Energizing Music For Creativity, Work, Productivity, Focus █ Upbeat creative productive energy music

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50 Replies to “Energizing Music For Creativity, Work, Productivity, Focus █ Upbeat creative productive energy music”

  1. I love them all. You're very creative. Love how the song at 40 bursts with a guitar riff and then sax comes in too-beautiful! I listened while writing my novel to keep my tone up, but had to keep listening even while walking my dogs. Thanks!

  2. After years hering diferent music, including some years at the discographic industrie Its really motivating to hear something "new"; and at the same time a complete mixture of our 1950 – 2017 crossover music. Congrats Blanket Barricade. Isn´t easy to be new and heritage at the same time.

  3. Thank you! This seriously helps the time go by. When I look back and see how long I've been working, I'm shocked because it certainly doesn't feel as long as it is!

  4. Thank you for this collection. It really helps me a lot during studying. I don't know why I am comfortable with this kind of music. …love it!

  5. So funny I listened to this so many times for my dissertation 8 months ago, now back here for my master's!

  6. Thank you! Works fabulously! I really needed this and am amazed how creative and musically inclined to even be able to come up with this healing music! Lots of love, peace and light to ya!

  7. This really did help me focus on my work. My head hurt from lack of sleep and it lifted when I started listening to this =)

  8. That part at 7:40. The part that goes "bee bee boo bop." Err, "boo boo bee bop." Not "bee boo boo bee" bop? Bee! BOO BOO BOP!

  9. It's seems like you know what I was looking for. Very uplifting without being annoyed, while I am doing some research i can't stop moving my head as I progress. Thank you.

  10. So I have a lot of trouble concentrating on my homework, and for some weird reason this is more helpful than all those "study playlists" out there??

  11. No Idea how this helped me. I procrastinated so much, this music helped me a lot. Thank you so much man. The other ones just made me fall asleep or make me really hyped for no reason and make me distracted by the music. You're a g.

  12. wait, I legit need this playlist off youtube – where is the download link? It does not have to be free, I will happily pay for this content

  13. I just want to say that these background music videos have gotten me through a 8 page term paper in less than 6 hours. TYVM.

  14. Too many publicity adds. The music is good to increase my productivity but is constantly interrupted by publicity! Don't be so greedy!

  15. ProTip: write your paper in Comic Sans! You don’t worry about what the words look like, and it boosts creativity! Add this amazing vid into the mix, and you’re as good as done! Good luck 🍀

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