I Forced Myself To Finish A Book By A Pickup Artist ~ Dominic Noble

I Forced Myself To Finish A Book By A Pickup Artist ~ Dominic Noble

Hello again my Beautiful Watchers and welcome
to part two of my review of The Mystery Method by Erik Von Markovik aka Mystery. If you missed part one there’s the thing.
I have it on good authority that the very beginning is a very good place to start. So as I said last time, Mystery had a lot
to say on the subject of “value” and the manipulation of to get laid. New let’s talk
about his other glorious pieces of advice: Structuring your night regarding time, location
and uh… overcoming resistance. Due to that last part I’m afraid I must
yet again include yet another trigger warning for upcoming discussions of sexual assault. At the very start of the book Mystery makes
the rather suspicious claim that if you follow his advice you will definitely get any woman
you want into bed within 7 hours. He later qualifies this by mentioning that
these might not be 7 sequential hours and then later still contradicts it completely
by saying that the Mystery Method can take anywhere between 4 to 10 hours to perform
properly. He also claims that there are three important
time segments to the method. Again he contradicts himself later by describing several more but
for the sake of it let’s pretend like this isn’t the meandering incoherent ravings
of an emotionally damaged entitled douchebag and I will once again attempt to break it
down for you. By the way if anyone else has suffered through
this book and thinks I might be misrepresenting any part of it feel free to let me know in
the comments, I am trying my best to relay the information in it in an honest fashion
but it is fucking hard to present Mystery’s advice in a cohesive format because he sure
as fuck didn’t. The three main segments you need to allocate
your time to when picking up women are Attraction, Comfort and Seduction. Attraction we’ve mostly covered. That’s
where you adjust everyone’s “value” until she supposedly wants you. The building comfort section is a misleading
title. You’d think it would be about trying to make the target of your affections comfortable
with you or finding out where her comfort level is… However, and there is no easy
way to say this but Mystery advocates for using the comfort timeslot for training your
target like a dog until she stops resisting you touching her. I wish that I were exaggerating to make him
look bad but he makes the comparison to dog training so many times. What you need to do is keep track of her behaviour
and subtly reward her when she is “compliant” and punish her when she does anything that
you deem to be bad behaviour like sassing you back or snubbing your advances. Rewards take the form of compliments and affectionate
gestures, punishments involve “freezing her out” and acting super cold to her for
a time to show her she fucked up. Mystery mentions that just like with animal
training, it is essential not to reward bad behavior or punish good behaviour. Every now and again you’ll need to test
her to see how compliant she’s become. You’ll need to keep this up until you’ve
sensed that she’s reached her “compliance threshold.” Different women will have different
levels that you can break them down to but sex will definitely occure before you reach
any given woman’s limit. Mystery’s suggestions for compliance tests
include taking her hand, asking her to stand up, seeing if she’ll follow you outside
to the smoking area or putting her hand on your cock to see if she takes it away HOLY
SHIT that just slid right into sexual assault didn’t it? Doing this up long term will result in your
target subconsciously realising that she has more fun when she complies with you. Her indoctrination
will be complete. Sex will apparently occure at 60% compliance.
Mystery tantalizes his reader by saying he won’t reveal what happens at 100% in this
book so presumably you have to by his DVD or go to his website or something. I genuinely
hate this man. I just loath everything about him. Seduction as the name implies is when you
finally isolate your target from her group and attempt to have sex with her. It is at
this point that Mystery warns you that you have to be most aware of… The Slut Defense. Final warning: this is the point of the book
where Mystery stops dancing along the line between perseverance and sexual assault and
pirouettes right over the fucking thing. Because once again apparently women are terrible.
The word slut and its meaning is something they have created to call each other partly
because they are just terrible people and partly to try to stop anyone but them from
getting the best choice of mate. You have to work around women being hyper
aware of the potential judgment of their friends, and their constant fear of being branded a
slut. This is why it’s important to lie to her about
why she should come back to your place so she can give herself plausible deniability
about if she knew you were going to hook up. Indeed. Deceiving women and luring them to
your home under false pretenses is doing them a great favour by helping them circumvent
the silly slut shaming that women exclusively do to each other. The slut defense also causes women to feel
like they have to show “token resistance” throughout the night and may even become an
impassable roadblock if you try to rush things, that’s why section two, building comfort
is so important. Mystery is adamant that showing token resistance
does not represent an unwillingness to sleep with you and that it’s important not to
allow such things to impede your plans to fuck your target. To make things even more rapey, he also warns
you that fear of being branded a slut will sometimes cause “last minute resistance”
where a woman says that you should stop just as sex is about to be initiated. His advice in this circumstance is to verbally
agree with her that you should stop but under no circumstances to actually stop because
as explained, her attempt to withdraw consent at this point is simply due to fear of female
