How to Draw a Reptillian Eye With a Ball Point Pen – Fine Art-Tips

How to Draw a Reptillian Eye With a Ball Point Pen – Fine Art-Tips

Hello my friends and welcome
to another Tuesday of tutorial! I am Leonardo Pereznieto
and today we will draw a reptilian eye. We begin by sketching a tilted oval,
with lose strokes. Then we refine the shape
and do the iris… and the long pupil. Good! We darken the upper part
because it will be totally in shade. As you see I´m doing this drawing
with a regular ball point pen, on gray paper. We create some folds
that has close to the lacrimal, and then we begin to make,
what would be the texture… inside of the eye. We create it with a series
of lines that go from the pupil outwards, the further away
they are, the darker we will make them to help give the
illusion of volume. And just by the pupil, we leave
a blank space. We make more short lines,
leaving some small spaces blank which will be reflections. And then we do some
crosshatching to darken. Very well! We continue working in
this way, and move toward the right of the eye. This is really fun! [laughs]. In this area there will be
some dark reflections, that follow the curve of the eye. Very good! I think he is looking at you now [laughs]. Let´s begin to draw the skin. Scaly and thick. We darken the border
and work on the texture. More or less like this. Often I get requests to do
drawings which are simpler, rather than the ones
with the complicated techniques that I sometimes do. This is a simple drawing
with a very easy technique, using just a ball point. If you can’t get it right
the first time true, I´m sure with some practice and patience,
you will do a great job! It is important to leave
some small blank reflections. to give it life! We refine the pupil
and then, go over the dark reflections that were lost
when we darken the eye. With a white pencil, we
highlight the reflections in the eye and also some
on the skin. This effect works when
drawing on tones paper… on white paper, it doesn´t shown. In the comments, please
do let me know, what do you think… We do the last details,
and it´s ready! If you enjoyed it,
please give it a LIKE, share it to your friends
and subscribe to Fine Art-Tips. And I will see you,
on Tuesday 🙂 Subtitled by Grethel Trejo

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100 Replies to “How to Draw a Reptillian Eye With a Ball Point Pen – Fine Art-Tips”

  1. Great work as always. I personally love working on toned paper with white charcoal pencil and graphite pencils. Keep up the good work!!!!!

  2. Nice work i have to say. A small question. Following with the end of the eye (which is awesome) would it make sense to add light Color in it?

  3. i never knew that you could shade with a pen. i thought shading was just for pencils because they can blend.

  4. Can you teach us about some techniques like making shadows, what kind of types you can draw, with pressure or really loose ?

  5. Hey! I am a new youtuber and I post HD speed doodles! They are fun and easy to do. Check out my art on my channel if you are interested 🙂 Like this post if you like my channel!

  6. I also wanted to say that i love your minimalistic drawings but i wanted to know if you could make a prismsmacolor drawing but color the whole thing thank you 😊

  7. I love your videos. You do such a wonderful job. Is there a video that shows how to do black and white pictures using charcoal. I want to do a self portrait but I'm not sure on how to go about it

  8. Very realistic….I own a bearded dragon…but his eyes are more human-like.Not sure if I could get his eyes right…I seem to have problems with eyes…some com we out great…others I can never get right…yours is awesome..!! 😊

  9. Whenever i draw with pen people say, how can you draw with a pen, easy i say, just dont make a mistake, ha ha.

  10. Your work, your voice, your talent to vocalise your love for what you are doing, truly is mesmerising. It always brings a smile to our faces :)) We só enjoy your videos and hope you'll continue as passionately as ever!! David & Elke

  11. Brilliant one!!
    The shading is perfect, and makes the eye look so real. Kudos to this one, as this looks easy, but sure as hell isn't.
    Very well done indeed!!

  12. I would really prefer real-time lessons rather than a high speed video. You are so good, I would like to watch real-time.

  13. That  is awesome Leonardo.  I was wondering if I could ask you to do a post on a crocodile eye in color.  I've tried it over and over but it still doesn't look right.  I was wanting to see how you did it to give me some ideas.   

  14. how, all your draws are amazing, don't miss any video you upload. Thanks for doing art and keeping do it

  15. U r so amazing
    To prove how popular and amazing u are i m gonna tell u:even people in Russia and Kazakhstan watch u.I am kazakh and a lot of my kazakh and russian friends are watching you
    Sorry,my english is not perfect
    Italians are so talanted!(especially people with name Leonardo)like YOU and Leonardo Da-Vinci

  16. If you take requests, will you draw JUST a pearl? I need it for projects and just to show off to friends. Thanks!

  17. Woah! That's amazing! There are only two great art tutors on YouTube and you are one of them. Others just draw and barely tell us the tricks. I feel like you take care of us psychologically. Thank you for all your hard work.

  18. For two or three years i learn from you and ididnt know then i found your videos ,am very glad that i found your videos to say thanks for teaching me how to draw and how to love it thanks you 😀

  19. I am in saudi arbia and eygpt i was searching for the primo bianco pencil and the pismacolor and i didnt find it do you know where i can find it

  20. That was awesome .. But how can you draw with the white pencil on the regular pencil ?! My white pencil doesn't seem to do the trick ! 🙁

  21. if i drew this and showed it to someone would you like me to write my name and then  write originaly drawn by leonardo pereznieto

  22. You are amazing!!!!! I've tried drawing some of your things and they've turned out quite good (well according to my art teacher). This is because of your very clear and instructive steps. And well, I think that you being an excellent visual artist helps!!!👌👌😉

  23. lol he is not Italian he is Mexican and just for the record there is many famous Mexican painters or artist just happen that everyone think only USA or Europe have talent but sorry Mexican 100% .Mr pereznieto great job i would like to share some of my work if you don't mind from the Republic of Ireland.
    keep on going.

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