How to Paint a Galaxy With Watercolor – a Nebula – Universe

How to Paint a Galaxy With Watercolor – a Nebula – Universe

Hello my friends and welcome to another
Tuesday of tutorial. I am Leonardo Pereznieto and today
we will paint a galaxy with watercolor. First, we prep the colors
that we will use… A light and dark red,
a cherry, a blue and green. Then, with clean water,
we get the paper wet. I place the pad, a little
bit tilted, so that the water will run. Good! Now we start
adding color. Sometimes we can just add it
and let gravity, the color and the grain of the paper, work for us. Nice! The green is going to be going
across from the bottom left, all the way to the top right. Imagine the colors of a galaxy. We add more tone and we
let them mix, by themselves. This is very fun! I will never be bored of playing with colors. As it begins to dry we can
place others on them, more intensely. As you can see the sheet of paper is still damp. Good! We reinforce the green that
goes across the surface, as we had agreed. More or less like this. We add some other tones
over here… light and dark red and purple around. And now with some salt,
we are going to experiment a special effect. We scatter particles around,
which will absorb the water, and therefore the color. When it dries, it look like this. We will use this texture
as a base, although it will have more layers of paint, on top. We get the paper wet again. And reinforce our colors
with more pure pigment. What I mean is that I didn´t
mix them with other colors or other tones. But I took them straight
from the container to the paper. When it dries the watercolor
always loses intensity. Therefore, to achieve bright colors
sometimes one has to repeat the procedure. We place fresh paint, once more. I like it how is it looking! How the colors mixed and
mingle, amongst them. By the way, the list of materials
is in the information below the video. The borders of this painting
of this universe, are going to be fearly dark. For this I mix, Prussian blue
and black. The paper still is slightly damp,
which is perfect, for this effect. A good watercolor paper
which is thick, retains water for a fairly long time. Very well! Practically we are done
with our background. We give it the last touches
and wait for it to dry. And now we take, white pigment,
a lot of paint and little water, so that it is opaque,
and using another brush to sparkle, we create the stars! The painting starts getting
an almost magical dimension. If needed, you can also add,
some by hand. It´s ready! If you loved it please give it a LIKE, share it to your friends
and subscribe to Fine Art-Tips, and I will see you on Tuesday 🙂 Subtitled by Grethel Trejo

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100 Replies to “How to Paint a Galaxy With Watercolor – a Nebula – Universe”

  1. My kindergartener is using this for painting the galaxy it's easy enough for him to do and it will be a book he is going to write and illustrate.

  2. the salt technique didn't work for me, what did i do wrong? i'm still waiting for it to dry but it doesn't seem like its absorbing anything at all

  3. Wow your watercolor paintings are beautiful, and, your tutorials are easy to follow. I think this is a perfect job for you!

  4. I was trying out the canson and the paper is not that good but not that bad either

    But i still made ab awesome galaxy thanks to your help

  5. I really enjoy your videos! You are so enthusiastic, happy and friendly. Wonderful qualities for an instructor <3 Thank yoU!

  6. I love art! I am currently learning watercolor painting and still a beginner at it. I have watched a number of tutorials videos, but I personally enjoyed and learned so much from watching yours..please keep it up,Leo. It's fun learning with you. 👌

  7. The end got to me,
    I was amazed that I never thought of adding salt to my watercolor paintings, definitely something I'm gonna use!
    Once he added those stars, the galaxy came to life,

  8. Yea, i tried it, but as in video and on my paper it looks brighter and not dark like actual space, but when i scanned it and put it on computer it got his "galaxy look", is there are way to implement an same look on paper?

  9. your voice, it's magical damn near Morgan Freeman :). Tried this and came out beautifully 🙂 Great video thank you.

  10. Please Sir, teach how to draw and colour a tree full of green leaves and a girl on swing of that tree …. Happy picture . Not sad one. And I want butterflies and birds around it…. And flowers and river init .. girl is small … Not College girl… An 8th or 9th grade school girl….
    And dog in picture. Ok.
    I am waiting. Kept Bell on.

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