Candace Cameron Bure Brings The Salvation Army Choir To Perform ‘Joy To The World’ For Kelly

Candace Cameron Bure Brings The Salvation Army Choir To Perform ‘Joy To The World’ For Kelly

(Audience cheering) – You brought gifts!
– I know. – Hi, everybody. – I brought, I brought gifts. – You brought gifts, that’s so kind. – Here’s one for you.
– One for me, okay. – And one for you JoJo, it
has an extra, extra big bow. – Jason one for you. – [Kelly] Can I open it? – Yes. – Ohhh, Girl, coffee and
tea are my favorite things. – [Candice] I got you, so these are… – [Kelly] And I need to
be calm, so this is good. – [Candice] and then look, when you sip it it reminds you to be still. – Oh my god, that’s one of my songs! I wrote a song called Be
Still like a long time ago on my record and literally
that’s my favorite thing to tell myself cause I don’t. (laughs) – [Candice] Good (audience clapping) – [Kelly] That’s so sweet. – Time to open up yours. – My turn?
– Yes – So, I heard that you
like a lotta sweet things. – Oh yeah. – So these are all cookie cutters, – So cute. – And little recipe cards
so you can have someone make them for you on tour. – Yes, or I can make them tonight! – Or yes you can decorate them tonight. And Jason- – I’m glad I didn’t get that
one ’cause I can’t cook at all. – You have a restaurant in
Nashville, is that not right? – I opened the restaurant
but I don’t know how to cook. Trust me. It wouldn’t be open very long. – Well you could everyone
in the back, get them in the Christmas Spirit cause they
can cook with you know. – Well, I could do this, I can let somebody else cook, and the
I can get it outta the oven. – Do you grill? Do you grill? – I do grill. – [Kelly] My husband grills. He doesn’t cook in the kitchen rarely. But he loves grilling. He’s really good. So you’re like the Queen of Christmas. (audience cheers) – Well yes, they’ve called me the Hallmark Queen of Christmas. So, I must bring the Christmas
cheer everywhere I go. – My sister and mother
are so jealous right now, I can’t even tell you.
– Ohhh They love you, we’ve all loved you. I feel like we never seen
TV without you on it. (giggles) Like since I was a child. – I’ve been on for a long time. – It’s awesome!
– Well, thank you! – [Kelly] Well we’re not that
old, I’m around your age. – One thing I forgot though, so all of these items are
from my home and decor line. Through DaySpring and I have given all of these to the audience. – (audience cheers) – That’s so nice. – So you have a home and
decor line, that’s amazing. Do you love decorating,
like interior design and all that good stuff? I do. – [Candice] Yes, I love it. – So you’ve just filmed, the
final episode for Fuller House. Is that right? Was it tough? – Yes it was, I cried for like, you know, a couple of weeks. – [Kelly] I cry all the
time, and it’s fine Jason. – [Jason] Hey no, judgment here. – [JoJo] You can show your emotions. – Oh yeah you can see me, I was Instagramming part of the final day. And it was very emotional, because I’ve been
working with these people for 30 years, and you feel like, if you were on a hit show, lightening struck once, to have it strike twice,
is almost unimaginable. But then to have lightening strike twice, with your best friends, is like… – [Kelly] The luckiest life ever. – Yes. And that’s how I
feel with Fuller House. (audience applauds) – That’s so cool. Not everybody has that
experience on shows. And I’ve talked to a lot of actors now, having the show, and not
everybody has that experience, and it’s a blessing. – Yeah, I know, a huge blessing. Yeah. – So, y’all had fun at
the wrap party though. What’s happening, what’s happening there? Well one I saw a photo and I saw some footage we’re gonna get to. – Well we had a great wrap party. And then they pulled us
up on stage for karaoke, and we were singing some
New Kids On The Block, because who doesn’t?
I’m a 90’s girl, okay. And then they surprised us, and we sang the Fuller House theme song, cause everyone knows it,
and that was really fun. – I would have totally sang along. I know the whole thing. (laughter) – I kind of don’t even know all the words. – I kinda do. (laughter) You had an unexpected
audience, I hear, with karaoke. – Okay, so the embarrassing part, is that karaoke Candice doesn’t
come out very often. – Why?
– It’s like once in a while. Because… – Karaoke is so fun. – I know, but I don’t do
that publicly very often, OK. (audience laughs and cheers) – [Kelly] Look at you go. – OK. (audience applauds) That was me rapping Sir
Mix-A-Lot’s “Baby Got Back”. (audience applauds) – Yes. So wait was the unexpected audience? – So the unexpected part
was, I got a message the next morning from Jodie Sweeten, she texted me a video
message and she was like, Hey Candice, I’m outside,
and I bet you didn’t know, but your video right now,
is being broadcast to all of Hollywood and Highland. (audience laughs) Now, for those of you that don’t know… – [Kelly] What is that bowling alley? – [Candice] Lucky strike. – [Kelly] Yeah lucky strike, that’s what we were gonna say yeah. – And Hollywood and Highland
is like times square. So my karaoke version of Baby Got Back, was for everyone to see. – You were full on
twerking, on the camera. (laughing hysterically) – No, not twerking Kelly,
this mamma doesn’t twerk. – It was some version of twerk. – It was just a little booty shake. That was just a little booty shake. – It was nice. So do you like Karaoke? – I love Karaoke. – Because people always think
that singers are like over it, but I love karaoke. – I love karaoke, but its
weird if you’re a singer and you go in and you sing your own song, you know what I mean? – Yes. – People always ask you to
do that, and you’re like no. – Then you just, look like an idiot. – But do people ever go,
hey that guys pretty good, he sounds just like him. (audience laughs) But like they don’t get it. – That happened to me once. I was karaoking with Reba,
and she got up on stage, and we sang together. Obviously they recognized her. But they kept going, she
looks like Kelly Clarkson. And then Reba got on stage,
and it was really awesome. We had had some drinks. Candice I love that you give
back during the holidays. This is an amazing thing.
So tell us how you do that. – Well I’ve been working,
this is my second year working with the Salvation Army. And so many of us, we
see those red kettles out in front of the stores
and we here the bells ringing, but a lot of people don’t
realize where the money goes. So, anytime you donate to the red kettle, it stays right in your community. And The Salvation Army
provides not only basic needs, like shelter, and a warm
meal, and Christmas presents for kids on Christmas morning, but they have things all over the country. They serve over 23 million people a year, through rehabilitation programs,
and job training centers, daycare, they really help
people get back on their feet, and just push through the
circumstances that their in, to be able to just get up and
get out, and live their lives. – [Kelly] They’re helping. – So, just want to remind everyone, it’s the giving season,
to remember to donate. There’s no amount that’s
too small to donate to the red kettle. Or go to the website, you
can even set up a reoccurring monthly gift if you want. – My mother does that, she’s so good. She saves all the animals, all the family. She’s always saving people. I’m like you’re such a good human. – It’s such a great thing to do. Also to donate in someones name, for that person who has everything, make a donation as a gift. – All right Candice so you
brought a few friends today, tell me about them. – I did I brought The
Salvation Army choir. – [Kelly] Yes. – [Candice] And they are here
to sing, Joy to the World. – Well take it away. (audience applauds) ♪ Joy to the world ♪ ♪ The Lord is come ♪ ♪ Let earth receive her King ♪ ♪ Let every heart ♪ ♪ Prepare Him room ♪ ♪ And heaven and nature sing ♪ ♪ And heaven and nature sing ♪ ♪ And heaven, heaven and heaven ♪ ♪ and nature sing ♪ ♪ Repeat the sounding joy to the world ♪ ♪ The Savior reigns ♪ ♪ Let men their songs employ ♪ ♪ While fields and floods, ♪ ♪ rocks, hills and plains ♪ ♪ Repeat the sounding joy ♪ ♪ Repeat the sounding joy ♪ ♪ Repeat, repeat, repeat
the sounding joy ♪ ♪ He rules the world ♪ ♪ With truth and grace ♪ ♪ And makes the nations, ♪ ♪ makes the nations prove ♪ ♪ The glories of ♪ ♪ His righteousness ♪ ♪ And wonders of his love ♪ ♪ And wonders of his love ♪ ♪ And wonders, and wonders of his love ♪ ♪ He brings joy ♪ ♪ Our Savior brings joy ♪ ♪ To the world. ♪ [Audience Applause And Cheers] – [Kelly] Thank y’all so
much and Happy Holidays.

