Drawing Lessons: How to Draw a Realistic Face – Fine Art-Tips

Drawing Lessons: How to Draw a Realistic Face – Fine Art-Tips

Hello! A lot of people asked me to draw a
face, so I will do that today. There are actually several methods
to do that correctly, Some with so much information, that some times
I get exasperated! I love drawing in a natural way. However, as this is supposed to be a tutorial,
lets get down to the information. First we trace a perfectly vertical line. And half way we make a horizontal line. We divide the upper part in 5 equal sections:
1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and the lower half also in 5 equal sections
1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Then we make an oval, which is going to be
the head, making sure it is symmetric. Then we divide the horizontal line also in
5 sections: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. The eyes will in in the third and second parts. The hair line will start on the upper fifth,
blah blah blah blah blah blah Grrrrrrrrrr! I told you I would get exasperated! Lets do it again! This time I will show you
the tips I use to draw a face in a simple and correct way. First I draw an oval and divide it in half
vertically and horizontally. On the horizontal line I trace the eyes,
and divide the bottom half, in half. And that is where the nose will end. Then I divide that again, not in half, but
just above half, for the mouth. I give some shape to the head so that it
does not look like an alien any more! and I erase the lines as they would be on
my way from now on. Remember that the eyes are slightly slanted.
The lower part close to the nose, and going up. Don’t make the nostrils too dark. That is
a common mistake I see too often. I start shadowing. The lower part of the iris, (that is the colored
part of the eye), is usually visible, while the upper part is
covered by the eyelid. The white part of the eye is never totally
white, as it has some shadow, or otherwise it doesn’t look
natural. Continue putting in some shadows and defining
the forms. The upper lip of course would be darker because
of the shadow and the bottom lip would be getting a lot
more light and reflection. Up to this point I have been drawing lightly,
so that I could make any corrections, but from now I will start getting in
some darks. Use a soft brush to smoothen the lines
and also to give some tone at the same time. The hair is very soft, of course. I draw some
shadows, and then I go over them with a brush. Once I have a tone, then I can pull some lights
with the kneaded eraser. The hair is drawn by masses and volume, and
then some detail. The border of the eyebrow to the skin, needs
to be smooth or otherwise it would look artificial. Refine the forms and the detail. The cycle repeats of toning with the brush,
pulling some lights with the eraser, and reinforcing darks. Lets give it some final touches,
and that is it! It is done! If it was helpful, please give it a LIKE
and subscribe to my channel. In the comments you can always let me know
what else would you like me to draw for you. Bye bye!

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99 Replies to “Drawing Lessons: How to Draw a Realistic Face – Fine Art-Tips”

  1. Amazing! I've been drawing for a while, but I struggle with the "all-free-hand"-thing… I always have to find a picture I'd like to draw, and mark off the lines by placing the paper over the picture… I do the rest free-handed though… But, HAIR and SHADOWS…. ALWAYS a struggle! What kind of brush do you use for smoothing, and how do you shadow the drawing without all the lines being visible? And could you PLEASE make a video to show us how you draw hair?? You're an amazing drawings, and hilarious as well! 🙂 x

  2. It looks easy to draw but when I try, mine looks like an alien for some reason. I struggle with the drawing of the nose, the shape of the face and giving it like a facial expression because my drawing just looks like it is staring my soul. Are there any tips that you could give? It would be very helpful if you could do a tutorial for it

  3. @Fine Art-Tips  one question. when I draw i always tend to see my drawigns go diagonal it's hard for me to keep proportions horizontally, for example one eye will be higher than the other and i dont really notice it until i sketch a straight line or take a ruler, how can i avoid that?

  4. Wow that was amazing =) it really does look real =) I for got to ask if you could show us how to draw a 3D picture of a bolder rock from a mountain like falling from a high mountain top in the rain. On a stormy desert island in a tropical yet festive foggy place . That would be cool =)

  5. How love your video. My talent is art but sadly when i start drawing me imagination i forget it half way or get confuse and nervous how and where to put the details like the shadows. I ask u can u make a video drawing a woman naked or with close but u know draw her whole body figure. Ide aprreciate the help.

  6. what the hell… you let me do the whole beginning thing and than start just drawing a face.. no that really helped -,- not

  7. You are my favorite artist. Smart, intelligent, always happy to transmit your knowledge. I love your style. I follow you here, and on FB. and thank you for sharing your art!

  8. Please could you show us how to draw a female figure? If you already have, please let me know! This is the first video that I have watched that you have done, so I don't know what other videos you have! Thanks! And by the way , don't make it inappropriate – I'm 9!

  9. hi I'm new to your chanal but I did see some of your videos and I did find them very helpful for my drawingss…but I wondered if you knew how to draw fantassy drawings like dragons and stuff like that

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    paylaştığınız video için çok teşekkür ederim.

  11. THANK YOU!! i have been trying to draw a face for months and i can never figure out how to do it but you helped me so much Thank you so much ^-^

  12. LOL. It's so funny bc I got tired of the measurements at the beginning and clicked a random spot later in the video and it was the part with him crumpling up the paper out of frustration. LOL…His vids are so informative and he's such an amazing artist.

  13. Thank you! Made my first drawing ever after watching this video,  it looked exactly as the model I used. Never thought I had this skill in me.

  14. LOL ROFL i was going to skip the beggining when i saw all the ruler stuff with boring calculations and math or whatever then i saw you crumple the paper hahaha

  15. I've been familiarizing myself with sketches and I always had a hard time aligning the eyes, it's either the other one is too big or small, and the space between the nose and the mouth. This video really helped me a lot drawing oval for eyes as a start and that guide for the lower part of the nose, thank you very much. I've been watching your videos and it's great. Thank you.

  16. Are you seriously? It is realistic? This same level of seventh graders (if 13-14). Since I live in the Russian school and do not go into a work of art is not an educational institution. Sorry for not only literacy but this level of my English.

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