I Carve A Landscaping Rock (and other shenanigans)

I Carve A Landscaping Rock (and other shenanigans)

Rick’s existential catchphrase Wubba Lubba Dub DUB THIS SAYS SOMETHING DEEP ABOUT LIFE! We’re und guing to get ze ROCCKKKS!
(We’re going to get some rocks!) Faboulousssh They have great jam here. It’s delicious. These rocks seem familliar. *Hmmmmmms as he grabs rocks* EEUUUUUUhhh Looking for one that’s a little bit bigger Oooh. That one’s nice. I like it whoo man. I really like this one I don’t know why rocks are starting to like excite me now. Woa. Woa. Woa. Woah? It’s a so pretty! *Throws rock* Look at all tse rocks in tse pack. I wonder how these things get so dang symmetrical like Look at that. It’s awesome, that’s so perfect. It makes me happy look at my little pile of rock that out there all day, just FYI Rocks don’t make a very comfortable bed *Zooms in as the sound of traffic plays* Thanks Jam stone, you make the best Jam. AND you rock. *Childeren laughing XDDDDD* Oh dat gun, it’s just a pen. (??? Dad gun? Dat gun? ???) Get over it. You can see I’ve already drew with pencil on there. I’m talking quiet cuz people are sleeping and I can get kind of loud and obnoxious. *Laughs in unsure* But, you know I tend to stay up late sometimes. I get into that fantastic flow and I can’t stop it *Music plays* *draws on rock* Eooh.. That’s gonna be cool, maybe… We’ll see! You already know how it’s gonna turn out hmphheh. *Picks rock up* I’m not even sure if this is possible. But we’re gonna try it. Oh? What is that thing? It’s so cute! I wanna eat it. Let’s go walking out to the shed! *Music and wierd ass walking on dirt* Bee: Bzzzz Whoaaa! Bee! Oh my gosh. That bee was trying to kill me D: I’m not like crazy allergic to bees, but I’m allergic enough that it’s a bad day when a bee stings me It looks like I’ve been making stuff again… Image that! HEY Hey, what is that on my tire? What is that? Eww. Oh? It’s dirt. Okaaay. Here’s what we’re going to do. Take this. It’s like a diamond cut off wheel disc? I’m going to go around the outline. Outlining and getting groovy with it. All the way around and then I’m gonna use a couple other different bits like this one. Maybe you know to kind of deepen it. Then I’m gonna take this, which is like a diamond drum grinder thingy-doo. And I’m going to remove the background material. Meeeeweeeereeereeewuuuu. So there’s gonna be curved, and then this is gonna be like scooped out. I’m gonna use something like this to do this scooping Meeeweweweweeee. yeah, so let’s do that! 😀 *Says yeay in high piched voice for about 2 seconds* *Music plays and carves rock* *Shows rock while spinning it* *Continues carving the rock but in a diffrent angle* *Zooms in* I think Edgar’s judging us. What the reedle doosh. OKAY NOW You can seee… Hopefully you can see. I’ve kind of gone a little further on the bottom part. But the top part… I haven’t done as much, so we’re gonna start cleaning this up. Finishing it up and then going back. And doing this area right here. Right in this area. NOT this area. But THIS area. Oooooooh. Okay, now. We’re just gonna dance in some happy little rock carvings. Anywhere, we’re all over this rock. He’s even painting it. He’s pai- look. He’s painting the rock. *Bob Ross anthem plays* This is your world, you can make OR break the rules *Music plays* This is totally completely unrelated to what I’m doing here, but… Uuuuhhh. Check out these tiny fruits I found at the local grocery store called Central Market here. The pineapple had a baby. Aw-ha A little baby guy! 😀 I just want to rock it, and make sure it feels loved and safe. And look here, here’s a miniature apple. It’s so cute What is this the land of miniatures? Orange things? Look at the lemon? I’m in some kind of alternate miniature reality, this isn’t where rich people shop Okay everybody! Just using this little braush to braush off all of the deaust. I say it looks pretty cool. I like the swirly doos. You see what I was talking about earlier! Getting in that bevel on the inside here . Is the camera focused? Please mister camera focused for my friends! What I’m gonna do is Mark some lines right here and here to kind of follow a little edge. And then I’m gonna try to use this-it’s another diamond burr, just a weird-looking, scoopy-doopy thingy-dingy. I’m going to repeat this. See this little curved in edge? I’m gonna repeat that over and over. Down until it gets smaller and smaller on both sides. So yeah, let’s do that! *Music again plays* Hi hello, it is me. The subtitle writer, Minmin or CrazyHermine. I want to tell you that my heck hurts. Thank you for reading this. *Music again plays* *Shows juggling skills off* *Shows juggling skills off on unicicle* Yes hello this is Minmin the translator/subtitle writer and my neck is currently burning ya’ll better be grateful for these high quallity subtitles. *Music again plays* Got it to this point. I’ve sanded it. And I think I’m gonna add some extra fabulousness to this by taking one of these ball doohickeys and buzzing in some little divots. I just think it’ll look cool almost like an octopus tentaclease. Sooo eeeeh, let’s do some experimentation shall we? Well technically this whole thing is an experiment. Okay! *Music plays for the like fifth time* *Stares at you in dancing* *Music continues* Well that’s not very good. But whatever. FOCIOUS! Thank you. 😀 Last thing to do with this thing I’m not sure what it is. I’m gonna throw a coat of this deft lacquer on it. And hopefully it does not ruin it. *Sprays deft lacqer* So I’m gonna let that dry and do ze other side. OOOH SHOT We made it heh huh. It’s done. I’m super excited about this one. Hope you guyes like it. let me know what you think in the comments and remember that all I use to make this was: A landscaping rock, A $60 Harbor Freight rotary carver, And about ten fifteen dollars worth of diamond burrs. Any wise, if you like this thing. Please like that smash button, and if you did not like this then subscribe. Because that makes sense. Don’t do it for me do it for Edgar. I mean look at his crazy eyes! So until next time I love you… Heaaaaaaaaaaaah It’s so foggy! WHERE WHERE AM I??? Ooohkay I’ll stop 🙁 I’ll see you! *Squat* *Kick* *More kicking* Whoa! High kick for real, look at that! WHEEEEEW! Pretty awesome! 😀