judgment and couldn’t possibly be a sign that she does not actually wish to have sex
with you. So yeah, Mystery advocates for rape. I personally
don’t see any other conclusion that can be drawn at this point. Even the part about ignoring token reistance
is fucking horrifying since the #MeToo era attempted to make men more aware of the fact
that women will sometimes go along with sex simply because they fear the very real threat
of a violent reaction from men faced with rejection or many many other types of underserved
backlash. It should by rights be the responsibility
of someone attempting seduction to be as perceptive as possible to any signals that that their
enthusiasm might not be reciprocated and it is truly horrifying to read the words of someone
trying to justify doing the exact opposite. The only type of resistance that Mystery says
you should heed is an overwhelmingly hostile rejection of your advances immediately after
your opener. Something along the lines of screaming at you to fuck off or get lost. Mystery benevolently tells you not to take
this personally as it’s almost certainly the result of the target simply having had
a really bad day and couldn’t possibly have anything to do with creepos like him having
made their lives a living hell or an indication that you need to reevaluate your behaviour.
Oh no. It’s fine. Mystery warns his readers that it is essential
that the Attract, Build Comfort and Seduction segments be done in the correct order. Starting with Seduction will result in rejection
due to the girl raising her slut defense shields and attempting to build comfort immediately
and being too nice to her too soon can result in being put in the dredded friendship zone. He always writes it that way: the friendship
zone. He abbreviates pretty much every other bloody thing in this book but the friendship
zone is always said in its entirety as if that will make it sound like less of an incredibly
outdated and toxic thing to believe exists. Mystery refers to the performances he puts
on to get women to talk to him as “sets,” presumably using terminology he learned as
a magician to make it less surprising when his advice involves equal amounts of deception
and misdirection as stage magic. Mystery drones on and on about sets and approaches
for at least a third of the book but I will try to summarize the whole charade as best
I can. When you see someone you’re attracted to,
you have to approach them within 3 seconds. This is Mystery’s famous three second rule
which I think believe featured quite heavily in his TV show judging by the trailers for
it. It’s intended to help you overcome the paralyzing
fear of approaching women, something that Mystery assures the reader is so strong because
it’s another one of those instincts left over from prehistoric times where attempting to
copulate with the wrong woman could result in getting murdered by her husband and his
friends or failing to seal the deal could be so humiliating it would get you banished
from your community to die alone in the wilderness. Sure fam, I’m certain that’s exactly right
and has NOTHING to do with fragile male egos. Thank you for clearing that up. The three second rule is also yet another
thing that ties into your value as showing no hesitation before butting into other people’s
conversations is supposedly something that women find very attractive. He also makes a note that there are some exceptions
to the three second rule, for example if you see a waiter is coming over to your target’s
table and know you’ll be interrupted during your introduction. In these cases he suggests watching your targets
until an opportunity arises to make your approach sooo… Yay stalking is involved now. Once you’re at your target’s table or
crowd you need to start by asking a seemingly completely offhand question, then if you’re
not met with immediate overwhelming hostility make another slightly more personal one. You need to then follow it up with a story
so interesting that once it’s done they will be keen for you to stay so they can continue
to have oodles of fun with you. Maintaining his habit of using performance
terminology, Mystery refers to this as ”your opener”. I would actually like to share with you an
example story that Mystery provides for you to use to capture the minds and imaginations
of your audience so thoroughly they will be begging you to hang out with them the entire
night. Ahem. “Oh my God. Did you guys see the girl fight
outside?” Uh, he makes a note here to cut the women
you’re talking to off before they can respond. “They were fighting over this guy. I talked
to him afterwards. His name was Glen. That’s a deal-breaker name. Glen.” “So they were pulling each other’s hair
and one of the girls’ boobs pops out. Normally I’m all for seeing a ripe one, but this was
a ‘saggy-baggy booby’… you know, from National Geographic.” At this point he recommends moving right onto
your next talking point, again avoiding giving your audience a chance to respond. A “saggy-baggy booby”. Truly Mystery is a
wordsmith. A bard on the level of Shakespeare himself. He does follow it up with an admission that
telling a story like this probably seems counter productive towards getting you laid which
has got to be one of the biggest well no shit Sherlock moments of the 21st century. Repeatedly mentioning that you have a time
constraint is key to the early stages of a set. You have to make the women you’re sleazing
on think that you have an important thing to do somewhere else and are constantly on
the verge of leaving. It’s also essential to do everything you
can at first to convince your target that you have no interest in sleeping with them
to keep their slut defense shields down for as long as possible and to make them subconsciously
want to seek to remedy this failure of yours to apprecate their sex appeal. Once you feel like you’re a permanent feature
of their group you can start the boasting and negging process on your target, making
