Eugene Performs Drag In His First Local Show

Eugene Performs Drag In His First Local Show

– [Mayhem] Y’all know
him as Eugene, honey, but you gonna get a
taste of the one and only Cheyenne Pepper! (crowd cheers) – [Man] Oh, this is cunt, bitch. – [Cheyenne] I’ve never
had hips like this. ( techno music playing) – [Cheyenne] You host, you greet, and then at some point around midnight, you’re gonna have the drag show. – Then it’s showtime. – (techno music plays) – [Mayhem Miller] How
ya’ll doing out there? (crowd cheers) – It’s my birthdaaaaaaay! ( crowd applauding) I always treat it like I’m the queen here, it’s my night, this is my
domain, this is my queendom. My drag daughters are
gonna hit the stage tonight and give you a fantastic show. Because, honey, here in
LA, we give you good drag. And especially in my fucking family, we give you the best. Are ya’ll ready? ( crowd cheers) (pop music playing) – [Cheyenne Pepper] Ah. ( painful laughter) – If it hurts, it’s working. – That is my balls up here, and then my dick is back here, at my butt. – Cheyenne Pepper! (crowd cheers) (pounding sound) – [Mayhem] You know, this is going to be your first paid gig? I hope you don’t get too nervous. – Alright. – Knock, knock. – Hi, mama. (laughs) – This is so small. – I’m a small, dainty woman. – I know, but how do you fit
so many small, dainty women here at the same time? – I don’t need big, grand things. (laughs) – Well, at least not to get dressed in. (laughs) – This one, the biggest difference is that the eyes are more closed off. – As long as it’s not too high, high arch. Just kind of more what
it naturally would be, but you can make it thick
and really illustrate it. – [Mayhem] You’re gonna go up there. First of all, it’s going
to be uncomfortable. We have a catwalk. Feel free to do whatever you
want up there, know your words look good, have a drink and just say a little prayer and keep
going and see how it goes. (techno music plays) – [ Cheyenne] On a busy week, how often would you work? – I normally work every night. – [Cheyenne] Every night? – [Mayhem] No matter what. On Saturday’s, I will pull a double because I have a brunch
show, here at Abbey. After that’s done, I fight traffic back to Riverside, do my
show there that night. It’s nonstop. (techno music plays) – For me, a typical night
it starts during the day. Soon as I get up, I have to pull music, find out what I’m feeling that day. Then I go to my storage,
pull costumes, looks. Then get on the road. Once I get there, that’s
when I prepare, get ready, do my makeup, and once I feel
the energy of the evening, and how the girls are backstage, who else is in the show,
like that’s how I gauge where I should take the
performance for the evening. – Yeah – The main thing while you’re doing this, especially if you wanna be an entertainer, is to make sure the audience is having a good time with you and sometimes people wanna do
drag for the wrong reasons. Especially with it now being main stream, everyone wants to get famous from it. That doesn’t come with
drag for a lot of people and then you get disheartened when it doesn’t happen for you. So it’s like what are
you going into drag for? Do you have something to say? Are you a true artist? You have to be there
for the right reasons. You have to have something to say. You know, it’s not always
about the aesthetic. There has to be a passion underneath it. – [Cheyenne] Um. – I went into drag race thinking okay, well I’m a known queen, this might work in my
favor, but it was weird cause it really didn’t. When I was there, I want
to stay true to myself and I wanted to keep to myself,
which bit me in the ass. – Well, I feel like people
are seeing more of the real Mayhem, even afterwards, that’s
not even based on the show. They’re seeing your actual
performances being turned into memes – (Mayhem laughs) – [Cheyenne] You know what I’m saying? – [Mayhem] That’s the good thing! – [ Cheyenne] You performing at Mickey’s how many years ago? – [Mayhem] That was like
almost nine years ago. – [Cheyenne] Nine years ago and that’s just you being talented. – [Mayhem] Just me blinking. – [Cheyenne] Yeah. – [Mayhem] How do you control
an audience by just blinking? – How long have you been doing drag for? – Officially will be 17 years
this years, “this year. – So Mayhem Miller, the
drag queen, is almost legal. (laughs) – Almost` – Yes, so how long does it take, say like a local drag queen to sort of rise up to get to a point
where they can host a night? (laughs) – It’s like horror story
when, what did they call her? – The Supreme. – The Supreme, yes. You have to wait for the
