CSUN Arts: Interior Design

CSUN Arts: Interior Design

[Music] Being able to collaborate with everybody, be open-minded, especially, and go outside
of your comfort zone. So you have to be able to want to go for it
and that’s what CSUN has done for me, like pushed me to go for it. So my name is Rosario Felix, I’m an Interior
Design major here at CalState Northridge and I am president of the IIDA Association My favorite, favorite part of the program
is building the relationships. I have really close relationships with my
professors; they have guided me and having that relationship with your professors is
very important. Because you need to have guidance in this
career and Professor King and Professor Ghamari—that’s what they’ve done for me. The Interior Design Program at CSUN is a four-year
Bachelor Degree program. So we do our best to offer courses that help
the students to learn knowledge, skills, and experience to find their interests, their
direction. Students work on the projects such as hospitality,
healthcare, residential, commercial projects. And these are the projects that they get to
work in the future. Every studio is different; so for our first
studio we do hand-drafting, so everything is manual. For our lighting classes, they give us kind
of like a brief what the client wants. Also building codes, which is you know a little
bit more technical in the commercial spaces that you’re designing. The nature of our program is to focus on human-centered design—How we can design our environment to improve the health and well-being. And in this unique program, we teach that
to our students to understand the impact that interior design can make. In addition to that, we have a very exciting
moment in the program, because we good connection with the community, we are growing in numbers. We have students from a diverse population
and they have diverse range of skills and knowledge in the field. So that makes me proud of the program. (sigh) It has been a very interesting journey
with the department. There has been some times that you’re like am I able to do this? But because of this department, coming here, you know having those
relationships like okay, you can do it. you know? Which honestly has been the best thing that
has ever happened to me! (laugh) That’s why I said like the department has
pushed me to just like go out of my comfort zone, because I love this; I don’t want to
do anything else but this. (music fades)

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