full use of her friends, uh sorry the “obstacles” and “pawns” to help with this. It’s a wise move to lock your target in
at this point i.e. take steps to make sure she can’t just walk away from you and your
negging. Mystery suggests giving her your hat to wear
or having her hold your drink for you, something that she has to return to you before she can
escape, therefore tethering her to you in a small way. This will allow you to be as much of a dick
to her as you like and gives you the option of wandering off to find a pawn to use in
your set without fear that your real target will disappear. Once your value has been established and your
targets sufficiently lowered, you can start attempting to isolate her from her group and
start touching her in increasingly intimate ways to gauge her reactions. Remember to punish
her for resisting by acting like she did something wrong and reward her for compliance. You should endeavor to change locations at
least twice over the 7 hours you’ll be attempting to control your target. The advantage of the first change is you will
no longer be in the location where you met, you’ll be in a place you went to “together”
creating a sense of shared camaraderie you can exploit. The second change will be when you suggest
going back to your place to see your tank of tropical fish or listen to a cool record
or whatever lie you choose that gives her the excuse to go home with you without feeling
slutty. Finally, overcome all attempts at token resistance
by acknowledging them but also completely ignoring them. Sex with your dream girl achieved. To summarize: approach strangers uninvited,
ask them multiple questions, insist on telling them a creepy story, insult your target until
she feels bad about herself then pretend to be nice to her while actually training her
using emotional gaslighting to be subservient to you, isolate her from her friends by changing
venues, talk her into coming to a sex location of your choice by lying to her, ignore any
resistance or withdrawal of consent and fully expect to get a fake phone number afterwards.
Ladies and Gentlemen: The Mystery Method. You know what? I think it’s been too long
since you guys have felt my pain so I’m going to pass on yet more of Mystery’s best
advice. Ahem: Memorize entire sets with openers, chat up
lines, negs, and compliments and play them out word for word. After all, women are all
basically the same when you get right down to it. Avoid the friendship zone like it’s a disease.
That one’s actually a direct quote. If you do find yourself in the dreaded friendship
zone, completely cut your friend out of your life for a bit until you can afford a nicer
car or a bigger apartment. THEN reacquaint yourself with your target and use your higher
value to make her see you in a potentially more romantic light. Remember that there is nothing wrong with
manipulating a female friend into sex. Even if they don’t know it, they will always
be much happier with a sexual partner instead of a platonic friend. Smile at first to build trust but ease off
later to avoid seeming too keen. Women don’t like men who smile too much. Don’t think of guys as competition, think
of them as ugly women. Turn your back on her just before going in
for a kiss, it will make her more likely to accept it. Uh, I’m not sure how that’s
supposed to work physically, but try anyway! Don’t show too much enthusiasm or women
will accuse you of being gay. If you’re walking somewhere with your target
randomly speed up or slow down to make them match your pace. It’s a pretty obvious power
play, but their tiny woman brains won’t be able to pick up on it. Try to keep perfectly still when you’re
hitting on women. It makes you look confident…or like a possum. Establish dominance by saying things like
“Your social skills have bought you three more minutes of my time. Good for you.” Make her accustomed to your touch by spinning
her around in a little dance or teaching her a jive handshake. Practice your manipulation on men. If you
can do it to them, you can definitely do it to lesser beings like women. Actually returning to you when she says she’s
going off to the bathroom is a sign that she likes you. I’m not kidding, he really said
that! Grab her hands and hold them to see if she
holds back. Uh, you know, I’m actually going to go out on a limb on this one and say that
I am 100% certain that no good seduction advice has ever included the words “grab her”
in any context. If there’s any room in your body for anything
beyond disgust at this point you might be wondering if this book is at least well written.
Is it a good book even if it’s really bad advice? And the answer is an overwhelming
NO. No it most certainly is not. The first issue is Mystery clearly does not
have enough material for a full book. He has a dissertation at most that he tries to stretch
out to long enough to justify sticking a cover on it and selling it as a book. He does this in various ways. To start with
the foreword by Neil Strouss is ridiculously long. It starts with a very creepy story about
him and Mystery going out for sushi and deciding to sleaze on some young women because they
happened to get a waft of their perfume and were overcome with lust, then he follows this
up with several pages of kissing Mystery’s ass. Sentiments that we now know he later
came to deeply regret. Once Mystery takes over he still avoids getting
to anything resembling a point for at least another chapter. He starts by droning on about how cool Casanova
was for banging so many attractive, sophisticated women and then explains that all men should
aspire to be like that. Amusingly though, even while describing his
historical inspiration Mystery is so insecure he cannot resist mentioning that he’s actually
superior because he’s already surpassed Casanova’s 122 confirmed conquests. He then plugs his website for a bit, always
a slightly foolish thing to do considering the books tend to outlive domains, then he
goes on to talk about how great his method is, and how he developed it through decades
