Kelly Clarkson Takes Out Her Earrings to Fight Gwen for James Violet – The Voice Blind Auditions

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100 Replies to “Kelly Clarkson Takes Out Her Earrings to Fight Gwen for James Violet – The Voice Blind Auditions”

  1. I dont know if it matters for the all viewers or not, but seeing the thumbnail, we already knew which coach the participant chose SINCE THE VERY BEGINNING.

    The curiousity essential to know which coach would be chosen, already gone😂😂😂😂

  2. Just posted a reaction video to my own blind audition! Go check it out!

  3. Kelly turns first.
    Kelly knows the song.
    Gwen turns at the very last minute (after Blake).
    Gwen does NOT know the song.
    James: "I gotta pick Gwen' 😅🤣😭
    Kelly: What just happened?🧐🧐🧐

  4. He just stands there nonchalantly with his hands in his pocket and then smolders while he’s singing. If I were in that audience I think I would have become pregnant.

  5. Once my sister heard this she was about to take a shower AND SHE WAS PLAYING THE SONG SHE STOLE IT FROM HIM SHE TRIED TO SING BUT ITS SO CREAKY

  6. his voice is the voice that made me in tears. well, the voters might make another country singer or another dancer to win this season of the voice, but i'm still for j. violet to win.

  7. so far in the blinds (8 october), i'm for these voices to win:
    James Violet (Gwen)
    Jared Herzog (John)
    Preston Howell (John)

  8. no lie, he has one of the best voices ive ever heard on this show. This is the exact kind of voice i listen to on my own. reminded me of Gavin James and Hozier mixed.

  9. Si con esa mierda de canción se han vuelto 3, tienes muchas posibilidades de ganar el concurso si eliges una canción que no repita los mismos compases y la misma letra 20 veces seguidas… Y sí, el moño te queda como a un cristo dos pistolas.

  10. The look of regret John has at the end when everyone else turned haha I really hope he ends up on team John after the battles

  11. My favorite song of his is his cover of “Just say you won’t let go” that I think he covered for his friends Hunter and Tara who are prominent track and field athletes.

  12. His voice sounds sooo good!!! He sounds too pop and I am loving that he chooses to sing like folk or indie. He is incredible!!

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