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100 Replies to “How to Draw an Angel – Learn to Draw the Nude Figure”

  1. beautiful. i was wondering what paper would you advise for blending? thank you,… I think you have a great eye and your art is amazing. 👍👌✌

  2. I am in no way putting down your amazing skills and videos But my wife (my Gaurdian Angel) has a wing span some where between 40' to 50' …….. It's quite amazing to witness

  3. You are so gifted. Thank you for sharing your drawing to us. I look forward to more angel drawings. God bless you.

  4. never knew I could draw ,after watching your videos I cannot believe what I am doing, now I cannot stop.Thankyou o much for sharing your talent and and light.

  5. Love from India….. M learning to draw step by step by watching Ur videos sir …thanks for providing such a wonderful platform through Ur channel

  6. Fascinating work! Perhaps if I actually practiced sketching more frequently then someday I'll be able to draw amazing peices of art like your work here! By the way I love the details on the body. And the angel wings are beautiful! 👌✌️

    You're work is amazing, and I can't wait to view more 😁

  7. it's very beautiful! how does the object call out which you selected feathers and bright parts of the face at the end of the video? Thank you in advance for your reply!

  8. Am begging u sir pleas make a video on how to draw background of pictures mostly a blur background and how to draw dimples

  9. I would have loved to see her holding a infant. To represent a still born or abortion having a loving mother in heaven.

  10. I recently found your videos in an attempt to better my art and wanted to thank you for your narrative and fantastic advice.

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