of trial and error but anyone can now learn it from him and how he pretty much guarantees
you success if you follow it. It went on for long enough for me to genuinely
wonder if I was ever going to actually hear about how he suggests picking up women or
if he was just going to sing his own praises for the entire book. It turned out to be both. He also repeats the same information over
and over again by including completely unnecessary extensive keypoint summaries at the end of
every chapter and by just re-explaining the same thing in a slightly different way and
trying to pass it off as a new piece of advice. Additionally he provides a ridiculous amount
of examples and suggestions for negs, actual compliments, opening questions and conversation
controlling stories to tell. Like so many more than is necessary until it is embarrassingly
clear that he’s just desperate to stretch out the word count. And finally he includes a huge amount of pretty
much unintelligible Microsoft paint illustrations of his tactics. My next major issue with the writing is pretty
fucking simple. I am SO dyslexic that I almost didn’t make it through the British equivalent
of high school. If even I can see that your book is riddled with random capitalizations
and basic spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors then that is a sign that you have fucked
up with a capital TH. Mystery LOVES abbreviating things and coming
up with cool names for his chat ups like the Fool’s Mate Gambit. If you were to randomly open this book in
the middle you might be a tad confused as to why you’re supposed to TLD and IOD but
never DHV and remember to keep up the IOIs or you might end up needing to F-U-C-K-O-F-F. In one of the last chapters, like right at
the end of the book, he adds a new buzzword to the repertoire: “bouncing”. He uses it to mean switching locations deriving
its name from someone saying “Hey, let’s bounce.” The obvious problem with this being
bouncing already means something: it’s when hired security aka bouncers throws someone
out of a venue. Ok let’s end this the same way I ended my
Fifty Shades reviews and do some with some quickfire complaints and observations. Throughout Mystery continually insists that
he makes his targets happy. In the intro Strouss even implies a certain selflessness in their
actions because they bring joy and laughter to people. Despite not having a word to say about anything
beyond the second you get your target into bed, Mystery claims that his advice can be
used to develop long lasting relationships as well as one night stands but obviously
I don’t believe a word of that. Mainly because not ONCE does he ever mention
ANYTHING about compatibility with the women you meet. Quite the opposite, the entire point
of the mystery method is designed to get literally anyone to sleep with you regardless of who
the fuck they are. I think the only reason he wants you to believe
that his advice can lead to something long term is so he can keep reminding you that
if you don’t learn to pick up women you might not pass on your genes to the next generation
and he can scare you with the thought of cosmic irrelevance. It’s almost fascinating to observe when Mystery
takes the time to justify his awfulness, usually by claiming it’s a survival instinct, and
when he doesn’t seem aware at all about how disgusting he’s being. Can you imagine what it must be like to be
the supposedly hundreds of people who fell for Mystery’s tricks and now have to see
him publicly flaunting his manipulation tactics and being revered for them? If there’s a guaranteed way of developing
trust issues that has got to be it. Even though it’s not specifically recommended
as a seduction technique, Mystery continuously recommends asking your targets if they can
cook as part of the flirtation examples he provides. There’s not really much to say about
that aside from acknowledging it’s embarrassingly outdated and kind of sad really. On the last few pages Mystery suggests that
the confidence you learn from picking up women can be applied to the rest of your life. You
can negotiate a business deal or wow someone at a job interview. You will in fact become
generally a superior being and all it costs you is your human decently. The book ends how it began. With Mystery trying
to get you to buy more of his stuff. Mystery is very confident that he knows a
lot about women. How they work and how they’ll react to things. It should go without saying
that I personally think he’s deluded. If any of his advice works for him it is not
for the reasons he says it does. He’s just a persistent pushy man who takes advantage
of the current imbalances in gender power to strong arm women into sex. And of course as mentioned he very rarely
refers to women as such being much more inclined to call them: Targets, Obstacles, pawns, hackable
biological computers and dogs to be trained. He seems to consider women an awful lot of
things though human beings is certainly not on the list. I very much doubt anyone watching right now
needs to be told not to attempt the Mystery Method. I’d like to think I’ve cultivated
an audience of Beautiful Watchers and not creepos and I’m pretty sure anyone who randomly
came across this video who might need to hear this advice would have rage quit when I gave
that trigger warning at the start. So instead I guess I’ll just say be careful
out there people. We’re living in a world full of Mysterys. Thank you for joining me on this rather stressful
journey my Beautiful Watchers. If you enjoyed this review or just like seeing me suffer
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  1. For the sake of honestly I want to mention that its belatedly occurred to me that some of the spelling and grammar mistakes in this book might have been due to faulty letter recognition software when this book was scanned and converted into PDF form (so not necessarily Mystery's error). If I were in charge of digitising this drivel I don't think I'd bother proof reading it either.

