Hello my friends and welcome to another
Tuesday of tutorial! I am Leonardo Pereznieto and today we
will go over an effective method to draw feet fairly easily. I usually begin drawing feet with a circle for the joint of the ankle, from any angle. And then
make an easy wedge shape, a triangle, and locate where the heel is with a circle
and let’s finish our wedge, our triangle, of course I’m drawing it in profile. We will be sketching several feet in different angles. With a kneaded eraser I lighten
up the lines so that they are not on the way. Once we have this main shape in
place, we can start doing more detail like the heel… the arch of the foot and the toes, the big toe here, these curves up, and maybe we can see a little bit of the
other toes, and this bone, the tibia. Very good! that was easy. Let’s sketch another simple view which is the front, we begin with the circle
for the joint of the ankle and then our wedge seen from the front, it is important to notice that it is tilted, it is higher on the central part and lower
on the exterior, which means that the tibia is higher than the fibula, the
bones on either side. Once we have this basic shape, very simple, we can begin adding detail, which is much easier because we can’t go very wrong. The main shape and proportion is there. Very often the big toe is the longest
one, but not always sometimes the second one, the index is the longest one of all. Maybe as you have drawn this ball and therefore the bones on either side, just
a little bit higher like so. And remember I told you that it was higher on the
internal part? the same happens to the foot itself, it slopes in this way. Ok here is another tip: if you are drawing a foot standing on the tiptoes, you can
continue the lines from your ankles, all the way down like so, and it will work
very easily. Find the heel for example here and then it comes down and on the
other side will be the toes, of course. Maybe should have been just a little bit
wider for a better proportion. Yeah that’s better! Ok good! and let’s do a different angle, this time from the back and also
tiptoeing, we still draw the ankle and the heel bones and draw our wedge, very simple like this… I erase some of the guidelines and circles and here goes the pinky [laughter]. This is simple and fun! Let’s do another one over here, viewed from the top. We begin in the same way and then mark where the toes will start and end, more
or less. Here’s the ankle, we give a better shape and more detail to the foot,
and down here the toes, the pinky… and the rest. Sometimes I start from one side and then I skip one or two and go to the end so that I’ll make sure they are going to
fit there [laughter]. You know what this should have been more rounded here, like this. I will lighten this up to do some
fine-tuning on this sketch, like the big toe which usually aims or points toward
the exterior, more like this and the other ones looked a little bit small, so let’s make them
bigger. This big toe like this rather slightly pointing out and for the rest
remember that the knuckles are wider, and the tip also is a little ball, so the
knuckles are round and the tips are round, and the sections in between are more slender and cylindrical. I’ll shade this part to show that it is coming down. I want to show you something in regards to that: the big toe is pretty flat and the
tip comes up a little, but the rest have like a little step down the big toe has one less joint than the rest, one less piece [laughter]. Good! It will be like this… Now let’s draw it from a different angle
but we begin in the same way with the circles for the joint and the heel and our triangular or wedge shape. That’s easy and then we can build on that with more detail and more accurate forms, with the pinky… and the rest of the toes. All right! So it doesn’t matter if the angle looks alittle bit strange, you can apply the
same concept to first simplify it, so that you get it right. Very good! two more rapidly, and we go home [laughter]. So the ball for the joint, the wedge shape. I mark the space for the toes and then
the ball for the heel, after that it is a matter of giving more detail and personality because this simple method works whether you are drawing old, worked
out feet, or those of a princess. This one is not for the princess, maybe for the ogre [laughter]. Good! and the last one. Let’s draw one with happy toes lifted. We begin in our usual way with the circle for the ankle, the wedge triangular shape and the
other smaller circle for the heel. Let’s make this line to show the front of the foot… the wedge is triangular of course, if it
is seen in profile, from the front as you saw was more like a trapezoid, but you
can see that it is always a wedge pretty much. The toes will fan like this, in
this instance, here the heel, and let’s draw each toe. Very good! ¡excelente! I really hope this tutorial was helpful to you! I would love to read in the comments what do you think about it? And if you enjoyed it please give it a LIKE! subscribe to Fine Art-Tips, click on the little bell to get notifications of new videos, and I will
see you on Tuesday 😉 Subtitled by Grethel Trejo

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  1. Can somebody please tell me what the background music is?
    But anyway…..huge gratitude for this….drawing he foot is really difficult stuff

  2. You make it look so simple, I thank You for showing how to make "feet" I've always have trouble visualizing as I use to I am 77 and trying to get back my drawing skills THANK YOU FOR BEING HERE ON "YOUTUBE" jim chapeau aka "bert"

  3. I love your videos and learned a lot from them. But PLEASE don't fast forward the drawing so much. Just slow down a bit.

  4. 👍👍👍😊👋👋👋🙏 Как жаль, что самое интересное и познавательное без перевода на русский язык…

  5. Very well explained. I have just 1question. Is there a relationship between the ankle and the length of the foot?

  6. thank you very much… for giving me a wonderful tips to improve my drawings… this lesson is very help full

  7. You make it look so Easy, but I struggle to make it look like a foot as good as yours..
    Of course it takes a lot og practise

  8. Dislike… why? because this is not "how to draw" this is just "drawing". These circles meaningless, if you don’t know how to draw the rest.

  9. Wow! Me gustaría poder hacer los dibujos al mismo tiempo que tu. Pero entiendo que ponerlo en modo rápido es más efectivo por el tiempo que toma. Como quiera me encantó! Muchas gracias

  10. You deserve more views and likes.💝💝… But those dislikes are from aliens as you doesn't draw their foot, they're hurt I think🤔….

  11. Me: draws noodle feet Close enough!

    Jokes aside, this video is very good at teaching how to get the hang of feet, they are the part of the human body I have the most difficulty with.

  12. my feet still look like abominations, but at least they look like feet shaped abominations and not box shaped ones anymore.

  13. simple and effective tips! Though it might require a bit more anatomy study for beginning artist to get the most out of this. Always had to slow my roll, your tips will make things move faster!

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