Fine Art BA

Fine Art BA

I really enjoy the studio environment on
the Fine Art course here. It fosters a real sense of community. You’re creating
friendships and bonds but the same time you’re learning from and challenging
each other. It’s great to be around like-minded people. We all tend to
gather in one of the studios for coffee and tea most days. Everyone on the course specialises in different areas, there’s a huge diversity between
painting, sculpture, photography, and film and everyone has a different approach to
everything. My practice looks at the different ways that people come together
and how they use everyday objects and materials. They encourage different ways
of being together and are born of interaction. A lot of it is quite
sculptural and gestural so it could be really simple actions or a sculpture to
be touched and played with or interacted with in a collaborative way. I spend a
lot of my time in the ceramics workshop the wood workshop and the foundry, which are used for melting bronze and aluminium. It’s a really cool process and
it’s actually a really old process so it’s not changed much with time. We do it
as a group so every couple of weeks there’s a session you have to have your
pieces ready for. It’s really cool watching the process and getting to be
part of it; the alchemy of it is really exciting. There are no walls or
boundaries here; I can go chat to architecture staff, design staff, jewellery
technicians or whoever is there to help. You can go where you want and you’re
really encouraged to do that as well. You’re not discouraged from stepping out
with your department, which is really good. The tutors are very hands-on here,
everyone seems to have a really personal relationship with their lecturers. It’s
not an intimidating environment to learn in at all, it’s much more open. It’s like
this little creative bubble. Dundee is a great place to study, everything is within a five minute walk and it’s full of lots of other creative hubs – the DCA, the
McManus, Generator and the new V&A Dundee. You get to know everyone and you get to
know what’s going on and there’s always lectures, talks, screenings, and
exhibitions to go to.

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