Healing through Art for our Nation’s Veterans

Healing through Art for our Nation’s Veterans

My name is Inge Guen, I’m a clinical
psychologist and I specialize in neuroscience. I am the chairperson of the Creative Arts Program here at Walter Reed for the
American Red Cross. These soldiers who have brain injuries — they need very very
special attention. Creative art has a healing process for our young women and
men who have troubled minds. Our program is very powerful. You give them a piece of paper, just blank paper and a pen, pencil or even a brush and before we
know it there’s a little dot on that piece of paper. We just find out what is
going on in their soul, what is going on in their heart and this is what we are
there for — just helping them. The most important component of a volunteer, of any volunteer, is compassion. If you have a person who can embrace someone who’s
suffering, whose mind is troubled, who just puts them at ease, yes indeed,
they’re part of our group. We have a terrific team, we really have a fantastic
team, and I’m so proud of each and every one of them.

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