How to Draw a Glass of Water

How to Draw a Glass of Water

Hello my friends and welcome to another
Tuesday of tutorial! I am Leonardo Pereznieto,
and so that you know, if you speak Spanish, and you would rather listen to the videos
in your own language, you can do so in my other channel: ArteDivierte. But if you speak any other language,
you can look if it has been translated and subtitled into it,
using the CC button below. If you find that it has not been translated
into your language yet and you would like to do the translation,
which I would appreciate, you may do so, following the instructions
below the video. Ok. Now, because a lot of you requested it,
I am going to draw a glass with water. First I sketch an oval
for the top of the glass. And then the sides. I want a straw. Then another oval for the water
and for the base. Of course the straw will deflect
under the water. For the shadow I will use
a hard charcoal pencil, which then I smudge with the brush. With charcoal powder and a brush,
I tone the paper. For the glass I am using
an H and a 4B lead holders with graphite leads. You can find the full list of materials
in the information under the video. With a kneaded eraser and a pencil eraser
I pull some lights. I refine the form and give some shadows. In the center of the shadow
there will be a concentrated light. There will be some distortion effect
at the brim. Lets do some water drops!
I love doing water drops, as you know. I continue detailing and then smudging,
to get the soft effect. I do the final touches! Please let me know
what do you think about it. If it was helpful, please give it a LIKE
and subscribe to my channel. You know where to follow me,
and where the links are. And I see you, on Tuesday.

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100 Replies to “How to Draw a Glass of Water”

  1. What do you mean you want to know what we think? You already know what we think. IT'S FUCKING AWESOME!!!!! It seriously made me want to get up and chug down 8 classes of ice cold water!

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  3. Hi, thank you for the lessons! Could you please provide more 'theory' in your videos? Why is the brightest fragment of the shadow placed like this? Is there any proportion? (I know it is pure optics, but maybe you have a short tip based on your experience.. ))

  4. bj
    c'est toujours execlent rien a dire dessin simple mais pas evident a faire bon travail grace aux ombre
    bonne continuation

  5. Have you got an email address? I'd love to send you pictures of my art, could do with some tips before starting a-level! This is amazing:)

  6. Восхитительно но только мне кажется что трубочка должна отбрасывать тень

  7. Watching someone draw, even with added commentary, has limited value. I would like to know what your reference for the drawing was. Did you do it from your imagination or from a real life set up or from a photo?The most valuable demonstration is one where we can see what the artist is looking at as he draws. We see what he sees. Then we get to see what he draws and why.

  8. You nearly made that glass of water jump off the page. Fabulous job! I hope to be this good someday but I think I need to try a kiddie version before doing yours. 🙂

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