Guthrie Theater: Words from ZAFIRA AND THE RESISTANCE playwright

Guthrie Theater: Words from ZAFIRA AND THE RESISTANCE playwright

The Minnesota Arab-American arts community has really been flourishing
for the last 20 years. In the 90s, when we were
first starting to gather, we were not really seen as a part
of even the multicultural community. The definitions were very limited and I grew up not seeing my stories
in books, in theater, in movies. And so I wanted to be able to
tell my own stories for myself and also for others who
were coming after me. Zafira is based on kind of
a worst case scenario where nationalistic leader
comes to power, playing on anti-Arab and
anti-immigrant sentiment, which ultimately leads to the
imprisonment of Arab and Muslim people. And so, it sounds very dark
and it is very dark. But there’s humor in it, if you can imagine,
and it’s very hopeful. We have a mix of extremely
talented community members who maybe it’s the first time
they’ve been on stage. I think that there’s something
very authentic that comes across drawing on the wealth of language,
the knowledge of our culture and history, and then just a great passion
and love for getting this story out. >>With one drop of olive oil,
I can change this world.

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