EASY ABSTRACT PAINTING DEMO For Beginners In Acrylics with masking tape | Eternium

EASY ABSTRACT PAINTING DEMO For Beginners In Acrylics with masking tape | Eternium

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100 Replies to “EASY ABSTRACT PAINTING DEMO For Beginners In Acrylics with masking tape | Eternium”

  1. Unbelieveable how that black brings it all together..outstanding–how was it to miss that line going across (edited out). thats why I am afraid to do something liek that at the end. In this case it just looks like it was intentional.

  2. It would be helpful, to me, anyway, if you would mount your works upon a wall and allow the camera to record a still image of what the artwork looks like. No moving close ups, though they are helpful too. It would assist the educational process, and shouldn't be too much of an added expense.
    Thank you for all the hard effort you share with all of us.

  3. Eso no es pintura abstracta. La abstracción es más allá de algo que sólo "se ve bien" y no se entiende. Es abstraído de alguna cosa, tangible o no, un mensaje, vivencia, sentir, pero no sólo tirar líneas y que se vea "bonito". Saludos. Mensaje constructivo, espero te vaya bien.

  4. John, You are so amazingly talented! I can't stop watching your videos! Thank you so much for teaching me your great skills! Mari 😁

  5. When he speaks at the end of the video at 5:42, there is that black, white and red abstract painting in the background. Is there a demonstration video for that one?

  6. …… …………but at last …
    it is just playing (= ok if you want…),

    Like a 4 year old child does finger painting,
    you are now 30 !!!! ,
    …. …….so is this what you learnd in 25 years ???

    It looks like art, but who has the eyes knows ; it is only a little bit more than we all did so long a go..

    Some people does ; ooooo beautifull oooo ooooo ooo you are great oooo you are a artist ooo

    The other people knows ; it is finger painting with a trick,
    a trick learnd in 25 / 35 years.


    Just to make fast money !!

  7. hm, to be honest, i dont like it. the white colour doesnt fit at all. i would like to see this picture without all the white borders.

  8. beautiful ,i love your art…i doubt if any beginner can have the confidence and the same vision you have when you move your hand on the canvas…i believe its long way to reach this level…..amazing

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