Ciara and tWitch Play ‘Can tWitch & Ciara Dance… with What’s Behind Them?’

Ciara and tWitch Play ‘Can tWitch & Ciara Dance… with What’s Behind Them?’

All right. We are back with the lovely
and multi-talented Ciara And we’re going to play a game
called, “Can Twitch and Ciara– not me– Dance dot-dot-dot
With What’s Behind Them?” [MUSIC PLAYING] Can Twitch and Ciara
Dance dot-dot-dot With What’s Behind Them? [APPLAUSE] [LAUGHTER] And here’s how it works. A dance is going to pop up
on the screen behind you. And you guys have
to try and copy it until I hit that red
button over there. And then a new dance
is going to play. And then I keep doing that
until I say it’s over. Is that fun? Great. That sounds great. Can you hit the button,
like, quick, though? So you can make
sure we look good? Like, we don’t have to
run all of the crazy– No. Don’t set us up. Don’t set us up. I mean, I can. You know what I’m saying? Don’t set us up. You’re gonna get
the cheap version, with the heels and
the skirt today. All right. cool. Let’s go? Let’s go. We got this. We got this. Uh! Uh! Bring it. 5, 4, 3– 2, 1. Oh! [MUSIC PLAYING] Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh, my gosh! You know it! Oh! Oh! Oh, oh! Ah, ah, ah! So now this– Hit the button, Jesse! Hit the button! Yeah! Yes! Hit it! Oh my gosh! [BELL DINGS] Hit the button! OK. [TECHNO MUSIC PLAYS] [BELL DINGS] [HULA MUSIC PLAYS] Oh! [CHEERING] Oh! [BELL DINGS] [LATIN MUSIC PLAYS] Oh! Woo! Woo! Oh, it’s Carnival! For Dio! Woo! Oh! Woo! Come on, quick! All right! Jesse, hit the button! [BELL DINGS] [MUSIC – BRITNEY SPEARS, “OOPS,
I DID IT AGAIN”] Oh! No, watch! OK. Feeling OK. I’m so sorry, Britney. [BELL DINGS] [WORKOUT MUSIC PLAYING] OK. Oh. Eighties ditty. Come on. I’m in a [INAUDIBLE]. Woah! OK. So one more time. OK. Hold on. OK. We good. Yeah. Do it. Bravo. Let’s do it one more time. Hit the button, Jesse! Hit the button! [BELL DINGS] [IRISH MUSIC PLAYING] [CHEERING] Yes! Very good. [BELL DINGS] [MUSIC PLAYING] Oh. Wait. [CHEERING] [LAUGHTER] [BELL DINGS] [TWIST MUSIC PLAYING] Oh, is that you? That’s me. You know this one! Oh! You know this one! Hit it! You guys are doing it wrong. You know this one. We’re doing it wrong? You know that one. Oh! Hit the button! [BELL DINGS] [TECHNO MUSIC PLAYING] Oh! Oh! Now you look. [BELL DINGS REPEATEDLY] [CHEERING] Woo! Yeah! And that is all
the time we have. That was great. Oh, my gosh. That was amazing. That was amazing. I’m sweating. America’s Most Musical Family
premieres November 1st at 7:00 on Nickelodeon. We will be right back.

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100 Replies to “Ciara and tWitch Play ‘Can tWitch & Ciara Dance… with What’s Behind Them?’”

  1. For some reason I think she would make a great tiana if they ever dona Disney live action for princess and the frog … just saying

  2. Those legs 😍.. those heels 😍…. those moves… wow!! I would have sprained my ankles! And shes soooooo gorgeous!!!😍😍😍

  3. Omg can anyone else be that fine as her.Laaaawdyyyyy woman u queening🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽👑👑👑👑👑

  4. First off I'd like to say Future, you're a idiot, how could you let someone that beautiful get away, she's beautiful and seems to have a personality that's just as beautiful, I hope that after you're done running through Instagram models and they've pretty much taken the lions share of your money, that the next real woman you get with, you'll appreciate her more, meanwhile Russell Wilson is having the time of his life, he's got your woman and your son and has proven to be a way better dad than you could ever be not to mention he's got a huge contract lol, God bless them and may they continue to have much success.

  5. Ok, those who know, Key and Peele would've slayyed that aerobic moves. Where y'all at Key n Peele fans??? 👏👏

  6. Janet Jackson rhythm nation plays they dance for 30sec
    Twitch:"Hit the button!,Hit the button
    Ciara: "Yeah hit the button."

  7. whatching this show gives me alot of hope that one day am gonna be there as a guest… she doesnt give af who you are provided you gat content

  8. Since C has to dance in skyhighs on a slippery surface (she outshines T). Don't get me wrong Twitch, you can burn it as well. KUDOS to you both!!..✌🐴

  9. This was fun, but it would have been better if they should have shown them the video first and then see if they can catch it.

  10. Good please please do you love ❤️ your day is your day job and really love 💕 day one ☝️ was the Christmas opportunity Ellen is one time of day and day for your

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