Imagining the Tenth Dimension (annotated)

Imagining the Tenth Dimension (annotated)

we start with a point like the point we know from geometry it has no size no dimension it’s just an imaginary idea that indicates a position in a system a second point then can be used to indicate a different position but it too is of indeterminate size to create the first dimension all we need is a line joining any two points a first dimensional object has length only no width or depth if we now take our first dimensional line and draw a second line crossing the first we’ve entered the second dimension the object we’re representing now has a length and a width but no depth to help us with imagining the higher dimensions we’re going to represent our second dimensional object is being created using a second line which branches off from the first now let’s imagine a race of two-dimensional creatures called Flatlanders what would it be like to be a flatlander living in their 2-dimensional world a two-dimensional creature would have only length and width as if they were the royalty on an impossibly flat playing card picture this a flatlander couldn’t possibly have a digestive tract because the pipe from their mouth to their bottom would divide them into two pieces and a flatlander trying to view our 3-dimensional world would only be able to perceive shapes in two dimensional cross-sections a balloon for instance would start as a tiny dot become a hollow circle which inexplicably grows to a certain size then shrinks back to a dot before popping out of existence and we three-dimensional human beings would seem very strange indeed to a flatland imagining the third dimension is the easiest for us because every moment of our lives that’s what we’re in a three-dimensional object has length width and height but here’s another way to describe the third dimension if we imagine an ant walking across a newspaper which is lying on a table we can pretend that the ant is a flatlander walking along on a flat two-dimensional newspaper world if that paper is now folded in the middle we create a way for our flatlander ant to magically disappear from one position in his two-dimensional world and be instantly transported to another we can imagine that we did this by taking a two-dimensional object and folding it through the dimension above which is our third dimension once again it’ll be more convenient for us as we imagine the higher dimensions if we can think of the third dimension in this way the third dimension is what you’ve pulled through to jump from one point to another in the dimension below okay the first three dimensions can be described with these words length width and depth what word can we assign to the fourth dimension one answer would be duration if we think of ourselves as we were one minute ago and then imagine ourselves as we are at this moment the line we could draw from the one minute ago version to the right now version would be a line in the fourth dimension if you were to see your body in the fourth dimension you’d be like a long undulating snake with your embryonic self at one end and your deceased self at the other but because we live from moment to moment in the third dimension we are like our second dimensional Flatlanders just like that flatlander who could only seek two dimensional cross-sections of objects from the dimension above we as three-dimensional creatures can only see three dimensional cross-sections of our fourth dimensional self one of the most intriguing aspects of there being one dimension stacked on another is that down here in the dimensions below we can be unaware of our motion in the dimensions above here’s a simple example if we make a mobius strip take a long strip of paper add one twist to it and tape the ends together and draw a line down the length of it our line will eventually be on both sides of the paper before it meets back with itself it appears somewhat amazingly that the strip has only one side so it must be a representation of a two-dimensional object and this means that a two-dimensional flatlander traveling down the line we just drew would end up back where they started without ever feeling like they had left the second dimension in reality they would be looping and twisting in the third dimension even though to them it felt like they were travelling in a straight line the fourth dimension time feels like a straight line to us moving from the past of the future but that straight line in the fourth dimension is like the mobius strip actually twisting and turning in the dimension above so the long undulating snake that is us will feel like it is moving in a straight line in the fourth dimension but there will actually be in the fifth dimension a multitude of paths that we could branch to at any given moment those branches will be influenced by our own choice chance and the actions of others quantum physics tells us that the subatomic particles that make up our world are collapsed from waves of probability simply by the act of observation in the picture we are drawing for ourselves here we can now start to see how each of us are collapsing the indeterminate wave of probable future is contained in the fifth dimension into the fourth dimensional line that we are experiencing as time what if you wanted to go back into your own childhood and visit yourself we can imagine folding the fourth dimension through the fifth jumping back through time and space to get there but what if