Draw My Life : Ninja

Draw My Life : Ninja

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in the next episode and today we’re drawing the awesome life of Tyler
Blevins aka ninja recently you must be hearing about him a lot so today I’m
going to tell you everything about him before becoming a twitch streamer in a
youtuber ninja was a professional gamer yep that’s a thing you can play games
for a living but you have to be the top of the top to actually make money out of
gaming ninja is currently dominating twitch with over 4 million followers and
an average of around 100,000 viewers per stream currently he’s the most followed
streamer in twitch he also has a YouTube channel with over 5.7 million
subscribers and recently he’s gaining subscribers exponentially he’s getting
around 3 to 4 million views per video upload on his YouTube channel and that’s
crazy Alsol we’re gonna talk about how ninja
and Drake made history and broke the internet by playing fortnight also
comment below which one is your favorite game fortnight or battlegrounds let’s go
right into the video and check out ninja’s awesome life ninja’s real name is Richard Tyler
Blevins he was born June 5th 1991 in Grayslake Illinois . he also has two older
brothers named John and Chris for schooling he went to Gray’s Lake High
School from 2005 to 2009 after high school ninja attended Silver Lake
College but he dropped out after a year to pursue his gaming career well growing
up it was their dad who used to play video games until 2:00 at night so the
three kids got hooked and they started playing games in the morning and it was
before the time of Xbox and Playstation it all started with my dad playing video
games he would go and play you know until the middle of the night 2.a .m , and then we would go and play them when you know during the day because we
wanted to play him when Halo came out his brother started playing the games
and because he was the youngest one he was always the last one to play in terms
of games halo was the first game he really got addicted to he started
learning different trick shots jump shots and he became very good at it halo
came out it was pretty much over when halo came out that game was
addicting I was like you just wanted to rank up you wanted to rank up you wanted
to keep playing you want to keep playing he was also a big fan of Final Fantasy
11 which he started playing when he was 12 all the way up to college now let’s
talk about ninjas professional gaming career well ninja was in college he was
juggling between many things at that time he was participating in different
gaming tournaments he was also streaming Halo and he was doing a part-time at
noodles & company slowly ninja started making money from his streams and
tournaments he was making around $100 per day from his stream when the money
increased he finally decided to leave his job and do gaming as a full-time job
he would literally eat breakfast and start streaming for eight to ten hours
and the hard work paid him well he began his professional gaming career when he
attended the MLG Orlando of 2009 he went on to play in multiple tournaments as a
member of different groups his career began to thrive when he began playing
Halo Reach competitively 100% I think the Tyler is the best halo player in the
entire world he if he ever loses it’s because of him and not the person that
he’s playing I mean they’re the best players you can ask for they they think
I’m the best player in the game now and not like delusional when halo 4
reached the professional scene ninja saw his first win at the end of 2012
ninja took first place at the halo 4 exhibition as a member of warriors he
continued to compete in Halo four tournaments through 2013 ninjas most
recent tournament was in 2016 where his team placed fourth in a halo 5
tournament on August 13 2017 he announced that he would not compete in
the fall season of the halo championship series pro league citing his recent
marriage and exploring his career in streaming ninja was on top of his game
but in 2014 everything went downhill for him for a while he was having eyesore
ness and headache it was very painful and finally when they consulted with a
doctor they found out he had retinal detachment he could have gone blind we
go through all the procedures and I could not read anything .Not a single line.Not a
a single number and I was just like..O ya. I guess need glasses now Then immediately just like ya we need an eye specialist finally he decided for an eye
surgery the surgery was successful but the recovery process was too long it
took in months to recover during the recovery process he can’t play games he
can’t stream it affected his fan followings he lost tons of followers
time came when he had doubts if he would ever be able to play games again the way
he used to play for months he was bedridden he had to look straight down
and he lost a huge opportunity when his eye went out he was getting 4500
viewers a stream on Twitch and when he came back from his surgery he was at
like 400 finally ninja returned to twitch but the concurrent views were too
low earlier he was getting 4,000 to 5,000 viewers but it came down to 400
the views were similar to the time he started his streaming career but it
didn’t stop him he did it all over again and this time he came back big after his
return ninja started playing battlegrounds and h1z1 but in late 2017
ninja switched from h1z1 and battlegrounds to the popular battle
royale game fortnite he jumped in the game early and became one of the best
fortnite players ninja uses a variety of tactics to fight through matches on
fortnite every match brings something new as he
uses a launch pad to sneak up on opponents forces his final opponent into
a trap at the end of the game or more recently dominating opponents with the
impulse grenade ninja has said that a fortnite were to move into competitive
eSports he may not compete because he’d like to focus on streaming instead of
competing he keeps up a two a day streaming schedule. streaming once in
the morning and once in the evening he takes the three hours in the middle to
spend time with his wife Jess and thugs ninja met Jessica goch at a focus fire
tournament in La Crosse Wisconsin Jess’s from Wisconsin and said she thought
ninja was very cute when she met him they did not start seeing each other
immediately after the tournament instead a few years later they reconnected the
couple dated for a few years and publicly announced their engagement by a
Twitter in November 2016 and they were married in August 2017 but there’s no mountain we kick like
crossing over you now let’s talk about ninja and Drake
playing fortnight it all started when Drake followed Ninja on Instagram and
about a week after on the night of March 14th
the two teamed up in fortnite on March 15 2018 ninja hosted a stream that
included Drake Travis Scott kim.com and juju all playing fortnite I thought
you’d come to on Instagram then I kind of went on YouTube and I like started really like
just seeing that because I think you used to play you didn’t always play this
right you played like players battleground unknown yah yah yah yah pub g
ji ya ji ya the stream broke over six hundred thirty five thousand concurrent
viewers making it the highest watched stream on Twitch outside of eSports
tournaments they literally broke the Internet the Twitter trending for us was
Drake and ninja from the stream ninja gained so many twitch prime subs the
whole thing was so big because people were so much excited to see the a-lister
rappers playing online games like normal people keeping everything aside guys I
think ninjas just amazing he’s very hardworking and talented
throughout the years he’s had many ups and downs but he never stopped working
and he always tried hard to achieve success his success reflects on his
social media accounts currently is 5.7 million subscribers on YouTube and
around 4 million followers and 200,000 subscribers on Twitch that’s just some
crazy amount of fan following in a recent interview he revealed that he
makes around five hundred thousand dollars per month but looking at his
stats I know he makes a lot more than that recently everyone is talking about
his money and numbers but no one realized that it’s not an overnight
thing throughout the past he’s worked relentlessly gaming for straight 8 to 10
hours I’m confident enough that he’s going to break more records in the
recent future keep it on keep competing keep streaming keep wanting to be the
best and and that’s I think that’s that’s what that’s why I love the family
I have and friends that I have so they’re guys there was the draw my life
video of ninja if you like this video give it a big thumbs up and if you want
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peace out

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