Hello my friends and welcome
to another Tuesday of tutorial! I am Leonardo Pereznieto and today
we will draw a little girl with a big tiger. First I´ll draw a circle for the head
and a line for the face now let’s make an oval, more or less
for the torso… and the legs like so. The arm, which will be extended forward, and now let’s sketch the tiger, we begin with a line for the face, then the shape of the head
which is pretty square, and then the body. Now the powerful legs. He would be crouching. And he will not be happy, because he’s been stopped by the girl, so let’s draw the face accordingly. [Laughter]. Actually, I will erase this front leg, because I think it should be more forward. Here is better! much better! it goes back a bit, and then bends like this. All right! The shoulder blade up here,
as it is been pushed up. And now let’s give a little bit of detail
to the girl: the ear, the face and hair and the dress. Very good! It´s time to draw with ink. Will use this black Indian ink, and a dip pen. So we dip the pen in the ink,
and then we can draw with it. The first thing I´ll do is to go over the
line, that I drew with pencil, we go over the drawing itself. First I drew with pencil because this line
cannot be erased, this ink is permanent. But you don’t necessarily have to go over
the exact same line, because while you do this you may want to do some corrections or improvements. I mean, if you want. And also we can begin to draw
some of the hair of the tiger for example, that in the lower part is longer. I like dip pens because they are very sharp and leave a definite and powerful line. Maybe it is not the most practical
since you have to be dipping it and if you move or travel you need to carry the ink with you, but it definitely can produce a great result. Ok, now let’s shade. We will do this with hatching and crosshatching which is the typical for ink drawing. And to that we can also add some
brush work, which obviously leaves a much wider mark a bolder mark. With this, I´ll do the tiger stripes. I will not fill in totally
all of them, in some I will
leave some blank spaces. Especially the ones that are in areas
that are catching light, like the ones on the back. Here for example. They are not
totally black! since they are getting more light
than the ones in shade. Make sure when you draw the stripes
to follow the shapes, the forms. You can use the stripes to describe
the volume of each part. And now, let’s give a tone to all the areas in shade. We can do this with a light hatching with the dip pen. Very good! like so. I’m doing it with parallel lines and we can crosshatch to make it darker. Also this area of the belly should
be a little bit darker and behind the leg, very good! ¡excelente! I like it how it is looking! Now it is a matter of just fine tuning a few
lines and we draw the shadow, the cast shadow. Which I need to make it more straight [laughter]. And its ready! If you enjoyed it,
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on Tuesday 🙂 Subtitled by Grethel Trejo

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30 Replies to “HOW TO DRAW A GIRL AND TIGER WITH PEN & INK – Inktober”

  1. That is a very big tiger, and a courageous little girl…😄
    Cute drawing. I also love working with indian ink, and dip pens.

  2. This is great! I have never left a comment but I am watching your weekly videos from a while now. I love it. The most important thing is that I have learned a lot. Thank you very much.
    See you next Tuesday 😉

  3. In the beginning, I thought, "That's a pretty nice tiger." By the end, I thought "Excelente!" Thanks again for sharing your immense skill.

  4. I do enjoy you're work, iv definitely learned alot from you're videos and try to apply all the advice you give. I was inspired recently to make my own channel for art videos, would appreciate any feedback you could give me .

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