HYDRO DIPPING Everything!! Hydro, School Supplies **so satisfying

HYDRO DIPPING Everything!! Hydro, School Supplies **so satisfying

– Hey guys! – I’m Marissa. – I’m Brookie. – And today we are going to be
doing a hydro dipping video. (upbeat music) – Guys I’m freezing. – Yeah it’s just a little
cold out here, but it’s fine. We’re gonna have some fun. Anyway, if you guys don’t know
what’s going around lately, there’s been some hydro dipping videos, where they hydro dip Vans,
Hydro Flasks, Air Force 1’s, like a whole bunch of stuff. So I thought we get a bunch
of stuff and hydro dip it. – Make sure to subscribe down below and hit that notification bell
so you won’t miss a video. – Miss a beat. Remember when you said,
“so you don’t miss a veat.” Back in those days. So we’re gonna go ahead and get started. Do you wanna go fill these up with water? While Brookie is gone
filling those things up, I thought I would show you guys colors. So we have this little pretty little blue. Another little blue. Actually hydro dipping
is not expensive at all and these were only
like three dollars each, so that’s pretty good. A pink, another pink, and a yellow and I’m actually so excited cause these colors look
really cute together and we can like miss match. Oh here she is. – These are cool colors. – Thanks, picked ’em out myself. Okay everybody, we have
our first item here. We’re gonna get started. – It’s freezing. – The first item I have
is an iPhone X case. – And I just have a bouncy ball. – Hey, no shivering. – Sorry. – You, no. Oh my gosh, it’s a mirror. You guys wanna see yourselves? – Oh my gosh. – Look at this. Do you see that? – I don’t even know how to hydro dip. – So we pick our colors. So the colors I’m gonna do
for my hydro dipped phone case are the light blue, the dark
blue, and the light pink. – Would you look at that. – I think those are good colors. Oh my gosh, I’m kinda scared. (screams) – You gotta shake it my dude. – Oh my gosh. (squeals) Ready everybody? – Sorry if this is a bad angle. – One last look at yourself before I… – Okay, go. (electronic music) – Oh my gosh. Why don’t I have gloves on? Okay wait, that’s kinda cool. Oh! All right, y’all ready for Brookie’s ball? – Okay I’m gonna do- – This is my phone, that’s so cool. – I’m gonna do darker colors cause then it shows up more on the green. – Yeah. – So I’m gonna do this, whatever. – The pink. Whoa! Okay that’s really cool. – Marissa! – Okay my next item is
this container thing. I’m actually super interested
to see how this one- – Yeah cause it’s like silver. – So I’m just gonna do my colors. – Whoa. – Hm. (laughs) Now I gotta go like this. Gather up all the paint. – Eh. – (laughs) what. Okay we’ll just let that marinate. What is your next object Brookie? – Container! – Woo! Yeah. – Pro hydro dipper. – You could put like
scrunchies in that or… Okay that looks cool. – All right. – I like it. So far we have the
container, the pencil thingy and the phone case and the ball. I’m gonna wait on mine because Brookie’s water
is actually super cool, so she’s gonna do her sunglasses. Look how cool that looks right there. I don’t recommend doing that Brookie. – It’s okay. – Okay. – It looks cool. – I’m a YouTuber, I show up
with my hands spray painted. I like it! I dare you to put it on right now. – No. What is happening? – Will it hydro dip? Or just does that not look good? Plus it like didn’t stick to it. – Yeah it just kinda
like disintegrated on it. – It’s like resistant for some reason. Okay, so now we know that hydro dipping does
not work on light bulbs. I’m throwing this one in the trash. All right, what is your next item? – The Hydro Flask ska ska ska. – The Hydro Flask. – Yay – No, we’re not hydro dipping a real one. Sorry guys. – Sorry haters. (screams) – That looks so cool. – That sides a little- – A little weird. – A little bare. But that side, bah bam! – That looks so cool. – Oh that looks cool. – I’m gonna see if we can
do this, dip it in there and then pop it tomorrow and see if it hardens into like a dome. – Don’t think it will,
but ya know, it’s okay. – That’s what I’m hoping. Ready? – I’m ready. – Set. Go. – Is it gonna go in? – It’s buoyant. Okay, wait, that’s so cool. You see that? – Woo! – Is this our last item? – Yes! Hi guys, this is my last item. – A notebook. I think this will be really cool. We got the one with the
plastic instead of the paper, so that it won’t soak through. So here goes Brookie’s colors. – Oh, go all the way. Oh, let’s go. Oh there goes my paint. (laughs) Oh my God! – Too bad that’s not the front. Brookie, you did the wrong side. – It’s okay, it’s still cool. – (laughs) I can’t. Whoa! Okay guys, so these are our
items that we hydro dipped today and we are going to come back to you and update you tomorrow
on how they all dried and turned out. We’ll see you then. Bye! All right guys, it is the next day and we got home from school today, checked up on our spray paintings and we’re ready to
actually update you guys. So this is my first item that I did and I actually do not
think it’s gonna work. I’m like pushing on it and I do not think I did a
thick enough of spray paint, but I’m still gonna try and pop it. – And then I don’t know
if this was my first item, but here’s the contained I did. It’s actually like, really cool. – Yeah. – I don’t know. – If you could like clean up the lid. I read online that spray paint
will be removed by acetone. So, that’s how I got it off my hands. – People were asking at school. – Did not get it off of our hands. Okay so, I have a little knife right here and I’m gonna pop it. (pop) – I want, ready, ready. (crunch) – Oh! ASMR. – So my next thing was the ball. I only did half, but it’s so sticky. – I don’t think it dries
on that, like rubber stuff. It doesn’t come off but it’s sticky. My next item was the iPhone case and this is actually my favorite item. – I love it. – I actually love it so much. Like the silver part that you can see is actually really cool where
the paint separated from it. Even the colors are really cool. Like I would actually use this as a case. So, there’s my second item. – What’s up y’all? – How you doin’? Those are so cool. – If I like tape the
sides, like the lenses, and then all hydro-ed it. That’d be cool. – And then my next thing
is my pencil case container but I actually did not really
like how it turned out. Like it’s kinda splotchy and just weird. – Okay so this is one
of my favorite items. Wow. It is the notebook. So I kinda did it on the wrong side. I mean it still looks
cool, but like the inside. – This side is so much cooler. – I just love that side so much more. – And then the next
item is the water bottle that Brookie hydro dipped and I think I want to remove the sticker. (laughs) I don’t know if you would
wanna carry this around, like hydro dipped water bottle. – There’s actually a guy at my school, he hydro dipped his Hydro Flask. – Oh really? – He did a better job than this. – Maybe we’ll have to do a
Hydro Flask dipping video. – Okay, so we’re gonna do this
little like foreshadowing, I don’t know how to English today. – So we actually ordered
these long nails on Amazon and we’re gonna do a
challenge with long nails, so stayed tuned for that, but we decided to spray paint them. So we thought we would show you guys, close ups of our long nails. Brookie did hers more of like a pink with dark pink splatters. – And a little bit of blue. – And a little bit of blue and mine is just all over the place. – They look cool though. Look at that one. – I love this one, the thumb. – Oh yeah, and look at this one. It’s cool. – It’s very cool. So, those are our nails. Stay tuned for the video. It’ll be posted after this one, so not yet, but anyway. – It’s actually the day before Halloween, I have trunk or treat and
I’m gonna be an 80s girl. My hair is gonna be great. – All right guys that is the
end of the hydro dipping video. Make sure to subscribe, give
this video a big thumbs up is you like our crafts. We’ll see you next time. Bye! – Peace!

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