Crazy Craft War Animation – Seapeekay Animated – By Woofy

SP:Hey guys, here’s an animation. That Woofy has made for us SP: It’s of some of the funny little parts from the crazy craft war if you remember all the way back there SP: So big thanks to Woofy it check out her channel in the description SP: And I hope you guys enjoy this L: So as long as we have this pig Oli can’t shoot his death machine at your house SP: Nope, so I think we’re safe as long as we have this- L: I think we have to protect this pig, man S: I feel like it maybe shouldn’t be in her base. He’d expect that_ (SP:Oh..) L: Yeah, this way he would come looking for it SP: Yeah all I thought about was stealing the pig SP: I didn’t really think about where to put it_ L: Maybe we could disguise him! SP: OMG! Scott give him the skirt! (J: Yeah that would be amazing!) S: I gave it away to Joey, give him the skirt! J: Oh! Okay, how do I put it on? S: Imagination!! L: Put it on with your imagination!! :3 L: Push him in the portal. No, I think he went in the portal. I think I think we got him! SP: Can we go check L: Umm, yeah, we got him and he died here in my kitchen S: Now we have food for days! :3 O: So that was war. Uh, did any of you see what happened to my pig? L: Yeah, we captured him actually and um, he died o-o O: Wow, you take no prisoners on Team Seepeakay… L: Well we stopped your death machine, didn’t we? If there’s any consolation he tasted great :3 L: EWW! O: Oinkers NO!!!!! L: Scott you ate him?! S: I was hungry, okay? We just had a war an_ O: HE WAS ONLY HUMAN!!!! o-o SP: war,war,war,WAR SP: Oh my god! (x2) Ah, Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimm–J:OHMYGOSH
S: There’s so much going on! o-o THERE’S SO MUCH GOING ON

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