  2. Keeping still while in conversation is a real thing. Same principle as crossed arms makes you seem defensive or less confident. It is especially useful to know when acting.

  3. So if I see a guy with a goggles-hat anywhere that's not a steampunk or cosplay event, I should get as far away as possible. Thanks for the info, shitty book!

  4. It's funny that so much of the pick up artist attitude is based in self confidence and bravado when in reality you have to have pretty much zero self confidence to think the only way you can get a person to sleep with you is to lie, trick, and insult them. Isn't that pretty much admitting just how pathetic you are?

  5. I would honestly love to see some one try and use these tactics at a job interview. It'd be hilarious,and you'd be unemployed forever. Brilliant.

  6. Remind me to fuck my husband five ways to Sunday lately once I'm back home, simply for not being even close to a sleaze as this douche.

    You are brave, Sir Dom. So brave…

    Also, pausing after "gay" while wearing that… I almost died. Thank you 👍

  7. You know, guys using these sorts of methods to try to get women to go out are the ones we make fun of with other women later.

    Just saying!

  8. "Don't be too enthusiastic as it might make you seem gay".

    And here I would have just passed it off as a guy who was horny as hell and wanted sex, guess I was wrong, it really means all guys "seem gay" if they are too horny.

    So I can write off any guy as "probably gay" when he hits on me as he is just horny and knows no better about his own sexuality as it is causing him to hit on the wrong sex. Nice to know no guy actually wants me they are just gay, or at the very least they know not of what their sexuality actually is when in heat.

  9. I made so many horrified faces in the first 3 minutes alone – I salute you for battling your way through this.

  10. The problem with PUA books and seminars and shows and whatnot is, like a lot of the Manosphere shit (MRAs, MGTOW, incels, etc), there are tiny kernals of good advice sprinkled in among the mountains and mountains of rapey, creepy shit.

    So, for those who don't want to trudge through this misogynistic dumpster fire, here's the only good advice from most PUA works:

    1. Clean your room, bucko.
    2. If your only goal is to sleep with lots of women, prepare to fail more than you succeed.

    That's it. That's all the good advice: two bullet points you should have figured out in high school.

  11. Oh, I have tried the mystery method, I also burn libraries, I steal candies from little kids, I am a racist, I am a nationalist(while a foreigner to USA) and for a living I kick dogs… I mean puppies

  12. It’s so hard to watch this video. It’s not you. It’s this fucking book. Like, how? So much planning, scheming, and just making women objects… like… hello were people too. I’ve dated men and women and normally just get to know them and see if we jive. That’s it. Not much planning other than where the dates gonna be at. Lol

  13. I thought the 3 second rule was if you srop your ego you have 3 seconds to pick it back up before you realize how horrible you're being

  14. Hi I have a request for lost in adaptation namely Divergent

    – a huge fan (English is not my first language so sorry for any spelling mistakes)