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100 Replies to “I Carve A Landscaping Rock (and other shenanigans)”

  1. How much realistically would you or have you made from carving a rock like this? Interested to know with all the time you put into it.

  2. It's funny that in the first 15 seconds of the video I said to myself, "this guy sounds like a manic Bob Ross". Then you show up in a shirt with his iconic face on it.

  3. You're totally nutbar, and I love it!!! One of the best videos I have seen in a while!!! You remind me too much of me, perhaps if we ever met the universe would explode!!! Lol take care

  4. Heeeey Bobby D, stop chewin your nails or like a sheep you’ll wear out your teeth and starve.
    That would be very bad for the world, no more carved stones.

  5. i'm using the same tools you have,,, but i don't understand what the power cord for ,. i just cut mine off, what the deal, what up

  6. Dude, you crack me up! You are so ornery!

    However, you are also amazingly artistically gifted! I would love to see if you could do celtic knotwork on some of the more irregularly shaped rocks.

  7. Could of made a cool swastika, where can I get chain mail gloves or safety stuff like you use?
    Ruining gods perfect rocks you vandal, that’s not inspiring me or even a weapon! Can I have on? A tottenkopf mound for clay, carve it inverse, hurry please!

  8. Que trabajo tan bonito porque portarse como un imbecil si no es necesario solo te ves ridiculo

  9. The first video I've watched of yours……but not the last. I was bought a rotary tool for my birthday and I was struggling for ideas of what creations I could make…..I'm all over it now! Cheers!

  10. BOBBY Congratulations …. you are a great artist of the stone, thanks for the tutorial ….. an artist's suggestion to another artist, from my point of view, those flashes where you make antics …. they dirty the development of your great carving work, maybe the 21 thousand thumbs down are due to that …. Greetings from Argentina

  11. Would've probably enjoyed the vid if I could've remembered wtf it was about. God, what a freakin' boring and monotonous waste of time.

  12. That was hilarious! Love you! Keep it up. We need more zany videos in this world. We need more happy people! Thank you!! that was so informative at the same time. A real artist>

  13. => If u like this thing then click on like button.
    => If u don't like this thing then subscribe. 😂😂😂
    *I did both….XD

  14. Every time I try to carve into a rock that i get from outside, the dremel bit gets hot, starts smoking, and then brakes, but nothing happens to the rock.

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