Supreme to just lose her powers and stuff. – Then it’s surprise bitch. – Then some little new bitch comes out of nowhere and she’s like hi, give me that microphone real quick. (laughs) I was very fortunate. Just met the right person,
they gave me the opportunity and said hey do you want your own night?, and that was at rage. People would come see the show and be like oh my god,
Mayhem’s a great hostess. She’s great on the microphone,
bring her over here. So then I would go, just
go from club to club and people would just
offer me hosting gigs. So, that’s how I kinda became the Supreme of Southern California. – Ooh the Supreme of Southern California. – Uh huh – Does that make me one of your coven? – [Mayhem] Yes. – Yaaaaaas. – We build a house, as a family. – So basically drag queens
are like Game of Thrones? – Very much so. – Who would people recognize, that was part of your sisterhood? – Morgan McMichaels, Delta Werk, Jewels of Long Beach, that’s
a good group right there. My drag, like it really brought out brought me out of my shell. I was a very shy person,
I’m still a shy person,but when you’re the focal point of an evening everyone’s looking at you, it forces you to come out of that shell
and say, you know what? Okay, I have to be that
superstar everyone thinks I am. – [Cheyenne] Yeah. (laughs) – And so yeah it completely changes everything and you go from being, oh I’m just gonna try
drag and just hang out for a night to`oh no I am the drag. – [Cheyenne] Ever since we
met over four years ago, I’ve been dabbling back and forth in drag. And for me, it’s, I’ve
always been very open about it’s not a serious
profession for me, something I really respect and
I adore, the art behind it. I decided to do drag for
the Streamies last year, when we hosted and I decided to do drag because, especially in the Try Guys, I really want to represent the queer community. Just visually, you see someone rocking that, especially
an award show hosting, I was like look, gays
represented, queers represented, LGBT is here in the house. – [Mayhem] Yeah. – I was upset afterwards,
when I thought like, why was I not fully the Cheyenne Pepper like Mayhem taught me to be? And I think it’s because I
was treating it like a job. – Open bar closes half
way through the show, so don’t be afraid to double
fist while you still can. Luckily, my face rests so bitchingly ( laughs) they’re like, oh it’s Cheyenne Pepper, she just looks like she’s
gonna punch somebody. – If you’re not having fun, it shows. And if you’re not having fun, then the audience is not having fun. – [Cheyenne] You know,
I think the first time I really felt some joy
out of doing the drag was at my birthday recently. (soft rock music plays) – [Cheyenne] My wig came
off, my heel fell off, but I didn’t care and by the end, everyone was like that was great. – [Mayhem] You just didn’t give no fucks. – Yeah. – And you were just in the moment having a good time, so that’s
why it was a good performance. – I think this needs to be
a little pinker on the lip. May be a little too
close to the skin tone. We’re going real drag tonight. Paint the brows down, big ol’ lips. I wanna look like a rich Asian, crazy rich woman in the Isle of Sheseido. – Oh, bitch. – You know, adjust her how you like. You look great. I’m fucking pissed , ’cause now I’m like uh, do I need to bring out
my Nia Preene outfit now? (techno music plays) – It gets very soft
once the nails come on, then I wanna touch everything. – [Mayhem] Yop. – [Cheyenne] Yop. – [Mayhem] Yop. – [Cheyenne] Yop. Yop. – [Mayhem] The art of hosting
a gig is being a good hostess. Just like at any kind
of party that you throw, you wanna be able to engage with people and make them feel welcome and that’s how you build a successful night, is being a social person. (techno music plays) – [Mayhem] Anyone can be at a party and just sit in a corner
and don’t do anything, but if you really engage with the people that are there, they’re gonna
come back and see you again. – [ Cheyenne] Yeah. – [ Mayhem] And especially if you’re look good, you smell good,
and you offer them booze, like, you’re always going
to have a good time. – Just so that ya’ll know, my sis is gonna let me have this, ya’ll. (laughs) – I don’t know her. ( screams) – [Mayhem] This house of mine is filled with a lot of big personalities. (laughs) – We have over here on the throne Ms. Bootz Dreya Simone- Miller – Hello, yaaaas. – We have over here, tucked away honey, Ms. Jazmyn Simone. – Owww! – Yaaas. And our special guest in
here Monique Heart honey from Ru Paul’s Drag Race. – [ Drag Queen] The goopery. – The goopery. (sings Happy Birthday) – To me! (Happy Birthday continues) – Did you have to do the
man voice, at that part? Mwuah, my daughter. – This is All That here
