How to Get Inspired? Drawing of a Sailing Boat – Fine Art-Tips.

How to Get Inspired? Drawing of a Sailing Boat – Fine Art-Tips.

Hello my friends and welcome to another
Tuesday of tutorial! I am in the French Riviera as I came to do some work. I bet nobody believed that I am working
but it´s true… creating. I am Leonardo Pereznieto and I am
very glad to see you! We´re going to sketch a sailing boat but
the purpose of this is showing you the option of using a middle toned paper,
in this case blue. Two weeks ago we drew on black paper using
exclusively white pencil. Today as we are using middle tone paper, we may draw with
white and other tones, I will use graphite. The list of materials is in the
information bellow the video. A lot of people have been asking me
how do I get inspiration. Of course there is no one recipe for inspiration
but personally I can tell you that I get inspiration by looking and experiencing
beautiful things, such as nature, cities, views, people, etc.
There are also artists who I follow because their art inspires me.
Living in an environment like this, I get more ideas than what I am
ever going to be able to actually produce… And talking about ideas, the moments
in which they arrive to me the most is when I am totally relaxed, like those
moments just before falling asleep or when I am waking up still laying in bed.
Therefore if one day you see me laying there almost snoring, who knows?
Maybe I am in a real productive moment for me! A secret for inspiration is that I keep
many many images, I save my own sketches and pictures I have taken
of things that I really like, even photos I find on the internet,
and when I need inspiration I pick into my idea´s file, maybe I like
the wings of a bird that I can use for one of my angels,
I may put that together with the pose of a figure I saw, maybe using a similar dramatic illumination to the one I saw in another photo
and placing all this on a landscape setting of my experience.
Blending all this and with a magic spark of imagination I can create my own work.
That is how I get inspired! I would love to know how you get inspired.
Please! write me a note in the comments and if you enjoyed this video,
which by the way, I didn´t even narrate because
I am talking to you so much, give it a LIKE and subscribe to my channel!
And I´ll see you on Tuesday.

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100 Replies to “How to Get Inspired? Drawing of a Sailing Boat – Fine Art-Tips.”

  1. I get inspired by songs, books, plays, pictures, films,… Such things. And of course my own endless imagination! 😉
    Sadly enough I can't always draw what I have in mind, because I'm not skilled enough (yet)… That's why I watch amazing videos like this one 🙂 They learn me a lot, plus they also give me some more inspiration, and they encourage me to draw things I normally never draw!
    So keep up the good work, you help to create the artists of the future 😉

  2. Dear Abner, I'm very glad to know that. Thank you for sharing it. And I would absolutely love to come to Brazil. I hope soon…! 🙂

  3. Not really. Looking at the art style of said media helps me think up something for me to draw, such as a character or landscape.

  4. Music of all kinds inspire me the most as a musician myself, but also in poetry and my attempts at sketching. The passion of others inspires me as well, regardless of the media. Great work Leonardo, I love your channel.

  5. I really like your drawing videos like this one and the one of St Paul's, because it shows the effectiveness of simple line and does not confuse the beginning artist (me) with too many other details. Thanks

  6. I am calm. It's just difficult to tell a person's mood without hearing their voice. Now please stop replying to me. We just started a conversation that I didn't even want to have. 😛

  7. I also feel the most inspiration just before sleeping, or if I am very very tired and am about to sleep. I find it odd myself, but my imagery gets really vivid then when at other times it is not so vivid xD

  8. Is it possible for you to make a tutorial of techniques we can use to help with our art?
    For example different shapes to help with form. Thank you. You are very inspiring!

  9. Dear fine art tips, I hate to request this again but could you possibly draw a wolf standing on a cliff looking strait at you with a pine tree back ground? Thank you very very much! Your art is so amazing! Have a nice day! God bless you!

  10. You inspired me to continue drawing and I learn to become the best I can and I am only 11 so someday I might be as good as you and thank you for making these videos for us and I will never give up

  11. Thanks for sharing your talent with the beginners. Tambien veo tus videos en espaniol, keep going! we are following you!!. Me gustaria que algun dia compartieras un video de como hacer el cabello risado. @Fine Art Tips

  12. Many things inspire me (and I agree with you about the just-falling-asleep thing!) However, motivation is important, too, and by watching your vids, it helps me get over all of those little doubts that keep me from drawing!

  13. I have a log of things that inspires me to draw but not lately since I'm busy with my studies.  LOL!

    Well, I usually get inspired by music.  I dunno why but they change my mood and I feel like in a different world.  I also love watching videos for great artists like you.  I'm from Saudi Arabia which is very well known of bedos and desert.  I love things related to it but since I'm in the Eastern Province of it, I'm also inspired by the old culture of gulf countries like Kuwait and Bahrain.  It's different than bedos lifestyle.  I love animals specially the ones that represent something special at least to me; such as swans and peacocks.  

    I guess I have more but I cannot think of any right now.  

    Thank you so much and great work as usual.  

  14. I have the same style of you're inspiration, but I keep throwing off my sketchs cause when ever I look at it again it get worse and worse I figure out that I got alot mistakes :-/

  15. You can show haw to draw water with a simple pencil and eraser.
    And show haw to draw hands with foam(water+bublles) add videos please

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