  15. See, it’s books like this that feed my distrust and fear of men. It’s hard enough trying to function in a society where men are everywhere, and it’s hard telling myself that most men are nice, but then guys like Mystery take the stage and I run away screaming. I want to really thank you though for reviewing this book. Though the advice terrified me, it really helped that you (as a man) were reviewing it and explaining how flawed it was. It really helps when I see men stand up and say manipulation and pushing past consent is not ok. It reminds me that not all men are super creeps like mystery. Men are just people, like woman are people. And we can’t apply the (terrifying) flaws of one individual onto an entire group. Thanks Dominic. I appreciate the reminder that, for every creep, there are a lot of awesome guys out there 🙂

  16. When you said that it starts with approaching strangers without their permission, it made me wonder how to make friends then.
    If someone doesn´t want to talk to you, you´ll find out soon enough, but I´ve never seen some permission to approach strangers.
    This brings me to something that keeps worrying me about dating: In Sweden, they made it a legal procedure to make an actual contract on the specifics of sexual intercourse in a regular relationship (at least that´s what I´ve heard). I can hardly think of something even more bureaucratic. Similarly, women rarely tell men how far they are allowed to go. If you´d ask them, they tend to react negatively. However, if you form a relationship, then it starts small and evolves in time and maybe love develops. Along with it, it changes how we speak to each other and how we allow others to come closer into our safe-zone (inviting someone to your home, talking about private things, or hugging etc.). Someone may be allowed to hug or kiss a woman, but she won´t allow him to touch her private parts and then it´s getting complicated. Maybe, she isn´t into him. Maybe, she´s not ready yet (not yet comfortable enough).
    Now then, how can a man approach a woman, flirt with her, or find out how far he can go, without getting into trouble, or staying an incel (by not risking enough)? What´s the new socially accepted route?

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    I´ve been friend-zoned twice in my life. In both cases, I did learn a lot about the other person's private life and was entrusted secrets that their partner would probably never hear. Having someone you trust that much as a friend is certainly a good thing, but some women really are astonishingly inconsiderate towards the other sex. They may treat a male friend as if he wasn´t a male and gossip about other men in a very demeaning fashion, or run to them and cry about how their partner is a jerk or why they can´t find any decent men…
    I´ve once told a woman that being single doesn´t automatically mean that I´d be gay and that she shouldn´t talk about men in such disrespectful manner…

  18. You could literally do the opposite of all of this and gain more interest from women. Imagine if a guy was honest with you, listened to what you had to say, gave you time to speak, didn't ask you to do unnecessary things for him, respected your choice when you said no regardless of the reason cos that's not up to him… that guy would be the most popular guy on the planet. Fortunately there are some guys like that out there, good luck finding them

  19. Honestly this shit has ruined a lot of potential male friendships for me. Whenever a guy I think might want to go out with me is talking to me I feel like I need to immediately cut him off in order to avoid "leading him on". I don't think there is an issue with having a friend that is attracted to me, I certainly have a few friend crushes myself, but with (single and attacted to ladies) guys I am always scared that they don't actually want to be friends with me. I know it's not an issue with guys generally because I have plenty of guy friends who are dating or married. To be clear I am not particularly interested in dating guys, so whether or not I find them attractive is not really part of the equation.

  20. I'm pretty sure this is either how EL. James learn how to write Christian grey or in my mind this is how Grey learn how to control all the woman he has been with

  21. 7:00 I really really think this is purposeful ignorance.

    Back in those times you’d probably live in a small tribe. Assuming you’re an average guy, which most guys are, you might only have one or two viable options for breeding. If you make a move and get rejected your chances of having children goes down, so you would have to make sure your attempt is well thought out. Otherwise you could die a virgin and not pass on your genes.

    We’re animals and it’d be plain and simply STUPID to play make believe and pretend that we dont have some behavioral traits left over from those times.

  22. I love, love, LOVE the outtakes at the end!
    Kudos for almost having me and my husband suffocate because of your "fuck that with a capital th" XD

  23. Watched half of part 1, felt so sorry for you for having to read it. I just can’t keep watching. While I guess this kind of thing might actually work (even moreso in a country like mine where girls are trained from a young age to be objectified), the idea still disgusts me.
    With that said, Ill probably not be watching this one either. Hopefully me leaving a long comment will be enough to placate Youtube so it will keep reminding me when you post something.

  24. After listening to this, I realized that an abusive ex of mine MUST have been following the Mystery Method on the points regarding "overcoming resistance". In a weird way, it's something of a relief to be able to explain what happened rather than just be a nebulous "what was he thinking?" hanging over my head for the rest of my life. So thanks for making this video, Dominic; I will literally be able to sleep soundly for the first time in years.

