– You can find Glitter Dots in the Crayola aisle at your local store. (energetic music) Hey, everyone, it’s KC. The Crayola Glitter Dots expert. As you all know, Glitter Dots are the less
mess way to play with glitter. In fact, that means you can
play with them almost anywhere. Including my car. That’s where we’re gonna have today’s Glitter Dots challenge! Our contestants are Sandy. (energetic music) And Jay-J. (energetic music) For this challenge, both girls are going to be decorating one of these nifty phone cases. But they’re have to open their lap desks to find out who is using glitter and who is using Glitter Dots. It looks like Sandy has Glitter Dots and Jay-J has glitter. Three, two, one, let’s craft! (energetic music) It looks like Sandy is starting off with a teal Glitter Dot at
the top of her phone case. Let’s see what Jay-J is up to. Spreading some glue around. Sandy’s got her Glitter
Dot all at the top. It’s very precise. Let’s see how Jay-J’s doing. Wow, Jay-J’s tray is a little bit messy. Sandy’s speeding along, looking very neat and precise. I love the chevron pattern
that Sandy’s doing. (energetic music)
(woman screams) Whoa, Jay-J has a ton of glitter. It’s getting everywhere. Look at Jay-J’s hands. (energetic music) Jay-J’s hands are so sparkly, and her station is really messy. But Sandy’s is so precise. And it looks like she’s cleaning
up using her Glitter Dots. It looks like they’re both almost done. Five, four, three, two, one. Hands up! – You wanna high five, Sandy? (audience groaning) – No, thank you. – Both of these phone
cases are glitter-tastic. But we all know there
can only be one winner. And today, that winner is Sandy! (energetic music) And we know what that means. Sandy gets a Glitter Dots celebration. (energetic music) And Jay-J gets a glitter drop. Wait, a glitter drop in my car? This might’ve been a bad idea. (suspenseful music) Well, girls, after this challenge, we’re gonna do the Crayola Glitter Dots car wash challenge (laughs). All right, Sandy. Are you ready for you
Glitter Dots celebration? (fun music)
(audience cheering) Thanks for watching our
Glitter Dots challenge. Be sure to like and subscribe
for more Glitter Dots videos. See you next time, bye! (energetic music) You can find Glitter Dots in the Crayola aisle at your local store.

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