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100 Replies to “I Painted a CUSTOM HYDRO FLASK?!”

  1. IT SOLD WITHIN 12 MINUTES OMG. GUYS THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! $200 just went straight to team trees, see my tweet here!

  2. a one time $40 purchase that keeps your beverages cold/warm all day and use over and over .. compared to .. 3 to 4 water/soda bottles each per day that all get recycled properly .. right? .. your pooh bear turned out great ! !

  3. Chloe:if you don't know there's a youtuber name Mr.beast


  4. THERE IS A LITTLE BROWN CUDDLY BEAR! This is so great. I saw this channel on my recomends and I just subscribed. And yes Ms Chloe, a hydroflask is an overpriced can of metal "whoop" 😂😂

  5. Omg that flask looks so cool give me your talent!!! Also I wanted to ask if you were the one donating to team trees during Jacksepticeye's stream since there was someone called Chloe Rose!

  6. Hi guys! I'll just casually make a shameless promotion of my Art channel. I got inspired by Chloe to start my own. Pls go check it out

  7. I love my HydroFlask. It keeps water cold for SO long and it's survived my life better than all the water containers that came before.

  8. I only know what a Hydro flask is because I've seen other YouTubers who are like "what's a VSCO girl? They have a certain bag and a Hydro flask? okay cool" 😂 that's only reason I know haha

  9. I always paint my hydroflasks (I don’t buy them I get them from work for free lol) but they end up so cute and personable

  10. I bought my hydro flask for 16$ why the hell did you buy this for $45? You can get them at winners and homesense for 16$

  11. I have 2 Hydroflasks. But in fairness I got them years ago before they were "trendy". They used to be rugged thermoses for hiking… now… VSCO.

  12. AaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaqaaAaqaazzazazzzazzazzazz😶😶😘😶😘😶😶😘😶😶😱😱🤑😱😱🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

  13. Chloe , your a doll and i like your content a lot , but i’m older than you and have owned a hydro flask for over 10 years …soooo maybe its just an American thing 🤷🏻‍♀️

  14. The flask turned out so pretty! I love that mix of colors, too =)

    Yeah, some of my coworkers have Hydro Flasks. I researched with my preferences (no straw, not too heavy, some sort of handle) and ended up with a Takeya. I bring ice water to work because I hate lukewarm water and plumb won't drink it, and this keeps it cold for a long time =)

  15. A hydro flask is one of the best water bottles ever. I usually fill up my hydro flask for school the night before and I put ice in it, even when I’m done with school the next day the ice is still there

  16. 1 dollar to plant a tree??? How dumb and illusional….Just go outside and plant it by youreself…stop giving credit to stupid people who Just use others to enlarge their ego…pretty painting tho…

    LYCBTW(LOVE YOUR CHANNEL BY THE WAY) :3 the sarcasm is just lovely

  18. R.I.P You 😅

    Gosh I Feel So Bad…

    My Sister : I’m Hungry..


  19. MrBeast is a great guy like 20,000,000 TREES!?!?
    Chloe is great too especially for participating in the fundraiser. P.S. I love the bear paintings.

  20. It’s good he’s planting 20,000,000 trees, because we thought of planting a few trees because we cut some down for space for our extension

  21. I'm closer to 30 than 29 at this point in the year, and I promise you aren't actually old 😂 It does get easier with time though to feel so out of the loop. Also I totally use dollar store plates as mixing palettes for watercolor and gouache. They work, and they don't cost $15 😂 (Shoutout to thefrugalcrafter on YouTube, she's the one I learned that from.)

  22. Chloe Rose Art sorry to bother you again but could you please read this Hi I really want a print or piece of your art but you never give enough notice about when they’ll go on sale or how much they will cost I’m in school every penny I try to save but I can’t afford art supplies to keep up with you I’m permanently bedbound my mom had to quit work to be my full time carer day & night as I have sleep apnea I stop breathing in my sleep I’m home schooled by a teacher that comes in 3 times a week I’m always on oxygen I’ve had pneumonia 5 times doctors says if I get it again it will kill me because I’ve had sepsis so often and got it now antibiotics don’t work anymore I’ve just got out of a 4week coma because I was so week so sometimes by the time I find out you’re selling them they’ve all gone or I haven’t saved enough I love all your work I think you’re a beautiful person inside and out and you mKe beautiful artwork. Please email me the dates if you know so I can save please. I love what you do you’re awesome in every way possible. Keep doing what you love. Love everything you do. Take care. Rachel x

  23. Hydro flasks are so expensive because you can put cold liquid in it and it will stay that temperature for 8-10 hours and it will keep hot liquids hot for 6-8 hours therefore making it the best thing

  24. My suggestion for an area to research on your journey to be more env. friendly/responsible is to find out why dollar store is so cheap and hydroflask is so pricey (and it isn't just the luxury mark up). because once you start to see things for the whole life value to you and the planet, you will more likely be more okay with that price if you are able.
    Start with "The Story of Stuff" videos. good luck on your explorations!

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