  25. Omg he's the type of man that gives men a bad name. Just wow what a horrible person. I"m so happy not all men think like him.

  26. I work as a bouncer in Kirkcaldy (that's in Scotland for those not in the know).

    If I had an extra £2 on top of my wages for every time a woman has come up to me or my colleagues and told us about some creepy weirdo harassing her and her pals who we then have to chuck out then I could retire to Spain

    At New year we threw a guy out because he touched a woman's arse and when we said "you can't do that mate, get out!" His response was (and I shit you not) "What, I only did it once!"

  27. I'm just confused. This book is full of so many rules, variables and terrible success rates. So why not just teach actual social conventions?!

  28. "Disappear from her life until you have a nicer car or a nicer house, then hit her up again." That sounds like a considerable amount of time, several years at least for a moderately successful person. So… in ALL that time, that semi-acquaintance you met at a bar once is still that big of a priority for you? Obsessing over that one crush of yours who smiled at you once, and acting like she's your only hope of ever getting laid in your life is the trademark of desperate, lonely men. It's like Mystery just accidentally made an admission.

  29. "Disappear from her life until you have a nicer car or a nicer house, then hit her up again." That sounds like a considerable amount of time, several years at least for a moderately successful person. So… in ALL that time, that semi-acquaintance you met at a bar once is still that big of a priority for you? Obsessing over that one crush of yours who smiled at you once, and acting like she's your only hope of ever getting laid in your life is the trademark of desperate, lonely men. It's like Mystery just accidentally made an admission.

  30. Honestly. This scares me so much. It's honestly terrifying to think that someone could do this. To me or to anyone. I'm begging others. Please do not threaten anyone like this.

  31. The steps themselves aren’t that bad

    Attraction: Do things that make you attractive to the desired sex(es). Don’t be someone else, but put in an effort

    Comfort: Try to make the potential partner comfortable with you and vice versa. Figure out what you’re willing to do together and when (ie some are fine kissing on the first date if the connection is strong, some not so much.)

    Seduction: Try to impress your partner! Show them that who you are (again, don’t make yourself someone you’re not for this), is someone worth it and that they’re worth it to you. A good match is when the other is doing the same. You like being together and bring out the best in eachother.

  32. I'm kinda perplexed why Mystery(god that feels stupid to say) seems to always specify "sophisticated women". Maybe I'm missing something, but his entire screed seems to revel in the belief that women are essentially breeding/pleasure vending machines with no further value, so why is he mentioning sophistication? He clearly has no affection or respect for women, so how could he care about how sophisticated they are?

  33. Plot twist – this is really just another “book” published by E.L. James that, in her narrative, was written by Christian Grey

  34. He knows people can just leave your stuff on the table right? Also why would I be wearing some strangers hat or holding their drink? That’s super weird.

  35. The troma its put me through watching this, awful, but I'm pleased I did as its realy opened my eyes for years I thought it was my fault but no some guys are just like that and its actually helped me realise and watch out for the traits, grate video and thank you

  36. I'm surprised you actually read this tripe. I tried years ago after reading through The Game which I found incredibly sad at the end.

  37. I just wanted to thank you for going through this so we don’t have to! It’s actually really helpful to know that this sort of uh – “technique” is out there so that we can recognise it and run the other way!

  38. What was going through your head when you decided to read and review this? The 50 Shades videos I get, the books are vile but there's still an adaptation to pick apart. Reading this feels more like self-harm. Are you okay Mr. Noble?

  39. I'm glad I didn't watch this in public, based on the face I was making the entire time anyone who saw me would have thought there was shit being held directly under my nose for 22 minutes. What an insight into a truly rancid personality 🤮

  40. Ok I think I need to clear something up for the pulpit and congregation.

    When Mystery warns not to show too much excitement, he means around hottie thottie kinds of women who view too much emotion and nerdy behavior as weaknesses in her sexual prospects.

    He's not talking about you genderfluid, consensus seeking, overweight, feminist goblins.

    You don't need an instruction manual to get any of you. Just be the least mutated guy(relatively) in the room and a "nice regular girl" will generally be open to conversation. Never let on how little she impresses you. And there's a good chance you will come off more interesting than the 5 other self-deprecating weenies she has as her little entourage.

    This book is for helping hot people of relatively similar attributes beat their competition in their respective ponds. Despite what you may have heard.

