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[King of masked singer] 복면가왕 – ‘unicorn’ special performance – Tommorrow 20180513

[King of masked singer] 복면가왕 – ‘unicorn’ special performance – Tommorrow 20180513

The sun'll come out tomorrow bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow There'll be sun just thinking about tomorrow Clears away


  1. You have a cat you just got a sub because I love cats and i love ur art I hope I can become like u one day

  2. your really good at art and u inspire me to draw and get copics! I love ur art and even though your making this piece of art out of cheap art supplies it still turned out perfect!!!!^^

  3. I'm a young artist. I'm 10 and I am actully outstanding at art. I want to be an artist when I grow up. The artistic ability runs through my family from my dad and my older brother whos 18 and my older sister whos 16 are even better than me and also outstanding at art. My older brother is a licensed professional and makes designs to go on tee-shirts.

  4. I genuinely prefer Crayola over more expensive art supplies! They go down so nicely and I love how smooth they look. But I digress, this video was incredible! You did such an amazing job uvu

  5. I sall a kid that had copic markers in middle school and
    I got so triggered cause he can’t draw anything and I just felt like flipping a table cause these people can’t draw and have NO interest in art AT ALL cause then he said “I hate art I wanna be in auto mechanics”

  6. I just realized what those markers were me and my math teacher who is a also a art teacher were talking about how horrible those markers are…

  7. How do you draw so good and colour so good!!!!!!!

    When i draw it looks like i drew with my feet and colour with my feet!!!!!

    Edit: What the heck! How girl! So good, keep up the good work!!

  8. As I watched this video I loved the drawing, markers, glitters and pencil. Can you do more of these and I also subscribed, your the best. When I was small I watched all of your videos. I also have a question, can you do the floss?

  9. Omg!!! Your a lefty too?!?! Yes!! I'm not a lonely lefty!! Like this if you are a lefty!! (You write with your left hand) I didn't realize that you wrote/drew with your left hand because I'm new! Well, I'm not new but I don't watch your videos alot but now I'm starting to watch them alot now!!

  10. This was soo neat! I need more practice for sure and I always thought that I couldn't practice until I got the good stuff but now I see I'm just holding myself back.

  11. You are my every day art inspiration so i always watch your video and learn from you with different art design i love your channel and praboblly one of the best artist youtuber i know. I love you so much baylee. With out u i cant imagine art life anymore so plss continue your youtube and art career. LOVE YOU SO MUCH😍😍😍

  12. kinda a few years late, but whatever. so now i know that it’s not cheap art supplies that make my “art” suck, it’s just my terrible drawing skills😔

  13. She’s really beautiful..I really like the way you show that you can use cheaper items to creat your work..a lot of people are put off by how dear Art products are..I started painting by using good old poster paints lol ..was pure luxury when I got my first set of watercolours lol.. I am teaching my daughter at the moment and she is using some of my slightly cheaper things at home but mine when we have girly weekends lol..So never jthink you cannot improve ..because it’s using the things you can afford at the beginning that teaches you isn’t it Baylee great work love hats off to you a lot would not do that 😀

  14. This is actually one of my favorites!! Which is obviously a shock since all the art supplies were from the dollar store. I would actually buy that piece and hang it on my wall it's just so pretty. Ohh and when you added the glitter I fell in love with her even more. Like goodness I want that hanging on my wall. I could stare at it for ages.

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