ellen show has been always awesome she has encourage me to start my own youtube channel thanks ellen your great 🙏🙏🙏💯💯❤❤❤

  4. I wonder how pple get this likes…like how? when i comment i like my own that all🤣
    That's the only talent i have🤦‍♀️

  5. I am Señor Chang! And I'm so ill!

    This is a warning, I can't be killed!

    All in your cabeza, without a chaser

    Not another teacher with this much flavor

  6. 1:21 to 1:15 and 1:21 to 1:22 first act proven fake because we would hear her real singing through the cracks on the side of each tooth

  7. It was a thrill to be a part of this. Ken Jeong was a great guest host. Meeting and hanging out with Grace and Olivia was wonderful. All the people who work on the Ellen DeGeneres show are so professional and an uncommonly warm and kind group of people making wholesome daytime television.

  8. No respect for Mr. Jeong. Quit being a doctor, which would have a greater impact on people's lives, and would rather be a hollywood shill

  9. Hosts humor isn’t really funny at all personally but the acts were cool and definitely not enough appreciation of Dan

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