How to Draw an Eye, the Easiest Way – Narrated (Front View)

How to Draw an Eye, the Easiest Way – Narrated (Front View)

Hello my friends and welcome
to another Tuesday of tutorial! I am Leonardo Pereznieto and
today we will draw an eye. As my paper pad is in a horizontal
position, and the size is small I recommend the overhand
and the brush grips. If you want to know more about
this, please check my recent video, on how to hold the pencil
like a Master. All right! Let´s begin simplifying the eye
to the max. We will just make
three lines for the upper part, and this is the first one,
practically at a 45 degree angle. The next one, slightly titled
to the other direction, and the last one, also practically at 45 degrees. This one is shorter actually. And the lower part of the eye
we simplify it to two lines. One is slightly tilted, like this. And the other one that goes up. This is a really simple way
that helps you as a guideline to then draw the eye in this way. You almost just have to round the
shapes [laughter]. In the corner of the left
goes the lacrymal and the eye is slightly tilted. Of course for the other eye
you would invert this. I´m using a charcoal pencil
and I will write the exact model in the description under
the video… … however you can use almost
anything for this drawing. We sketch the iris. This of course is round,
and you can normally see the lower part complete, while
the upper one is partially blocked by the upper lid. We mark a reflection which will
stay white, and draw the pupil. And these pupils usually look
better if they are slightly large here it turns this way
and of course the eyelids have a width, and we need to draw that. The width of both lids, the lower
one and the upper one. And we should mark were the lids begin. Up and down. All right! ¡Excelente! We are ready to start shading. I begin with the pupil, which is the
darkest spot, leaving the reflection, and we do the shadow, projected
by the lid on the upper part of the eye. And as the eye has the shape of
a sphere, even the white part should have shading. So we see the volume. We shade the iris, with the upper part
darker, because it receives a shadow and as you saw it, I did it with
concentric lines. With lines that go toward the center. And we delineate the lid,
a little better. And we shade it. Very good! I´m considering that the light
source comes from the top and slightly to the right. That is why the shade of the eyelid
is darker on the left. Good! and we draw the brow,
don´t try to draw every hair it is more like a shade, made
with lines. If you can hear some cricket-like noises in the background, it is because I am in the woods. And I smudge passing lightly
a chamois. This is optional, it doesn´t need
to be done, but it does smooth it out. You may also apply this technique
if you are using graphite. After smudging we have
to reestablish the shading and the detail. We do the iris again,
with concentric lines … and we darken the border. We also reestablish the eyebrow
and smudge more in detail with the blender. And with the kneaded eraser,
we pull lights. Especially the reflections. And we draw the lashes. I think that they look better
if they are slightly blurred. And generally they fall in groups
and they often cross. They aren´t uniform. We should make the shadow that
falls just about the eye, and below the brow. We reinforce the shading of
the upper part of the white of the eye, which by the way
it is called sclera and we delineate the iris. As you saw I did the reflection
of the lashes on the upper part of this, of the iris. And we smudge it to make it
a little bit softer, and more crystal-like. And we also smudge some other lines
and shadows, also to smooth them out. We pull some last reflections we give it the last touches… And it´s ready! If you enjoyed it, please give it
a LIKE! share it to your friends and subscribe to Fine Art-Tips. And I will see you,
on Tuesday 😉 Subtitled by Grethel Trejo

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89 Replies to “How to Draw an Eye, the Easiest Way – Narrated (Front View)”

  1. Hi my art friends! I make art tutorials too and I hope the art community can learn and benefit from my videos. Love Destiny🌸🌸🌸🌸

  2. Interesting method. 🙂
    I usually start with the eye socket and then I put the eyeball in the socket and then I draw the folding skin (eyelids) around the round eyeball.

  3. hi there!I am making art tutorials too,I hope you may learn,prosper and amuse by my videos as well.SAIM RAZA.

  4. Leonardo sir it was a good trick to draw eye…… I request sir may be u show that how to draw right and left eyes….. I confused in both eye level when I draw…… thank u Leonardo 😃😄

  5. Hello!!!! Very good your video, cool drawings!
    I also made this channel to spread my drawings! I did it before long. Pay a visit there! If you like, sign up! have a nice day!

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  7. wow awesome eye …. sir it is very helpful to me .
    in fact sir recently i am also trying to learn how to draw human body and it's part so it is really very helpful…
    sir…. you upload this video tutorial very perfect time .
    thankyou sir….

  8. Wow, beautiful eye. I love your works, but I love more your… How to say it? Your narration. I dont know, it just seems you love what you do, I mean learning people to draw better. Your little jokes, even your accent. 🙂 I am trying to do great eye, but still I cant. But maybe one day… If you want to look, so my instagram is here 🙂 I paint many things, mostly by inks. 🙂 See you in next tutorials. 🙂

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