Dance Moms: Dance Digest – Oceans Two (Season 7) | Lifetime

Dance Moms: Dance Digest – Oceans Two (Season 7) | Lifetime

[dramatic music] This week, we will attend
Fierce national dance competition. Lilliana and Elliana will
perform a duet, “Oceans 2.” All right, let’s go. Listen up, you two. “Oceans 2,” you’re doing
very beautiful, unique creatures in the way they move. So you’re in the
water, and I want you to look like a dolphin. Yes? All right. Let’s go. 5, 6, 7, and walk over. I have a duet with
Elliana and Lilliana. And I knew from the very first
time I laid eyes on these kids that Elliana and Lilliana
would make great duet partners. But these moms are at
each other’s throats. They’re jealous. Anybody see the video that
Lily did, the Sia video? Yes. That was exciting. She had a lot of fun. Like, I’m super proud. Over the break, Lilly got the
lead role in this Sia video, just like Maddie. It was one of the biggest things
that’s happened for Lilly. And we’ve been on cloud
nine for weeks and weeks. I was proud of her. It was her first time
doing something like that. So Yolanda, you seem like
you’re not happy for Lilly. Who’s to say that I’m not? I’m happy for Lilly. But Ellie will be
on her own pathway, and I’m proud of the
gains that she’s making. Uh. Honestly, it is totally fine. This is what I need
to teach my child, is sometimes doors
open for others. That doesn’t mean that
you go ahead and just close doors for yourself. I’m happy for Lilly. It just doesn’t seem that way. It is what it is. Yolanda, you’re sitting here
so defensive because you’re jealous of Lilly. That’s fine.
And you know what? She got it. We move on. It doesn’t matter. It’s not even Ellie and
Lilly that are rivals. It’s really Stacey and
Yolanda are the rivals. And they try to
hide their crazy. I can spot a crazy dance mom. And they’re both crazy. Two little ones, let’s go. Lilly, your hand
doesn’t hold your leg. Straighten your knees! Lilly! Stop. Why are you still
doing that wrong? Well, last night, they
were supposed to practice. We were there. We didn’t have a plan
that was established. Yes, we did. It was in a text. I said– no we did not. We did not say that
we were definitely going to have a practice. We did not say that. We’ve always practiced. Wait, so did you run
Elliana by herself then? Yeah, when we came home,
but not with her partner. Interesting. So did you do this all
on purpose so that the kids don’t have solos
and have to go up against each other next week? Oh, ladies. All right, let’s go. Let’s do it. ANNOUNCER: Ladies and gentlemen,
a petite advanced competition with an acro performance,
please help me welcome entry number
33, “Oceans 2.” [cheering] [gentle music] Well, that’s what happens. [applause] Stacey will not
shut her mouth. She is yap, yap, yapping away,
and we are right within earshot of the judges. If she was smart, she
would keep her mouth shut. So don’t cry, OK? You did great. There’s– you don’t need to cry. I thought they were great. You’re being very pessimistic. She’s like, and this was
wrong, and this was wrong, and this was wrong. And I was like, wow. Their timing was off. Then maybe Lilly
should’ve been still practicing on her own. They were supposed to practice
together, and she never came. I got back. I texted her right away. She said Lilly is
going to bed now. Yolanda, just
because you are talking doesn’t mean that
it’s the truth. And no one believes you,
and you look like a fool. You’re calling me a liar. I’m calling you a bitch. ABBY: OK, you know what? Get your purses. You’re leaving. All right? Let’s go. And our first place
duo/trio of the day goes to entry number
33, “Oceans 2.” [applause, cheering] Wow. Lilly, Elliana, won the
overall high score duet. There’s lots of writing
on the judges’ papers. I’m guessing their eyes were
down when mistakes happened. I think if the judges heard
your mothers’ conversation, you wouldn’t have won that. You both have solos next week. So if the tension was hot this
week between the two mothers, next week, it’s
going to be boiling.

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33 Replies to “Dance Moms: Dance Digest – Oceans Two (Season 7) | Lifetime”

  1. I think that it’s SOOOO annoying that these moms don’t have anything to say or comment on until it’s competition day at the dance comp. Why exactly did you ignore it days ago, and now that you are seeing your daughter loose it’s suddenly an issue. Where were these complaints and comments when they were dancing in the studio…?…….

  2. So it’s Yolanda’s fault that Stacey didn’t have Lily didn’t practice her dance at home? Just because they didn’t practice together doesn’t mean she doesn’t practice at all. Run the dance at home like most dancers do. I don’t like Yolanda but it wasn’t her fault Lily messed up.

  3. Honestly yes they should’ve practiced together, however if stacey really believed that Lily needed practice then she could’ve had Lily practice too.

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