you wanted to get to the world where for example you would created a great invention as a child that by now had made you famous and rich we can imagine our fourth dimensional cells branching out from our current moment into the fifth dimension but no matter where you go from here the great child inventor timeline is not one of the available options in your current version of time you can’t get there from here no matter how much choice chance and the actions of others become involved there are only two ways you can get to that world one would be to travel back in time somehow trigger the events that caused you to come up with your invention then travel forward in the fifth dimension to see one of the possible new worlds that might have resulted but that would be taking the long way the shortcut we could take would involve us folding the fifth dimension through the sixth dimension which allows us to instantly jump from our current position to a different fifth dimensional line in our description of the fourth dimension we imagine taking the dimension below and conceiving of it as a single point the fourth dimension is a line which can join the universe as it was one minute ago to the universe as it is right now or in the biggest picture possible we could say that the fourth dimension is a line which joins the Big Bang one of the possible endings of our universe now as we enter the seventh dimension we’re about to imagine a line which treats the entire sixth dimension as if it were a single point to do that we have to imagine all the possible timelines which could have started from our Big Bang joint with all the possible endings for our universe a concept which we often refer to as infinity and treat them all as a single point so for us a point in the seventh dimension would be infinity all possible timelines which could have or will have occurred from our Big Bang when we describe Infiniti as being a point in the seventh dimension we’re only imagining part of the picture if we’re drawing a seventh dimensional line we need to be able to imagine what a different point in the seventh dimension is going to be because that’s what our line is going to be joined to but how can there be anything more than infinity the answer is there can be other completely different infinities created through initial conditions which are different from our own BIGBANG different initial conditions will create different universes with the basic physical laws such as gravity or the speed of light or not the same as ours and the resulting branching timelines from that universe is beginning to all it’s possible endings will create an infinity which is completely separate from the one which is associated with our own universe so the line we draw in the seventh dimension will join one of those infinities to another and as boggling is the magnitude of what we’re exploring here might be if we were to branch off from that seventh dimensional line to draw a line to yet another infinity we’ve then be entering the eighth dimension as we’ve explored already we can jump from one point in any dimension to another simply by folding it through the dimension above if our anthem a newspaper were a two-dimensional flatlander then folding his two-dimensional world to the third dimension would allow him to magically disappear from one location and appear in a different one as we’re now imagining the ninth dimension the same rules would apply if we were to be able to instantaneously jump from one eighth dimensional line to another it would be because we’re able to fold through the ninth dimension before we discuss the first dimension we could say that we first started out with dimension zero which is the geometrical concept of the point a point indicates a location in a system and each point is of indeterminate size the first dimension then takes two of these points and joins them with a line when we imagine the fourth dimension it was as if we were treating the entirety of three dimensional space in a particular state as a single point and drawing a fourth dimensional line to another point representing space as it is in a different state we often refer to the line we have just drawn as time then in the seventh dimension we treated all of the possible timelines which could be generated from our Big Bang is if this were a single point and imagine drawing a line to a point representing all the possible timelines for a completely different universe now as we enter the tenth dimension we have to imagine all the possible branches for all the possible timelines of all the possible universes and treat that as a single point in the tenth dimension so far so good but this is where we hit a roadblock if we’re going to imagine the tenth dimension as continuing the cycle and being a line then we’re going to have to imagine a different point that we can draw that line to but there’s no place left to go by the time we have imagined all possible timelines for all possible universes as being a single point in the tenth dimension it appears that our journey is done in string theory physicists tell us that super strings vibrating in the tenth dimension are what create the subatomic particles which make up our universe and all of the other possible universes as well in other words all possibilities are contained within the tenth dimension which would appear to be the concept we have just built for ourselves as we imagine the ten dimensions built one upon another

