How to Draw a Horse on the Beach – Fine Art- Tips.

How to Draw a Horse on the Beach – Fine Art- Tips.

Hello my friends and welcome!
to another Tuesday of tutorial. I am Leonardo Pereznieto and today
we will do a sketch of a horse on the beach. We begin drawing the outline of the head,
the general shape of the body, the legs… first, in its general
shape and then, we will give it more detail. We´ll also do a girl on the horse. Then, with a ruler we mark
the horizon line. And using the blue pencil we do some clouds. In this case, to do the shading,
I use a pattern of tilted lines. This can give it a good atmosphere. Good! Now with a white pencil,
we do the reflections on the sea. You can do them with
different intensities, and with some dots, that
will be shimmering. And then with the same pencil,
we create lights, in the sky. For this I use the same
pattern of tilted lines. I smudge with my finger
and then using the kneaded eraser, lighten the pencil line. I do not recommend smudging
with your finger, if you are using graphite pencil,
but with color pencils as there are greasy, it is not
so much a problem. What i mean is the grease
left by your finger on the paper does not affect it. We´ll filling the horse,
and the figure. I´m doing it flat with no shadows,
because I just want it to be a silhouette, with a backlight. I delineate part of the contour
that was lost and I darken some areas. With the stamp we can blend it
to achieve a more even tone. Good! With a white we create
some waves, and with the dark blue, we do the beach. We also give it some reflections. I see the horse too still,
I´m erasing one of the legs and I will redraw it, doing a step. This should give it, more movement! Good! We do the last details…
and it´s ready! Subtitled by Grethel Trejo

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43 Replies to “How to Draw a Horse on the Beach – Fine Art- Tips.”

  1. Hi sir you are fantastic with what you do, have you thought of coming to the London Art Gallery?? and seeing if you can get some of  your  paintings in there on display?. Just a thought and thank you for posting such beautiful paintings. 

  2. very nice drawing, but i have one observation about too long neck of a horse or head is too small, maybe i am wrong but it make me impression that the horse a bit like giraffe (sorry about my english)

  3. Great Job, Leonardo. You make it look so easy, but I know that it has taken you years and many miles of pencil lines to get to this point. Thanks for these tutorials.

  4. I used to hate Tuesdays, but you and your awesome videos made Tuesdays much better, and you really inspire me aswell! keep up the good work!

  5. You never cease to amaze me Leo with how great your work is with sooooo many different mediums. There are a lot of very talented one trick ponies on YouTube but we never know what is next with you…. and you always pull it off brilliantly. I hope you are an art teacher influencing many young minds. I wish I had a teacher like you when I was in school.

  6. I love it sooo much i will try to do it soon !!!.. Can i request u about how to draw realistic face step by step bcz i had problm n tht really .. I mean eyes n nose n lips n face somtimes i mistak the place where i put eyes on face " i dont know if u get it !!!"" Really thanx from my heart ur great tilent .. Can u check out i msged u on fb for some draw i learn from u n wanna ur comment about it if u dont mind plz =$ shukran !!!

  7. I love your videos so so much!! I am taking a drawing class and you help me with drawing tips even more than my teacher sometimes! Your channel is amazing! I love it when you tell us what you are doing with your drawing as you draw it!

  8. Can you do a tutorial on how to draw portraits from a photo reference? How to color skin with primas? Thanks for your time! Also, good job, you're a very good artist!

  9. I think the legs could be longer and the neck either skinnier or shorter. You are an amazing artist and my inspiration! Keep up the hard work ❤️

  10. How nice is this!!
    I can just see me riding that horse on that beach ^.^
    Thank you Leonardo and all the love from Holland.

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