How To Get Back Into Art

How To Get Back Into Art

– [Tori] Hey There
YouTube, long time no see. It’s been a while. Thank you so much for
joining me here today. If you are new here, welcome, I’m Tori. So, in today’s video I
wanted to share with you some helpful tips on
how to get back into art after a long break. I just recently got back from a break where both my art and work was pushed onto the back burner because
family and life stuff took a higher priority for a bit. So, what I’m sharing with you today is how I personally get back into art. And I hope by sharing this video with you it will inspire you to
practice positive art habits so you too can enjoy making art the way you’ve always dreamed of. Okay, let’s begin. The number one thing that
you can do for yourself is to start right now. Don’t overthink it, and better yet just start before you’re even ready, and that’s like the best
thing you can do ever. I am not kidding you. Go out there, pick up a pencil, and go. And just by showing up and
putting the pen to the paper, you have already overcome
the hardest part. And you may be thinking to yourself, “Oh my gosh, no, that is so daunting.” I get it, I know it’s overwhelming. It’s so hard to get back into art. Your head may be rushing
like a million thoughts thinking “Ugh, this sucks,
I don’t know what I’m doing, “I don’t think I’m even
capable of making art. “I feel immensely guilty for
putting it off this long. “I know I should be doing this, “and I’m just so disappointed in myself.” All those yucky thoughts just turning and growing
in your head, trust me, the sooner you sit down
and get the pencil moving, those thoughts will disappear. So, Now that you know the
critical action you need to take, here are some cool motivational tips to help you take that leap of faith. So first off, realize that the goal of getting back into art is
not about making good art, it’s really about gaining momentum. You’re greasing up those good old gears one small step at a time, and all this helps you
to build confidence. And once you liberate yourself from that expectation
to make quality artwork you allow yourself to explore limitlessly. It gives you that chance
to get reacquainted with skill sets you may
have previously built, calibrate your hands
to move more precisely, and you may possibly
discover something new. So, all that starts once you let go of the pressure to be good. Alright, next tip, start small. Like really, please do. You wouldn’t expect yourself
to run in a marathon if you never ran before, right? So, that applies to art. You have to warm up and build endurance, and you do that through repetition. By allowing yourself to start small you increase the chance of showing up to the next art session because you know through
experience that it’s manageable. You’ve done it once, you can do it again. Now, let’s talk about attitude. I encourage you to practice
a positive mindset. If that is completely foreign to you, fake it ’til you make it. Just say it, say it in your head, and then eventually over time it will kind of set in and be your go-to. So yes, if you harbor any ill feelings like “Ugh, this sucks, I am
so miserable doing this.” You’re already setting the tone of that particular art
session to be negative, and you’re conditioning your connection with art to be lackluster. And we don’t want that. I understand getting back into
the swing of things is bumpy. It’s not comfortable. But I encourage you to embrace those really awkward moments and express gratitude towards
yourself for making an effort because you really are
setting the wheel in motion in making more art, and
by taking that direction to be more positive, you are ensuring more awesome art sessions in the future. Another thing I would like to talk about in relation of getting
back into the swing of art is that I ask you to
take care of your body. I know we want to kinda push that aside, but I wanna make sure you’re
not running on an empty tank. Fill yourself up. Get some quality sleep, eat nutritious food, drink lots of water. Ultimately, get moving. And one of my favorite mantras that I repeat to myself all the time, it’s like my number one favorite, is that bodies in motion stay in motion, and I repeat this to myself in both art, business, and in my health. Because when our bodies
are feeling their best, we can do our best. Cool, those are your
four tips to get started. To recap, number one
is to remember the goal is not about making good
art but building momentum. Start small, practice a positive mindset, and nurture your body. Now, let’s go over some common pitfalls so you have a smoother
transition back into art, and the biggest pitfall is
comparing yourself to others. Man, what a rob of joy. So, by obsessing about what
other artists are doing, you are missing out on your
own adventure in front of you. And even worse, by dwelling
on what others are doing you are missing out on the chance to focus on what you can do for yourself. What actions can you take? You are the main character in your story, and you get to call the shots, and you get to chase after your dreams. And I encourage you to look
inward on what you really want. And if you don’t know that right away, just try a little, and through action the more about what you
want will be revealed. And I do wanna emphasize
that it’s not fulfilling to chase after someone
else’s dream, so don’t do it. The next pitfall I
would like to talk about is not being realistic. Growth takes time, and change
is not apparent immediately. We have all experienced this, where there’ll be months that pass by and we’re like, “Am I growing?” So, be patient. The time you put in is really
what you get out of it. So, keep that in mind. Avoid getting frustrated,
and just enjoy the ride. If you made it this far into
the video, major kudos to you. High five, it means you
are serious and committed. I am excited for you. I am wishing you all the best on your creative endeavors. So start now, even if you’re not ready. If you like this video, please do give it the
thumbs up and subscribe. And share this video with a friend. Maybe they are struggling too and need a little nice nudge to kick
their butt back into gear. And if you’re currently
experiencing this break, please do start. Give it five minutes. Leave a comment down
below how it felt, okay? So, until next time keep on
drawing and have an awesome day. Alright, bye!

