Breakdancing and Fine Art with Rostarr

Breakdancing and Fine Art with Rostarr

I feel that it’s really
important to have confidence in each stroke. I don’t see anything as making
a mistake, really. I guess it’s in my personality
to just create in this way, not feel too concerned about
whether it’s perfect or not. I feel that if you can see a
brush stroke or you can see a drip, I think that
that’s human. My name is Romon Kimin
Yang, AKA Rostarr. I’m an artist from
New York City. Just here in Mexico
City DF having my solo show, Turbo Arena. Ever since I was very young,
I was always interested in drawing and making art. My brother and I used
to draw a lot. We were really into comic
books and animation and cartoons and stuff. And that was like when I was
three or four years old. As I got older, I really
loved drawing a lot. I didn’t really think about it
as becoming an artist or anything like that. I wanted to just have
fun with things. Back in, I guess in the ’80s,
I got into breakdacing. I wasn’t really a
graffiti artist. I guess my brother was
a graffiti artist. So I didn’t feel like I wanted
to do that kind of thing. Being expressive was very
important for me. Oddly enough, breakdancing is
really my kind of entrance way into being a creative being or
a person, or having some sort of a skill. I want to create a sense of
fluidity and rhythm in whatever I’m showing. And I guess breakdancing really
had something to do with that, I think. It’s really improvising
to the music. I studied graphic design in
college in New York in ’89. I really fell in love with the
ways that you can create powerful imagery using color,
and I guess taking elements and either changing them or
recycling images, like logo biting, or taking things and
changing them into your own. Graphysics is pretty much what
I came up with as my style, the processes of graphic arts or
graphic design and physics, which is really more abstract
in this way where it’s about energy. I didn’t really like doing
graphic design for others. So I started really pursuing
my own personal work back in ’95. And I realized that just making
art was the way for me, and not doing commercial
stuff at all. And I realized I needed to
create something that was mine and that was me. I guess with graphic design,
it’s like the computer. You can be perfect and
have no mistakes. But I guess with painting,
there’s always this leeway you have to give to that. Beautiful day. And it’s going to be a beautiful
night, as well. It’s a very nice mezcal place. I’m definitely bringing
some of that back. I’ve always been inspired by
Aztec and Mayan art, the totemic kind of characters
they make and the abstraction in that. So I can spend some time here
and make some good work. Because it’s in the vein
of the things I like. When it comes to doing
installations, I have to see the wall first and kind
of feel out the space. Then I get an idea of
what I want to do. Before I came down to Mexico,
I had a general blueprint of what the space was going
to look like. As soon as I came down, I knew
what I wanted to do. But it’s really about being
faced with the situation or the challenge and seeing
how I’m going to solve that problem. The calligraphy, I began doing
it because I was really influenced by the beauty
of the lines. And every stroke seems like
poetry to me, whether I know what it says or not. Sometimes I make characters
with my calligraphy. A lot of times, it’s
really just about feeling a situation. Starting it, seeing
how it builds. I don’t really sketch or try to
emulate or copy anything. It’s really a building
process. The first few strokes are really
dictating for me, like what the rest of the piece
is going to be. I usually know when I’m done. It’s very natural. It’s very spontaneous. And at the same time, it’s
surprising for me, too. Because when I make works, then
I’m totally surprised by what I do or what the
end result is. I made this piece during
Hurricane Sandy. I wanted to show Sandy as like a
dragon snake that’s spinning around in like a pretzel
kind of way. It’s really raw energy, but
seeing it more as a beast. These kind of disasters really
bring people together, which is a nice thing. But it’s ironic. Turbo Arena is Latin term, turbo
meaning like a hurricane or like a cyclone storm,
based off of Hurricane Sandy, in a way. Watching all these events that
were unfolding on TV, it’s like destruction cinema. You’re watching things happen. You feel a little
bit helpless. But then at the same time,
empowered in a way that it gave me the fuel to create
works like this based on images that were stuck
in my head. Art is so much bigger
than you. I feel like it really kind of
healed me in a lot of ways. I guess I got to see
who I really am. It was like my mirror for me. I really got to see these inner
thoughts are coming out, these abstract feelings. They may not mean anything to
you if you see it, but to me it means so much. It’s really personal.

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100 Replies to “Breakdancing and Fine Art with Rostarr”

  1. Waaaaay too many people are saying this is boring. It's really not boring guys, it's just not your thing. I usually hate abstract or modern art as its so easy to pass off a meaningless splodge as art but this guy is really inspiring!

  2. Art is defined by peoples opinions, so they don't like it, who cares, personally i love it, but if there wasn't a debate over art, or something in it to talk about, would it be so interesting?

  3. I'm post-grad art historian and to me this is trite not art. It's only art if it yields some kind of thematic or allegorical meaning, these are simply patterns on a wall and with little skill to boot. To call this "art" is an absolute insult. Wallpaper is more apropos.

  4. Congratulations for wasting years of your life on an absolutely worthless degree, just so you can gain "credibility" on your worthless opinion.

  5. I would take that as an insult but alas you clearly have the intellectual capacity of a boiled potato, so your opinion is less than worthless.

  6. Cry about it. BTW You've wasted your life to become an elitist artist douche bag. Congratulations! LOL

  7. I've got an LLB too, would you like to criticize that while you're at it? I very well may have wasted my life studying, but at least i'm not relegated to commenting on YouTube things like "Cry about it, LOL, BTW". You've failed life in that respect.