    Do male models ever smile? No, they don't. Thats his point. Smiling and fear breaks the sultry mood. You have to be objective here, people. Too many guys have met that girl that says she wants a guy who smiles only to find out that her idea of a smile wasn't what he thought she meant.

    Haven't you ever experienced a woman trying super hard to be interesting because she was interested in you?

    Desperation is just a guy thing? So much for empathy.

  41. This Mystery douche clearly didn't get that he was being played. The women that did sleep with him did it because they wanted to get laid, not because of the downright disgusting 'tactics' he was using. Poor fragile male, didn't occur to him women can also play the 'Game'.

  42. The thing is, "compliance testing" wouldn't be such an awful idea if it was used differently. Start small. If she seems into is, incrementally continue. The moment she starts appearing even slightly uncomfortable, STOP. BACK UP.

    Too many men want to go straight for something big when they're alone, so big the woman might even freeze in fear. Starting small and incrementally continuing is actually a decent method for figuring out what a woman is comfortable with, IF it's actually used to respect her boundaries instead of pushing them.

  43. God how I ever managed to get into a long lasting relationship without making her feel like she is a unworthy piece of shit is a total mystery.

  44. Your outfit looks like Dr. Facilier from the Princess and the Frog. LoL A person (who is no longer my best friend) got me to read "The Game" a while back. It was much better than the Mystery Method… probably. I haven't read MM. Thanks for the overview.

  45. is your hatred for Mystery greater than your hatred for your virginity? That shirt and gay mustache would send women running.

  46. God, the “tethering” method unusually freaked me out. I hand my friend things all the time now I feel kinda bad D:

  47. I actually think it’s important for this kind of bullshit to be put on blast so people who could be vulnerable to shit like this will be familiar with these sleezeballs’ methods ahead of time, and able to get away before they can be made to feel worthless or forced into something.
    Thank you Dominic! You’re sacrifice is going to help a lot of people avoid douchebags like Mystery in the future.

  48. I have to say, I really appreciated the kitty pic at the end. If only I could cleanse my ears as well as my eyes of this garbage.

  49. I'm still terribly amused the author tries to frame women in terms of programs and all I can think of is the increasingly more complex (and realistic) motivations and relationship responses the Sims programs makes for the characters

  50. As a woman, I'm just really straight-out blunt about following Christian sex mores at the first inkling of flirting. Those sensationalized axe murderers that apparently are having feminists scaring one another into going along with rape (seriously, feminists, STOP THAT) always seem to have established relations with their victim already, and I mean you don't want to spend the rest of your life with a creep you had sex with just to stave off possible murderous rage, so, like, you're in a position of having to refuse an axe murderer AND you had sex with them.

  51. There is a great deal of anger in the review of this book and of Fifty Shades of Grey. Is “anger” an adequate word? Rage, disgust, revulsion, perplexity, outrage, feelings that may only be expressed in sub verbal screaming….more adequate? Is that observation (Mr Noble is very angry) a correct and pertinent one? Okay. Full disclosure…I myself confess to feelings of despair and disgust in myself as I grapple reluctantly with the very evident fact that Fifty Shades of Grey sells a million times better than Jane Austen. I recommend Pride And Prejudice over Mystery Method. I recommend Shakespeare over all of those. But here’s the thing…there are many challenging aspects of other people and of reality of which I do not approve. The question is….does my rage and contempt help or hinder me in my efforts to understand, to forgive, to love?

  52. mystery is obviously not an anthropologists: he'd be shocked to learn that men and women basically had very little differences during the neolithic … like yeah women have babies, but they seemed to have done everything men could do, like haunting, fighting and making weapons and men used to take care of children and elderly and like collect nuts and fruits. Like it seems like what started to change things was the bronze age and agricultural revolution.

  53. The thing that makes me laugh about all of these pick up books is that it assumes that women are essentially a monolith. I honestly don't mind self help books, and let's face it, the dating game can be really hard on men too and some help in navigating it if you aren't socially savvy or confident in yourself isn't a terrible thing.

    But this is just dehumanizing and awkward. It sets out assuming that there is nothing the reader needs to work on, they just need a set of methods to abuse the monolithic aspect of women. It's harmful and abusive. Ugh.

  54. is it just me or is this a really good guide to how to make women hate you? like seriously, most of this advise seems custom designed to make people dislike you

  55. I actually got into a debate just yesterday whether or not the friend(ship) zone exists. It went as you'd expect, with them not listening to any of the dozen people telling otherwise and DMing Obama for a final decision on the matter. Obama has yet to reply, btw.

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