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61 Replies to “How To Get Back Into Art”

  1. I’m just getting back into my art after being so busy with schoolwork for awhile 😭 I’ve been keeping up w you on Instagram, but it’s nice to see you back on YouTube :3 💖💕

  2. Ah Tori the art is amazing!! I so needed this. I injured my wrist so I haven't been able to draw for about 6 months. It's so daunting to get back into the swing of things after so long but this helped relieve some of the anxious feelings. Hope you are doing well❤

  3. My pawpaw and I will never forget get this said to me “when your scared to do something just start then you won’t be afraid cause you started, when you feel like your art is going on a bad direction keep going follow through you may find that it gets easier and more enjoyable”

  4. Wow this is a video I need. The last time I did any art was 3 years ago but then I had health issues and it was hard to get back into art afterwards due to treatments.

  5. This video reached me at the right time! Life became too busy and I wasn’t able to draw consistently these past few months. I really struggle to get back into it, but I’m working on it!

  6. Welcome back Tori! I'm glad to hear you are doing well~ I was wondering when you would be back with a new video and low and behold, here it is! I'm also really happy that you took a break and you're reoiling those art gears lol. Looking forward for the next thing you decide to post~

  7. This couldn't be more well timed for me!! Tori you're always super sweet and down to earth 💕💖 this video was/is so relaxing.
    Jumping into drawing after a long break is so scary sometimes, and I'm finally starting to learn how to do it. The first few doodles tend to be ..not so great, but those few doodles loosen up my arms and hands- and mind.

  8. Thank you so much for this! Your positivity is infectious, and this video couldn’t have come at a better time for me!

  9. I've been on a big break with art for longer than I would like to admit, although I do excercise it a little bit here and there and not in traditional drawing means. Sometimes I'll be excited that I have a project in mind because that means I still have the drive to try and make something, its following through that is hard. But just when I was thinking about starting a new art project, here comes my favorite Youtuber back and telling us how to do it. Incredible. Thank you for all that you do, Tori ❤💛💙

  10. I'm having troubles getting back into art and I was talking to my friends about it and she just said "if it makes you happy then just do it" so then I started drawing again. I have been so stressed with my life I forgot about the things I enjoy doing and forced myself to actually get up and do them and it made me feel a lot better. Seeing one of my favorite artists make a video like this helps a lot with the encouragement of getting back into drawing.

  11. Every time I began to draw with the intention, that it have to look fine, I get frustrated and failed! But when I started with no expection, I liked my artwork, because I had fun to draw, it turned out great! Thank you for your video! 😊❤️

  12. Thank you for the amazing video!!
    I've been meaning to "get back" (i never really stopped, if i'm being honest) in to art but i just can't finish anything i start, do you have any tips for dealing with this or actually finishing pieces?

  13. I love the roses!!! They feel so anime!
    I appreciate you reminding me to just get to it, I was feeling those “maybe it’s not what I’m supposed to be doing” moments yesterday and man did it stop me in my tracks. I couldn’t even bring myself to stream because I was so out of it. Thanks for pulling me out and reminding me that it’ll go away if I just take care of myself and go for it

  14. Everytime I'm having a big break it feel like I font know what am I doing even if I actually drew during the break

  15. I really hate how YouTube does not show me the people that I subscribe to luckily I wasn’t as late to the video 💀 I hate you YouTube

  16. Thank you so much Tori for all this tips! My country is going through a social crisis and our government is awful, so all is affecting my mental health so much that I got zero to none motivation to make art. This video is helping me to draw again and now I am determined to pick up the paper and pen and just be creative!

  17. You are immensely amazing, awe-inspiring, and radiate this cheerful glow that sweeps aside my pessimistic thoughts.

    I know you probably hear this all the time, but you, YOU, rekindled my creativity. Years ago, I saw one of your Sailor Moon illustrations, and it reminded me how much I absolutely loved drawing as a kid. You convinced me to get my hands wet and pick it back up even though I was buried in my career. I bought my first sketchbook in several years and started reteaching myself the basics.

    I recalled watercolors being frustrating growing up; however, the way you happily painted with them made me want to give them a second chance. And oh boy! You kickstarted the journey of my now favorite medium.

    I can't think of a more worthwhile act than sharing pure love and passion that positively impacts the community.

    Oodles of thanks! I wish you a good one and send supportive vibes to you and your family.

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