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  1. “The story so far:
    In the beginning the Universe was created.
    This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.”

  2. This is an invitation to see an alternative to String Theory!
    Where the different dimensions are just future possibilities in our one 3D Universe
    Based on the postulates:
    1. The Ψ probability function represents the forward passage of time with the future coming into existence photon by photon.
    2. Is that HUP ∆×∆p×≥h/4π that is formed by the w-function is the same uncertainty we have with any future event within our own ref-frame that we can interact with turning the possible into the actual!

  3. Could movie files on a computer be a way of visualizing the 4th and 6th dimension? Movies are a linear progression of different points, so hitting play on a movie is experiencing it in the 4th dimension, and then the movie file itself is a single point of all the possible frames in a movie expressed in a single file, so, the 6th dimension? .

    Obviously movies don't have freedom of choice so there would be no 5th dimension for it, but the parallels are definitely there.

  4. Just curiosity here, not trying to argue or anything, but how did you get the data that 96% of the universe is undetectable dark matter and dark energy when they are undetectable? how do you measure it?

  5. You would need to have a higher awareness about the world, in my opinion there could be infinity dimentions, we only know how to use 4, right now, afer we gain higher awareness we going to understand time traviling going from one galaxy to another etc.

  6. we as human beings evolved to comprehend only three spatial dimensions and time, so there would be no way to truly feel the higher dimensions because we simply don't have the equipment necessary. also, troll detected.

  7. Lol what about the line that connects this multiverse to another multiverse bro? Wherein, each point contains a different distribution of all the possible universes? A permutation.

  8. I get the pop up boxes are helping discuss the topics in the video but they could not be more distracting!!!

  9. As it says one second into the video, the annotations can be easily turned off, just click on the "turn off annotations" button youtube has kindly provided for our convenience. Then if you'd like to learn more about an idea somewhere within the video, you can turn the annotations back on for a bit.

  10. I really don't get the concepts for the basis of these theories. I don't doubt it's true, but I fail to grasp how scientists can prove what isn't there. How can you prove there are so and so many dimensions without ever having been in a different one?
    And to be honest: quantum physics with it's concept of thought changing particles sounds so much like meditation, doesn't it?

  11. Explains why when trunks went back in time he to save the earth, everything was off just a bit. He didn't factor in he could be breaking the 7th dimension

  12. ok god, this "popups" are the most annoying thing i've ever encountered -.- Didn't make it through the film. next time don't try to overuse your fancy text popups -.-

  13. still.. if you want some statisfied users, don't scew them over. let them try some useability. the topic was really interessting, but the way it is intended to watch should be banned and treated like.. you know.. fucking people over..

  14. Absolutely, turning off the annotations is the best if you're new to this video, in the same way that turning off the Bulgarian Closed Caption track makes sense if you don't speak Bulgarian (click on "CC"). These annotations were created for the many people who have watched this video over and over, to help them explore the interconnected web of ideas that spring from this approach to visualizing the timeless "everything" our universe or any other comes from. Glad you found it interesting!

  15. I'm assuming that space can't exist without gravity. What relation does gravity have to space? Is my IQ high enough to register a coherent response?

  16. interesting idea that still would not answer my question on what he came from and that would also implie that he is a natural occurrence making religion irrelevant but i guess you could think of it that way as it is our currant understanding of the situation

  17. I can believe that God created the universe, but no man knows how exactly He achieved that miracle. I know, God is almighty, but I just can't imagine He just snaped his fingers and the universe appeared in its current form. A Bing Bang seems a legit way to consider an universal beginning.

  18. That line you mean is the 7th. The 6th contains our multiverse, then in the 8th are all the multiverses (aka the omniverse), even those which physic laws are different from ours.

  19. Sounds like a wish list for bored physicists. I get the Big Bang (well kind of)…. I get the constant expansion of the Universe… I get the projected death of the Universe…..I don't believe in God….but dimensions 5 through 10 sound like theoretical horse s**t…. the unknown unknowns……complete bollox basically.

  20. If your starting point is incorrect, then your ending point will be flawed by way of the initial error, the starting point. There-fore this is basically a flawed theory, more like a room full of stoned physicists, scientists and engineers thinking the word dog is actually God. 

  21. I was really very interested, but I just can't do the pop ups. Is there any way you can edit it without the popups and put it back up?

  22. So what you're telling me is that there aren't other dimensions. Rather, there are an infinite number of universes that hold every opposite path of all possibilities, and every opposite path beyond those possibilities. Perhaps, I misunderstood the video. And I likely have. Its just that this seems more like a theory of a multiverse than an explanation of higher dimensions.

  23. The annotations are just irritating. And the fact that you inform us that we can turn off annotations VIA AN ANNOTATION, well, that's even more irritating. Just turn them off and inform the i-love-popping-stupid-annotations guys that they can turn them ON with only one annotation at the start.
    The notion explained here is tricky as it is, don't fill it up with all this unnecessary crap.

  24. wait, so if we are creatures living in the third dimension and we cant see the fourth dimension,just like 2 dimensional creatures cant see the third dimension,then does that mean we cant percept time?

  25. HELP! I'm now stuck in the 10th dimension, and I can't get back!… Is there a video that someone can post to reverse this?!