at the world-famous Abbey. Ya’ll ready for Mayhem, say yeah! (crowd cheers) – Uh uh, one more time
’cause this muthafucka still didn’t do it. You ready for Mayhem, say yeah! (Crowd cheers) (pop music plays) – [Mayhem] It’s necessary to kinda work in your local club scene. Now a days, we can learn
everything from Youtube, but you kinda, that humbleness, you kinda learn, uh don’t
do that in this show again, you know what I mean? Shit like that, if you
think you that girl, you just on youtube, woo woo woo, the crowd will let you know
at a local gay bar, amen? – [Drag Queen] Amen. – It’ll be crickets. – [ Drag Queen] Honey. – When I say live, everybody give me some energy up in this bitch
if you breathin, live! (crowd screams) – [Mayhem] At the end
of the day, you gotta go to the club and be
able to turn a party, you gotta be able to
socialize with people, – [Monique] Turn the club. – Yes, you gotta learn and you have to have that mentorship to give you that guidance, where to go, how to do – [Drag Queen] How to do it. – I also bought some special
guest with me, tonight, that I wanna share the stage with, is that okay witchu? (crowd cheers) – Look at this audience, are
they young, are they older? Do they look like they’ll
be easily offended? Are they af uptight crowd, you know? You have to be able to read
a audience really quickly. Make eye contact. You definitely want to accept
every tip someone offers you. – I’ve never been club
environment, I’ve never take money. Get all the dollars you can. – Whenever a bitch gets on this stage, give her some got damn money! ( crowd cheers) – I’m performing, you’re
gonna tip me, alright? – Yaaas Mayhem, All-Stars 5 winner. – I’m not going to be a greedy bitch, but some girls are awful at
this, they’ll be like, oh money. (money crinkles) – And they run off, no, that’s gross and everyone’s like what the fuck? So you make eye contact, – Uh hm – And you acknowledge them like, oh hi oh is that money for me? Oh, no, I’m not gonna grab it now. I’m just gonna tease you and I’m gonna look away, but then I’m gonna come back. And then when you grab the dollar, you have to touch their
hand, not the money, get their hand first, look at them, – Really make a connection. – Then slide it away. Sometimes they’ll hold on to
it and you’re like okay, let go because there’s more money I gotta go get. A couple years ago, I had the opportunity to put this individual in
drag for the first time. And I’m so proud that
this amazing person has continued to enjoy the art of drag and spread it around to
the world, to the masses. I thank him so much for
the opportunity he gave me. And I’m so excited for
him to hit my stage. Are ya’ll ready? ( crowd cheers) From the Try Guys, ya’ll
know him as Eugene, honey, but you gonna get a
taste of the one and only Cheyenne Pepper! ( crowd cheers) ( pop music plays) – A lot of people think
a perfect drag show has to be full of high energy numbers. Back, to back, to back, to back. To me, that is a boring show
because there’s no levels. In a drag show, you need to have levels. Something that’s high energy, as well as having something that is emotional, having something funny, having
something that’s mid tempo. – [Cheyenne] Yeah – You know, you have to
give a audience variety because not everyone there
wants to see the same thing. ( pop music plays) – You know, that was really exhilarating because I got to just perform
without thinking about it. I just inhabited the song. Nothing was choreographed,
nothing was planned. I just existed in the music and I feel like it really showed, that I was having a awesome fun time. Look how many tips I got. Look at all those tips, that
is just from my performance. I’m gonna go buy a burrito with these tips, with Mayhem because I’m really fucking
hungry after werkin out. The local drag scene is
absolutely incredible. I encourage everyone to go out and support all their queens, who are
working their asses off in all the bars, around their city. – The whole night life works as a unit. We all keep the machine going and these are our safe spaces. This is where we all need to congregate and have a great time. ( crowd cheers) – [DJ] ( Sings Happy Birthday) – Come on, mama, let’s get that burrito. – You want bean, cheese, meat? – I want all of that. – I want Dobo, but guac is extra. – I got money – I got money now too, shit. – You got some money too? ( laughs) ( rock music plays) – You’re here to get the pussies wet, – [ Cheyenne] And the dicks hard. – [Mayhem] How you think I
became the queen of the party? – A lot of hard dicks and wet pussies. (laughs) – That’s it, that’s it.

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