Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes Were ‘Babies’ About Their Crushes on Each Other

We’re back with Camila Cabello. So you were great on the AMAs. And you and Shawn– cute, cute, cute. Thanks. [LAUGHTER] Now, I think I played a part
in getting y’all together because y’all were here in 2016. Yes. Do you remember that? I remember that. Did you know him before that? Yeah. Well, I knew him. I met him on the
Austin Mahone tour, literally five or six years ago. Right. But here, are you in love there? Do you have a crush there? What’s happening? I for sure– I for sure had a crush there. We were stupid. I think we both had a
crush, but we were– I don’t know, being
babies about it. But we’re grown now. Yeah. [LAUGHTER] So– Yeah. I definitely, definitely,
definitely had a crush. OK. And I understand–
yeah, there’s the AMA. That performance
happened right there. [LAUGHTER] And everybody was just
waiting for the kiss, and then you just hit
him with your nose. I know. [LAUGHTER] Yeah. You just went like that. I always think– I thought about– we kissed– because we always practice it. And then I kiss him
because I kiss him. Right. But then it’s like,
on stage it just feels weird because I know
that people are expecting it. So then I’m like, I
don’t wanna like– you know what I mean? Yeah, I do. So then, that’s why I
hit him with my nose. Right. And he was expecting it, too. And then you went, nope. I’m just going to hit
you with the nose. Yup. Watch the end of this
when she just hits the– I actually haven’t
seen this yet. There we are. Yep. And then, nope. Just going to hit
you with my nose. Nope. [LAUGHS] [LAUGHTER] I’m like, no, sorry. Just the nose hit. And now, Romance
is your new album. Yes. And what’s that about? Romance? It’s about being in love. [GIGGLES] Yeah. Basically, I was basically,
completely single for 20 years. And it was like the intensity
and adrenaline of my life was in the studio writing
about an emotion that I wanted. Whereas this time, it’s just
been a lot that’s happened. And I’ve fallen in love and
out of love and in love. And that’s basically
what this album is about. It’s just kind of falling in
love and what that feels like. All right. And then, you’re going on tour. Yeah. And so, this is not fair. But you’re giving one
audience member tickets to a concert and tour. But isn’t that– I
mean, it’s Christmas. Shouldn’t we give everybody
tickets or something? Oh, yeah. [CHEERING AND APPLAUSE] Yay! [CHEERING AND APPLAUSE] Shout out to Mastercard
for making it happen. We’re giving away
a pair of tickets to every show on Camila’s tour. Go to our website to win. I want to thank Camila Cabello,
Oscar Isaac, and Sean Hayes. Have a wonderful weekend. Be kind to one another. Bye.

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