Inside the Underground Art Vault at Christie’s

Inside the Underground Art Vault at Christie’s

(light music) So we’re currently outside of
the Christie’s Headquarters in New York before the biggest
evening sale of the year. Where literally hundred
of millions of dollars worth of art is going to be
sold within a matter of hours. Let’s check out some of the highlights. (groovy music) So Alex, we are underneath
Christie’s in a secure room where some of the most
valuable lots of the upcoming post-war and contemporary
art sales are being housed. That’s what we refer to as the vault. The vault of paintings
gets stacked up and ready for the big viewing experience. So what are we looking at right now? This is a painting by one
of the most well-known artists in our field,
Jean-Michel Basquiat. It’s very aggressively painted. His paintings are about
the feeling of a black man living in the United States in the 1980’s. And how much does it cost? We have estimated this painting called Il Duce, 25 to 35 million dollars and the pricing is based on
what we feel of the quality of the painting, but it’s also
based on what we know about the private market for
Jean-Michel Basquiat. This is an A+ painting from this artist who is very hot right now,
it falls in line with what we’ve seen in the last
three or four years really. So behind us is a very different work by Mark Rothko from 1957. It’s a hard shift from Basquiat to Rothko, but it’s also wonderful shift. Rothko is one of the
father’s of the purely abstract painting, the
gestural abstraction. Rothko, Pollock, are the
ones that really opened the mind to the abstract form. What is this estimated to sell for? Interestingly enough, it’s
also 25 to 35 million dollars, so it’s in the same price
bracket, very different feeling. Yeah. So another painting from 1957, so the same year, Cy
Twombly Sunset painting. The Twombly is about 20 million dollars, the same year as Rothko,
so it’s interesting to see them actually in a
sequence because it’s two great abstract artists of the post-war period. So, we looked at two 35
million dollar paintings, one 20 million dollar painting. These are like the greatest
hits of the art market today. Do you have anything coming
up in the sales for the mere millionaires to purchase? Absolutely, we have
something for everyone. Let me just go to the next rack here and see a wonderful Kerry James Marshall, priced at one to one and
a half million dollars. A bargain. A bargain. This is a different price range. Beautiful canvas, rare to
come to the auction market. Just coming off some wonderful
museum shows in America, in New York, in LA, we have
very high expectations. It’s a really beautiful painting. This is a perfect storm
of very high-profile and high-priced artworks coming
together at a specific point. Do you think that we can extrapolate from how these paintings
do, to get a better sense of how the art market is or
where the art market is going, or do you think that we
should really, kind of consider this sale in a vacuum. I think you can definitely
get a general read off the art market after the
sale, once the results are in. What day is the sale? Big night is November 15th. Okay, and that’s when all of the works that we’ve just seen… And many more … and many more, are gonna
go up on the auction block, and we’ll see how they do. Exactly. (light music)

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100 Replies to “Inside the Underground Art Vault at Christie’s”

  1. I think these works of art are worth every penny…that’s every penny I have, which are like 3. So yes, I will pay a penny each.

  2. I'm going to let you all in on a secret. That third canvas painting was done by my 4 year old son. How it got into Christie's is a secret however it helped that my son is called Piccroissant.

  3. This is how rich people flex, also would not be surprised if it was a way to embezzle money… Rich people are some interesting creatures.


  5. I love how they zoom in on the crossing of the lines like wow here we have a place where the crayons from the left and right hand crossed

  6. a bunch of scribbles is 20m dollars… k 1 sec im gonna go throw paint at a wall cut it out then sell it to a museum for 50 mil

  7. Modern "Art" is just insulting…. do you know the Story of that cleaning Woman who accidentaly destroyed a 20 million Artwork ? She could not tell cause that "Artwork" consited of cardboard boxes on the floor and looked like trash for every normal Person….

  8. Fils de putains de vampires!!! Vous volez l’âme et le repos de ces artistes. Pourritures de capitalistes !

  9. These paintings should be used as demos in art schools to inspire students who don't think they have the talent to succeed.

  10. The art market is more corrupt than is politics…
    All of the galleries and auction agree to promote, pump up carefully selected artist…duhhh.
    So corrupted. The eyes don't lie, that art makes a total fool out of its busters…

  11. Why christies are show just artwork of dead why lives artist like me 😂😂😂😂

  12. From the comments below, I am greatly relieved that I am not the only one who thinks these so-called painting are nothing more than pretentious crap.
    I also think that the guy from Christie's is exhibiting a classic case of the 'Dunning-Kruger Effect' … i.e. 'Some people are too stupid to realise that they are stupid'! … smh 🙁

  13. most of the people in the comments have no culture and a boring idea that art needs to be realistic. Art is a concept, why are we taught in school that drawing realistic works makes us a great artist? Realism is boring and nothing new, these artists opened up doors too what defines art and works are fucking beautiful

  14. I am 100% clueless about how the art market works, it seems that less technical art skills result in higher prices.

  15. Morons who buy this terrible Modern Art at these extremely ridiculous prices have no clue what quality art really is. People in America have no taste in Arts or Antiquity because they want every artist they buy, to be a listed artist, or every antique they buy to be signed or have a name. People cant seem to buy something just for the quality or intricacy of the piece but rather for the name or who it was designed by. I have bought works of modern art at flea markets and thrift stores for less than $150 with unknown artists that I have sold for thousands of dollars.

    If your an art collector who deals in this garbage, you have no clue what a quality painting is. Every art from music to creating masterpieces has been on a steady decline. Thats why Classical Art is the best and Modern Art sucks. SOTHEBYS AND CHRISTIES, YOU SUCK!!!

  16. Leonardo da Vinci, Michael Angelo, Rembrandt. This to me is priceless art and something to admire ! Incredible. Sorry but I just don’t get what modern art is these days. It’s unique yes but special and Masterclass. No. As for the money well they gotta spend it on something lol.

  17. عندي أجمال لاوحات أصليين وفنانا مشهورين ليلبيع لمغريب

  18. Why is too expensive if there is only grayons colors why some people paint so fantastic and they sell for cheap idont get it 👍 🎨

  19. Interesting to me that the painting by Kerry James Marshall is only valued at $1 million dollars while Rothko and Twombly's paintings are above $20 million ?

  20. Why can't some of you appreciate this art for the beauty it simply possesses?Why is the price such a concern you have?If people have this money to spend,why not!!

  21. I can paint with the feeling of a penguin otherkin.

    Don't hate me because i'm a penguin.

    If i have only one life to live, then let me live it as a penguin!

    Penguin Lives Matter

  22. Sunset Is worth that 20 million & ANYONE PIECE of my artwork is 20 million in ….40 years to the day

  23. Just a response to those commenting on the value of the works. Part of the reason behind the high estimates is the perception of exclusivity. Wealthy people love the idea that something they perceive as valuable, beautiful and important is deemed worthless by the ignorant masses. The fact that commoners can't see past "the scribbling of a talentless child" makes the works all that more attractive.

  24. I dont care if its elitist proof, Nr 3 looks like 2 year old art. Really horrible. Some art were impressive though. And I like Basquiat. Prefer underground art. More genuine.

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