Gino Cosculluela Performs to “Missing You” | Season 16 Ep. 13 | SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE

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13 Replies to “Gino Cosculluela Performs to “Missing You” | Season 16 Ep. 13 | SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE”

  1. Gino is amazing .. I just feel like this season was set up for him to win the whole thing.. but he has some tough competition so we’ll see ☺️

  2. He brings something so fresh. With Lex (whom others compare him to), he always showcased a certain skill excessively. Gino is unpredictable and I’m all for it

  3. He is THE BEST DANCER this season, everyone knows it!!
    I really hope America votes for him. Can we just stop with the "oh, but he lacks charisma" thing. I don't think this season was "set up for him to win" when he is simply amazing in everything he does. This is a dance competition and he is KILLING it!!!

  4. Absolutely crazy technique and timing – one of the best ever in the show! Can’t believe the judges aren’t on their feet every time he gets a solo / duet! He would make a much stronger Allstar dancer then Bailey as he can do lifts and ballroom like a pro for his partners so I think he should win it all hands down! Honorable mention to Mariah who is so gorgeous whatever she touches

  5. Thank you for having my music on the show! So proud of Gino! Can’t wait for you all to hear my new album INNERvention out sept 8th!

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