H.E.R. Wins Best R&B/Soul Female Artist Award! | Soul Train Awards ‘19

H.E.R. Wins Best R&B/Soul Female Artist Award! | Soul Train Awards ‘19

Ooh, I’m a little bit nervous. -First of all…
-Take your time, queen! …shout-out to the Bay Area,
Keyshia Cole. (audience cheering) Um… Whew! Oh, my God,
I wasn’t expecting this. Um, I just want to say
thank you to God, first of all. Um, thank you to my parents for even making this
possible for me. Um, thank you to MBK, um, RCA,
Peter Edge. Jesse Collins, who’s been
one of my biggest supporters since I was, like,
nine years old. Um, Soul Train.
I just want to say that, uh, this night is very, very
important, not only in music, -but in black culture.
-(cheering) And, um… and shout-out to
all the other female artists that were nominated. You know, when one of us wins,
we all win. -Um…
-(cheering) But I just want to say, you
know, you can’t understand today without understanding yesterday, and soul music is literally
the basis and the foundation of R&B today
and a lot of hip-hop today. Um, so I just want us
to acknowledge our legends. If you’re 22 years old or you’re a millennial
or Generation Z, you need to understand
that Soul Train is-is more than
just an awards show. It’s… (laughs) (cheering, applause) It’s… it’s Michael,
it’s Stevie, it’s Smokey Robinson,
it’s Aretha, -it’s…
-(cheering) It-it’s, uh, it’s everybody
that came before us. So I just want
to acknowledge that. And thank you to you guys,
Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. You know, um, I’m so thankful
for your music and-and I’m thankful
for this award. Thank you so much.
Thank you. -(cheering)
-♪ ♪

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100 Replies to “H.E.R. Wins Best R&B/Soul Female Artist Award! | Soul Train Awards ‘19”

  1. Anyone that watched H.E.R. Song Association with Elle, knows that she did her research, lives & breathes music☝… Well deserved🤗

  2. H.E.R will be one of those artists that's gonna be around for years and years. Her poise, talent and humbleness will definitely get her far. And she's mutli-talented!!!

  3. She is so poised and humble, so well spoken. Beautiful inside and out. I like when artist like her are acknowledged and rewarded for being great. Keep shining mama.

  4. She I meant ''her'' is going to be around for a while. Lord willing. This is how a lady is supposed to carry herself. She will lead her generation!

  5. Congrad, to her and other, but Barbra the ceo of bet should be find and charged with poor production, and bad wigs, werst bet award ever.

  6. First of I just want you know you are truly Sexy and Beautiful that outfit is Gawwd right now ..been fan since I've heard of you Congrats ……

  7. I really wanted Ari to win this award, but HER is amazing as well. Both ladies are keeping & representing R&B/Soul so well. May they continue to thrive!

  8. H.E.R. is awesome. I love her music….. but she's hasn't released a full, original album yet. It has yet to materialize. Her GIGANTIC compilation albums are cool, but at this point you're recycling music. When can we get an actual, original album? Meanwhile, they screwed Ari Lennox out of ANY awards, even though she made the best music released this year so far

  9. Now she's black? I remember her claiming her ASIAN side so bad. It's up to you black people. (And I know she Biracial)

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