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RICHARD PRINCE: You know, there's just lots of different things that I do. And sometimes I spend a day doing
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100 Replies to “I painted for 24 hours straight”

  1. Wait is every artist who told u to start with the dark parts dumb?BC U START WIT THE LIGHT.(I’m srry I’m an artist and it’s 2:00am so I’m just here now.BUT LISTEN TO MY WORDS AND START FROM LIGHT TO DARK

  2. Eye of a tiger
    Dreams by fleetwood mac
    Holding out for a hero by bonnie tyler
    Another brick in the wall by pink floyd
    She is a maniac
    Why dont you cry willow smith
    Bury a friend

  3. In regard to waging war with your canvas… Wet palettes are a lifesaver for acrylic paint. Just soak some paper towels, plop them in a tupperware, and fit a sheet of parchement paper on top. Boom. You paints will now last for hours rather than mere minutes.

  4. I really would like to like avocado but I don't. It's bland and tastes like grass. How could I make it better? HELP A GIRL OUT WILL YA?

  5. Imagine her parents coming downstairs at like 9 am and finding Joana dancing violently while painting a huge portrait of a lady in a field.

  6. 7:59

    Is it just me or does it look like her dad is smirking at her?

    How dare he laugh at the all mighty John Cena?

  7. Omg that’s incredible!! Your drawing skills are far beyond of what I thought!! Respect Jona!!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  8. fun fact, the school shuttershock photo is my school from about 20 years ago.. its so crazy how joana used the photo for ittt

  9. за 24 часа написала написала поеботу аж блвевать тянет, я за это время этюдов 70 написал бы и каждый лучше другого

  10. you paint better than me I love your paintings and i dont know why you put yourself down for them but you do you and i love your videos XOXO

  11. I literally cried for 5 minutes straight when you screamed you got to painting her SOMBREROW
    It's been ages since the last time I cried to a YouTube video. Thank you so much.

  12. Wow, I thought she was just funny, but she's got a lot going for her. She is definitely unique and has so many different sides to her, it's just amazing to watch! Thus the reason why she has over 3 million subscribers including me now!

  13. “Honestly, if I went to an art class and started doing my thing, the teachers r going to pass out” they’re going to pass out Bc they r stunned with how frikcin amazing ur work is boi.

  14. Well…that ending was anticlimactic. Didn’t even make an outro, didn’t even show us the finished product. Oh well 🤷‍♂️

    Also: Holding Out For Herpes is one of my all time favorite songs.

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