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[King of masked singer] 복면가왕 – ‘unicorn’ special performance – Tommorrow 20180513

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100 Replies to “Awkward Moments Only Artists Understand”

  1. “It’s always the hands”
    WHY👏IS👏THAT👏SO👏TRUEEEEEE👏The hands have always been a struggle to me as an artist…

  2. hey can you send me some of your artwork?
    BTW do you draw anime?
    can you draw my profile pic?
    who were you drawing in the part with the canvas?

  3. The worst one for me is when people ask me to draw them and I'm in a good mood so I do, but then everyone is asking

  4. Some one asked me to draw them deku (from bnha) so I did, and when I was done I told them to pay me right after

  5. Only awkward moment i have is when people see me draw my characters. My characters are really out of the ordinary for the non-drawing people. One's a human who is the son of Death, two catgirl twins, a human made from volcano fragments, a hybrid of a wolf and a human, a human that is half robot, and one that is a angel that is human, one is a virus/element discovered in space and turned into a human.

  6. Me: minds own business
    Someone: YOur DoiNg It WrOng
    Me: i-
    Person: tries to take my pen/pencil to "improve" my drawing

  7. here’s mine:

    “can you draw me”

    “why are their ears like that”

    “why do they look like that”

    also when i’m drawing and i’m trying to have a conversation with someone but they just keep staring at my art like “hello i’m up here”

  8. I hate when people look at me drawing, it makes me nervous, cause it’s like they’re expecting me to draw some masterpiece. Like can you not stare at me drawing?

  9. I'm actually okay if one person ask me to draw her/him but if there's another one ask me the same,I'm like NOPE

  10. “Can you draw me”
    “Is that printed from google”
    “Are you tracing it”

    draws in cartoon style
    -others: “iS THAT HenTAI?”


  11. I think you can use correction ink or pens to erase your mistakes because it's white… UNLESS! You want to do a drawing with white ink.

  12. Ok.


    When you draw good on your own, then someone starts watching you and you do something else to show off and it doesn't work and the person thinks you are a bad artist and it's worse when you're doing a portrait for them and you're worried they'll be offended and they probably are because of that stupid showing off mistake you did and they just take it and walk away but then you really don't care because they shouldn't have asked for it and you didn't want to do it in the first place and also yes I mess up on hands all the time x(

  13. The struggle I always have is when my friends are complaining about my drawing like:
    "Their hands are weird"
    "Eyes are too small/big"
    "Her jaw is not in shape"
    "Hair looks so messy"

    Like bish can u draw it too?

  14. i hate it when the art teacher says “and you don’t have to do realistic you can draw stuff like anime” then everybody turns to me. like, i don’t draw anime.

  15. While i was drawing, one of my sisters friends hovered over the page so much i couldnt even see what i was drawing

  16. Something I think is kinda cool about being an artist is when sometimes the teachers like "ok guys we're gonna need to be drawing a bit for this project" or something and everyone wants you to work with them. Or if there's like a thing where the class needs something to be drawn and everyone wants you to do it.

  17. As I can mostly only draw anime and my class compares me with this one who can draw realistic.
    BUT people understand that 2 are different. And I hate judgement. Every art is different
    Edit : no one like me just me ok

  18. “Can you draw me?”

    “Pay up the demand gone up higher and my supply’s are low now give me that extra money

  19. "Can you draw me?"
    "Why don't they have clothes?"
    "Why doesn't she have hair?"
    "Is that anime?"
    "Is that me?"
    "Why do you draw eyes like that?"
    "Why do you draw noses like that?"
    Just a heads up for people who ask this stuff, it's annoying as f*ck so please don't

  20. Not just the mistakes. When you make a mistake with your Sharpe lining pen, after 4 hours of work! Then your sibling says, "It's just a line. Draw it again."

  21. 110% True.
    My sisters are artists. When comparing my art to theirs, internally, I'm just like:
    I know I'm good at art. But my sisters are on a completely different league.

  22. y'all being an artist looks easy and y'all who isn't an artist be like: "omg can u teach me how to draw??" and then we would teach you but theres like too many things to teach u. being an artist is hard tbh for me, you gotta understand the color theory, anatomy, supplies u need, software, and tablets etc. being an artist is actually also anxious because sometimes we think our art isn't enough. if you look at that game art promotion, and then think "wow that artist must be proud of their hard work with endless of hours!1!1!1!" but sometimes we forgot abt something, and we did a mistake without realizing it. meeting someone who is better than u may give u a criticism from them, but getting criticism doesn't means its the ens of the world. practice is the best teacher. criticism also acts as tips, facts, etc. because getting more and more and more tips, and criticism will help you.

  23. I love how she Sara or Sarah Idk how to spell her name. Well anyways I love how she can draw and fill a whole page so quickly while it takes me like 30-40 minutes to draw a stick figure

  24. There was this annoying brat in my school who saw me drawing and asked me to draw her. I draw a mixture of cartoon and anime like and this was back when I was waaayyy worse at drawing.
    So I drew the picture and she and her friend started snickering because “it looks nothing like [her].”
    I just gave her the most deadpan look I could muster and said “I never said I draw realistically, and I wasn’t really trying.”
    I would’ve walked away too had I not been stuck sitting at the table with her (this was during class)

  25. Me: *is drawing an OC
    Person: “Who is that?”
    Me: *is too embarrassed to say I’m a furry*
    Me: Oh it’s uh.. an animal
    Person: Why is it on 2 legs and has clothing?


  27. when people watch, i just pretend i was leaving or like, i was done drawing. try it. if someone starts watching, just close your sketchbook and play on your phone or talk to someone

  28. “Can I watch you draw”
    No because you are going to judge my freaking art style even though you hardly know what a drawing is.

  29. No offence but that 'can you draw me an anime' made me cringe. Its CAN YOU MAKE AN ANIME CHARACTER FOR ME. Sorry im such a weeb

  30. A problem for me is when someone asks when I'm drawing a random person made from my mind 'who is that'
    Like it's just a person

  31. I’m the artist in every grade I’m in T-T I understood most of this, since PEOPLE KEEP CROWDING AROUND ME ;-; I’m in 5th grade too

  32. The worst part is whenever you meet another artist, and it's not good srt, AT ALL and they say, I'm a better artist then you!, then you start an argument

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