Cat on window – SPRAY PAINT ART by Skech

Cat on window – SPRAY PAINT ART by Skech

Welcome to Skech’s SPRAY PAINTING , Crafting and DIY Art. What’s up YouTubers thanks for your great support and for today i have something special for u especially for all of u who love cat’s. So if u are first time here on this channel dont forget to click subscirbe button after u watch this video. Or before u watch this video. Stay tuned ! Lets go. Lets roll guys! Here’s gonna be place for signature. Hey guys thanks for watching this video I hope u like it and if u didn’t subscribe yet consider SUBSCRIBING. I really love u all 🙂

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100 Replies to “Cat on window – SPRAY PAINT ART by Skech”

  1. Don't worry, those 342 people who hit the dislike button did it by accident! But don't worry, just a simple mistake. I'm sure they won't do it again! 🙂

  2. thank you so much for doing a cat one!! you always amaze me when i c ur videos!! you are truly talented and just amazing!!!!

  3. When you were working on the clouds, why did you waste the white by just spraying it on nothing? I don't know anything about spray paint art, just a question

  4. Skech how to paint art in my wall…please tutorial in wall large art…i want to learn from you..hope you can teach me

  5. I love your art!!!
    I want one of your pices of art!!!
    ( I have a lot of mistakes because I’m from Spain) ☺️

  6. this is amazing and really amazing to watch!! But why do you use the fire (flamethrower?) over the work? Really curious about that

  7. Catching up on one of two fav spray paint artists, this rocks! I love all the blues def gonna try a nighttime scene with shades of blue instead of all black

  8. Hi i really enjoyed your vidieo and i really love your art.>~<. If you don't mind can i use your picture for my Sns profile image?? It stole my heart

  9. This was amazing you definitely stunned me😊😊also did the can of sprey paint get stuck or something bc it didn't stop at first🤔🤔

  10. at first,and so onkaiteruttekanzibut,

  11. If the cat is watching the stars, the earth and the moon, where does the cat stand on Mars like ?

    But this wonderful creativity wonderful wonderful

  12. Wow, this art is truly beautiful, I’m definitely going to share this with my friends and tell them all about you and your amazing art channel, love your art and your videos

  13. good nigth. Sou do Brasil e admiro muito o seu trabalho e queria saber qual a melhor maneira de fazer moldes e esta tinta que brilha tem que ser fluorescentes, fosforescentes ou a luminosa da colorgin também tem o mesmo efeito? como faço para te mostrar os meus trabalhos inspirados no seu? me ajuda aí meu amigo sou seu fã. obrigado e espero uma posição ok

  14. Will the technique with pressing a newspaper on the paint for texture also work on other surfaces if i choose to not paint on canvas ?

  15. Hello, I'm French and I love your videos! Your works are just beautiful!
    But I have a question for you, why are you flaming your canvases? does that make the drawing brighter, or maybe it dries the surface paint, I do not know.
    I hope you understand my question.
    Good continuation !

  16. I do some spray paint art and I was wondering when you do the fire thing, what spray do you use? (Like is it spray paint or is it something else?)

  17. This is just amazing! Man, if I had the money to buy some spray paint and my mom would let me (and if I had any skill), I would totally try to do this for my crush! But for now, I think I might draw it? Thanks man. Great art. Es ist shoen! (Literally all I know because a few months back I said "Bei mir bist du schoen" to the one that I admire)

  18. I am a cat lovers and Ireally satisfied with all your videos. You're amazing 😍😊😊😸😸💜👍👍

  19. Just watched you do the lord of the rings and it was amazing I'd like to see a glow in the dark grim reaper that would be great keep up the great work skech

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