How to Draw a Butterfly With Pastel – Fine Art-Tips

How to Draw a Butterfly With Pastel – Fine Art-Tips

Hello my friends and welcome to
another Tuesday of tutorial! I am Leonardo Pereznieto, and I hope
you are achieving your passion for art. Today we will draw a butterfly. We start by sketching the body and then
the wings of the butterfly, with pencil. The wings have 2 parts on each side. We try to do the ones on the other side looking
similar. Of course you can measure if you want. Once we have the layout in pencil
we can go over it with a marker. Now we fill in the borders
of the wings and the body. Of course this depends on what type
of butterfly you want to do. And now, we are going to color with pastel
this is of the dry type, like chalk. We may also get in other tones, such as violet or a
lighter blue and then smudge them with the finger. And clean up with a kneaded
eraser or a pencil eraser. We need more of the lighter tone
to to achieve some reflections. And even some white if you wish. Before we continue I will spray some fixative,
so as to fix what we have done so far. Over it we can get more
colors, and then smudge them. At this point with a marker
we can go over the black lines. You can draw some shadows with
pencil so that it doesn’t look flat. For this I’m using a 2B lead. The complete list of
materials is in the information below the video. We smudge with a stump. You may get even more color and keep smudging,
depending on the effect you want to achieve. This is real fun, ok, it’s ready! Please let me know what
do you think about it. If you enjoyed it, please give it a LIKE
and subscribe to my channel. You know where to follow
me and where the links are. And I’ll see you on Tuesday.

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100 Replies to “How to Draw a Butterfly With Pastel – Fine Art-Tips”

  1. gorgeous!!! I love your videos. wish they were more in depth though. what kind of pencil were you using to draw the butterfly?

  2. You are amazing! And I LOVE ❀ your accent!! I have one question……I noticed that you sprayed your piece with a "FINAL" Fixative, but then added more pastel and some shading. I thought you had to use a workable fixative if you were going to add to the piece. I'm a beginner and am only starting to learn about using soft pastels and fixatives 😊

  3. its beautiful butterfly i want to know what is the pencil do you use and can you make a video of all tools do u use ..and thanks

  4. love the music. As I watched I was so moved, happiness welled up inside me. It's simple yet the video was perfect. Me gusta.

  5. goodness thank you. I tried to design this in my drawer project and it really help me a lot. thank you again.

  6. Beautiful, I love butterflies and hope to have them as part of decoration in my room. Once it is warmer weather, and I have practised a lot : ) I have watched this video 10 times, and it has given me the courage to put white directly on to a A3 pastel head of a horse. I want the effect of sun on the coat. I am having a bit of trouble as I work from memory or doing quick sketches of animals in front of me. Also I am finding the pastels Faber-Castell polychromeos difficult to work with as they are chunky and square, so it is very difficult to put fine veins in e.t.c. I am not able to see the line. Pastels are great for animals, but take time ! I do not know which pastel crayons are best for my beasts, can anyone advise, thanks.Also which is the best way to sharpen them? I have found not one decent sharpener. I recon iwould be worse with a knife!
    I had hoped to put an add for painting peoples pets to help pay for my own. Alas I have never mastered the art of painting from photographs. The animals just do not look right, Not even alive or in the correct proportions!!! πŸ™ Also I have been asked to do a picture of a much loved pet from some photos. I am totally stuck. Especially when the pet is no more. The result is even worse than the photos. help πŸ™‚

  7. Beautiful😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 😍😍 😍😍😍😍😍

  8. Wow. I love this. You may be interested in looking at our youtube channel where my 12yr old son talks about living with autism

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