  8. This is not art.. if you let the physics, the dancers and the holy spirit do the work, you are not really an artist. A real artist can visualize his work before start.

    I'm sorry but hipsters are not artists.

  9. I'm from Lebanon and lived in Saudi Arabia… point is I think Arabic calligraphy is beautiful, it was more of a compliment really.

  10. the expression of oneself through whatever means they choose. you are not to judge what and what is not art.

  11. you're wrong, not every expression of oneself is art, following that logic every single human being is an artist and every paint stain in a canvas is an art piece. This is at best average pattern design, not art.

  12. Can people "artists" ever just say I did it because it looked cool…. And stop the bullshit about feelings and deeper meanings… Blah blah blah…..

  13. To evoke in oneself a feeling one has once experienced, and having evoked it in oneself, then by means of movements, lines, colors, sounds, or forms expressed through words, so to convey this so that others may experience the same feeling — this is the activity of art.

    i forget who .__. you are wrong.

  14. i dont think daniel is saying EVERY expression of oneself is art, rather, that art CAN be an expression of oneself, even in the present, in a moment of time, and not necessarily a premeditated vision. The fact that this guy is doing a solo show of his work in Mexico city means that a significant number of people deem his work 'art', so really, your dismissal of his work as nonart is really a nonfactor, and simply put, a blatant display of closemindedness.

  15. By your lack of avatar, and the use of words like "blatant" and "closemindedness" I presume you are a hipster, that's why you like it, and thats why you can't understand art, I guess real art is just too mainstream for you, right?

  16. fuck everyone, this guy's shit is cool and just laid back. Vice crew did a splendid job covering this

  17. As did the majority, sadly, because that was the name the media gave it, check some interviews with the pioneers and you'll see how it was hijacked and re-branded during it's commercialization 🙂 Just a shame that name is still being used by people outside of the scene even with all the knowledge out there today.

  18. I'm sure a vain hipster would have an avatar. Also I use the words "blatant" and "closemindedness", and am no a hipster. I don't see what those things have to do with being a hipster anyway…

  19. lol. your attempt to extrapolate who i am as a person based off of one comment is both funny and flattering. although I can see why you would think so, my response in defending art as not just a premeditated vision does not mean I am a huge fan of this guy's work. however, simply put, his work is aesthetically pleasing, but I prefer a little more substantial meaning at the core of the art I truly like.

  20. also, since you strongly believe i "can't understand" art, please enlighten me so that i may join you in the modern age.

  21. what is art anyways? Does it have to be classical, perfect looking and understandable/relatable????

  22. the designs painted on the wall remind me a bit of arabic as well as tibetan alphabets beautiful!

  23. Ok, first reply that actually make me think, thanks… You got a point, that doesn't matter, the issue is how good is it. I still think is not good enough, forget art, not even as a pattern design, I've seen better from more humble designers, mexican designers. As a mexican I guess that's the reason this bother me.

  24. ok man, maybe (just maybe) art is not just a premeditated vision, but come on, you know this is not good enough, I just need more substance and better execution to consider something art. BTW I still think you are a big hipster, be honest, you must use thick frame glasses.

  25. Yes this guy have talent and he knows how to mix with the situation where he is. Thank you for sharing

  26. Great work. To each his/her own. Another artist making their mark in this world. Go ahead & create something "better", or get on YouTube & complain…whichever.

  27. Beautiful! He has a lot of freedom in the potential of his style. Seems like he could go as abstract or as concrete as he likes with a painting, without loosing conveyance of the meaning behind it.

  28. I fucking love his work. That's so amazing I wanna be tripin and look at all his work that'd be epic

  29. You know, I've never really considered myself the sort of person who appreciates art… but man, the stuff vice covers just sucks me IN.

  30. We did something similar and held an art show in our hometown in 2007/2008… we called it "Groundwaves" and we actually posted the footage on the biggest Bboy website at the time bboyworld. We were told we were the first to do it. The idea of Groundwaves was to capture bboys' signature moves on canvas, that they would already do at battles or competitions or ciphers.
    check the video at
    v i m e o . c o m / 3940448

  31. Than why is it when I draw a line on a piece of paper, I don't sell it for thousands of dollars. I perceive it as the greatest drawing showing how linear the average human's life is and people think its just a bland line.

  32. "I wanted to look like Hurricane Sandy" What? It does not look like HAARP making waveforms out of chemtrails to control a Franken Storm of Weather Modification! Does it?

  33. Yes you are right "Chemtrails have been disproven numerous times" by the main stream media that is based on the lies of propaganda! How would you explain that my father worked for the USAF geophysics labs working out this whole Agenda 21 plan to kill off the people, plant life and planet? My father is a Nazi Spy! What does your daddy do? You don't have to believe in Global Dimming, Chemtrails or HAARP but it's real! The truth is we are already dead THEY just have not told you yet! Peace & Love!

  34. actually, art is just a person's thought of that moment on a peice of paper/ canvas (wall, train, platform, ect.) you can bend a peice of metal out of frusteration and later on call it art… lol true shit

  35. bro, that just takes patience and time… just take some adderall, or something and give it a whack. drawing/ painting/ sculpting isn't hard, and his is just a short stroked lines in different directions, very cool, yet simple.

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