  26. So if this were the case couldn't the dimensions go far beyond the 10th dimension as well? We could be talking about a trillionth dimension at a single point

  27. But why time?
    (Im a researcher/game developer working on a project using non-euclidean geometry, and possibly a 4th dimension in games for my thesis)

    In this video, you assumed time as the 4th dimension, the basis of which being that time and space are relative.

    I believe time is just the numerical value that measures the quantity of change. It was created by us and we measure it with clocks. A number that just says when. Not a physical dimension in which change exists.

    Space alone is(could?) be the 4th dimension.

    What Im trying to get at is, (i was never a good teacher) instead of looking at the 4th dimension as '3d space + time', the 4th dimensions could be just 4 dimensions of space. Which means all your other dimensions cannot exist.

  28. This is based on assumptions and theory only. Other dimensions if proven to be real, could number from infinitesimal number, only 1, to infinite number, beyond what can be imagined by most. From concept to hypothesis, from theory and then to proven fact, one must use strict science methodology throughout the whole process! Part of that process, involves having the proper equipment to test and verify. At this time, we lack all the tools to see into other possible dimensions.

  29. I thought it would be about spatial dimensions. Got disappointed. This video is very nice but not what I thought I was about to watch..

  30. Don't know about y'all, but i was lost at the 2nd dimension, go on explain that, something without depth? just as impossible to visualise as the 4th dimension imo.

    Turn the fecking annotations off, for feck sake jimmy.



  32. When we try and visualise the 6th dimension, why do we need to do that folding technique? Couldn't the ant just walk back to it's beginning through the 4th dimension, then change course via the 5th dimension and arrive at the same place? Granted it would be a longer process but we'd still get there.

  33. I still don't get it I can only coun't up to 6 dimensions: 1D line, 2D plane, 3D space, 4D time, 5D all possible timelines of a single universe, 6D all possible timelines for all possible universes. What am I missing?

  34. But if the 10th dimension means all the possible universes. Than there must be a few universes where are more dimensions than 10.

  35. So… The 10th dimension is just the entire thing reverting back to the zeroth dimension? With that, wouldn't an 11th dimension be merely the cycle restarting with with a variation of "6 numbers" and instead going off of some unimaginable number (like an unimaginable color) as a 7th or 8th value to work with and so on? And then on from there going with 8th and 9th dimension thinking keep repeating the cycle with countless dimensions?

  36. I'm not entirely convinced time is a "dimension" at all. time is a change of space from one moment to another, not a spacial dimension. in this instance, the author hijacks a model of understanding space to suit their quack pot theory that dimensions are merely containers for separate possibilities/realities. A dimension, by definition, is a measurement of space and as such suggests just one universe, one reality. Extra dimensions are therefore measurements of space beyond our, to us, physical dimensions as we understand them and I say, though cannot prove, that quantum physics and dark matter are two of many constituents of extra dimensional space. Objects existing in higher dimensions can affect, influence and manipulate objects in lower dimensions of space, but not the other way around. Because the universe is composed of these imperceptible (to our gadgets and devices) components, our understanding of reality is only as good as our understanding of physics. Clearly, the boundary between our dimension and the ones above exceed our understanding, but with a love for science and curiosity for the unknown we might discover how God put everything in place.

  37. Its worse than we thought. Given the information in this video, there is an infinite number of dimensions.

  38. the flatlander's perspective is inherently flawed, WE as 3d creatures see 2d cross sections. 2d flatlanders don't see the top view of cross sections, they see the side view of the cross section because they are well just a plane, and since there is no thickness/depth of 2d objects, flatlanders are UNABLE to 'see' anything. its us, 3d creatures who can see 2d creatures.

  39. This made much more sense once I got the 4th dimensional "worm" idea. Still hard to imagine physically, but way easier to understand all the higher dimensions now.

  40. This video does not make sense. If the 7th dimension is an index for universes in a multiverse, then having another index to do the same thing sounds way off base.

  41. But why only time and space there must be other things I think there is more than they tenth dimensions or eleventh or the twelve th dimension

  42. So shall I assume that time travel is best suited in the 9th dimension?
    One more doubt,you explained how 2D beings see a 3D object,what about a 9 or 10D object watching 3D?Will they watch all our timelines and possibilities once at a time?

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