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25 Replies to “Candace Cameron Bure Brings The Salvation Army Choir To Perform ‘Joy To The World’ For Kelly”

  1. Candace said on dancing with the stars,she was cautious of wearing revealing clothes,because of her religion. But yet she is twerking doing karaoke.

  2. Salvation Army took me and my siblings Christmas shopping one year when we were kids. This is a great organization. Please do donate! It made a world of difference for me and I will forever remember that Christmas.

  3. I love you Kelly but the undisputed queen of Christmas is the incomparable Mariah Carey, helloooo! Well, Cadance can be the hallmark queen of Christmas.

  4. I love Kelly's show, but am troubled by the Salvation Army and their very unchristian-like attitude towards the LGBTQ community. If it were my show, I would not have allowed them a presence on my show. Just my opinion. I don't give to the bell ringers.

  5. A long time ago my mom was a single mom to 3 of my older siblings. They had a house fire and lost everything. She went to quite a few organizations and most of them wouldn't help her. She went to the Salvation Army and they were the only ones that helped her. They paid a deposit on a house for her to rent and helped her get all the basics to run a house and provide for her children. The Salvation Army is one organization I am happy to donate too.

  6. Of course that raging bigot brings a choir from a discriminatory bigoted organization. Disappointed in Kelly for allowing any of this.

  7. that show is no longer a family show in any way, is vulgar, they Hypocrite of catholic one kissing 2 men at the same time to see who she likes and see it as normal is sick. so no thank you. do not come back with more vulgarity at a show that was a good one 25 year ago but no more. is just plain ridiculous now and vulgar.

  8. The savation army is such bs. I watched one of the kettle lady in the city hall bathroom in philly using a thin metal piece getting the money out of it.

  9. Salvation Army – racist, homophobic, hateful. Don’t @ me, my entire family on my dad’s side were Salvationists, I worked there, I know what I’m talking about.

  10. All of the Salvation Army choir have great voices, but they didnt do well on this song. I dont think they clashed well or harmonized well with each other either. It was terrible.

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