How to draw a winter landscape at sunset with soft pastels 🎨 REAL-TIME

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97 Replies to “How to draw a winter landscape at sunset with soft pastels 🎨 REAL-TIME”

  1. Какой красивый закат! Спасибо за то, что делитесь Вашим Творчеством!😊👍

  2. Екатерина, очень красиво, смотря на картину, приходит душевный покой! Спасибо1

  3. Прекрасная картина, волшебный закат, небо такое красочное завораживающее и чудесная избушка, спасибо вам большое за ваше творчество))))))

  4. All your pictures are beautiful but I especially love your landscapes I can't wait to see what you do each week so keep the pictures coming

  5. Absolutely beautiful, I just love to watch you create….I have soooo much to learn….thank you for sharing and inspiring.

  6. It's amazing…
    My friend and I never miss your painting tutorial…we learn a lot on soft pastels painting techniques from your tutorials.Thank you so much for teaching us such amazing painting techniques.

  7. This is absolutely stunning and so relaxing to watch! <3 I can't even imagine who of the 2 people that gave thumbs down?…what is wrong with these people…you are a brilliant artist, Sweetie…XOXO HUGZ

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  9. Beautiful and natural. ☺Looks like a place that creates peace of mind. 😶😶😶well done. 👍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤👧 NANI g

  10. snow scenes and waves breaking on a beach with white top foam would make for a wonderful lesson Sheshina . A lake scene in autumn and if possible any tips on pastel portraits , not sure where to begin on them , many thanks again , a true artist , always willing to help and give , selfless .

  11. your english is amazing Sheshina ! I know , I am an english teacher , looks like we have a multi talented girl here . I will check the other links , I must have missed them . No problem on the portraits , the rest of the masterpieces make up for them many times over , do you always use the same grade of paper of does it change with the picture type ?

  12. So sorry Katya , I should have read it correctly , very clever idea on the sandpaper , and very few mistake in english , very fluent ! talk to you soon

  13. SALAM. Ya vasxishon vashimi kartinami. Vi ocen prikrasno risuyete. Moyo imya Vidadi, I mne ocen priyatno videt takie kartini. Ya pishu ne ocen to qramotno ,izvenite yesli cto ne tak. Sposibo

  14. здравствуйте, Катя. Вы – замечательный художник. Вы так легко рисуете, это же по референсам или прямо из головы?

  15. I like that you don't have it sped up to fast. I'm learning and doing it with you. I wish you would talk and color for beginners.

  16. So gorgeous , wish you could tell us the whys you do what you are doing here and other videos . I love your style .

  17. Hey Sheshina, I love the melamin table on which you're drawing! Could you give me some info about it? Like how you got it and if it's actually a table etc

  18. i had to make landscapes for my portfolio.and i followed your videos.thanks for being such a gr8 teacher.

  19. Волшебно! Завораживает! И музыка очень вписываеться!💐Спасибо,что делитесь своим мастерством!

  20. I'm used to seeing a lot more layer, blend, repeat. I really liked your technique though. The painting stayed a little loose and impressionistic. It almost had an oil painting quality to it. Lovely.

  21. nice, it could took me hours (and of course the art wouldn't amazing like you)
    it really amazing for complete such a nice art in half hour.

  22. wonderful painting….really nice Work…..scubmling work is very good ….superb,hope you support me back

  23. I'm going to need the name of the instrumental song playing as I attempt to recreate this beautiful picture and mood. I already have rhe Patron ready!

  24. This is beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing. Could you please give a link to the sandpaper you use? I could only find 1000 grit in the size of 9×11 inches. Your sandpaper looks larger. Thank you again.

  25. Amazing choice of colors. Do you use a model or is it from your imagination? Truly a blessing to watch you paint.

  26. Подскажите а чем Вы закрепляете пастель что бы она не осыпалась?

  27. I want to know how do you frame it? The soft pastles are like chalks. How to manage from not spreading?

  28. Perfect! Great painting,,,but it would be more perfect if there were some windows in that building with warm lights coming out from inside….

  29. This looks superb and simple. I tried to draw this and found it is really difficult. How do you get this level of detail? For me everything just merges like powder and there is no detail.

  30. Спасибо,Екатерина,Храни Вас Господь!!!Благодаря Вам,рисую ,получаю несказанное удовольствие!

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