COLORING FAMOUS cartoon characters with CRAYOLA SUPERTIP markers CC

COLORING FAMOUS cartoon characters with CRAYOLA SUPERTIP markers CC

Hey guys, it’s Celeste welcome to my channel and in today’s video I Was just looking at some old artwork and I found this picture from 2017 that I was drawing so I decided to add more to it and Um, see how it would turn out okay, so since The last time you saw it I’ve actually added a lot It’s really random because I had no idea what I was drawing until I drew it So now it can be seen so much better because its so much darker. Oh, I added a blimp Because you know, why not? Okay, so I’m finished and I used Crayola super tip markers and they are water-based markers so they don’t really blend that well and they left a lot of streaks throughout But I guess it is what it is But anyway, I’ll just tell you who everybody is just in case you don’t know. This is plankton from SpongeBob This is Clifford the Big Red Dog as a puppy, lilo, stitch, Chuckie from Rugrats, eve from wall-e and the plant This was supposed to be a powerpuff girl but I could not get her eyes right so I just kind of like did what I wanted to to create her and I probably shouldn’t have done that because She looks extra creepy and weird. Especially standing behind that tree. She looks really weird Arnold From Hey Arnold, Captain America’s shield. I don’t know why he has that but I mean, I guess he’s trying to join the team Shovel and Pail from Blue’s Clues, plank from Ed, Edd, and Eddie, Arthur from hey Arthur, Cat dog from cat dog, Snoopy, from Charlie Brown, Bloo from Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, Phineas from Phineas and Ferb People in a boat, a shark, bridge, mountains, a rainbow with only three colors, a cave, water a hint And yeah, that’s about it. So if you like this video like, comment and subscribe. Byyeee

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