Arts, Media, and Communication

Arts, Media, and Communication

>>>My name is Zak Cowan. I’m the editor in
chief for the Renegade Rip for the Journalism Program at Bakersfield College.>>>My favorite parts is putting the paper
together. The writing is awesome, talking to people, meeting people is cool, but actually
putting it together, designing the pages is the best. That’s for sure.>>>I chose journalism because I get such a
rush after an interview where the conversation I just had is getting turned into an article
that thousands of people are going to read.>>>The best thing about an interview is finding
out what’s unique about them. Some of the best stuff that I’ve done here is interviewing
people that have made such an impact from BC, like Norman Levan and the starting quarterback,
people like that.>>>Outside from the interview process itself,
I think my favorite is being a part of a newsroom. I’ve never been into sports or anything like
that, but its like being on a team.>>>It’s all hands-on. We write the stories,
we take the photos, we interview we do everything. My belief, which have rubbed off from my professor,
is you’re not going to learn that much reading about journalism. You’re going to learn more
practicing journalism.>>>The Journalism Program at BC is definitely
where you’re going to get the best experience for whatever you want to do in journalism.>>>When I first got here, I could barely write
an article, barely put it together. Now I can put together an article in an hour.>>>My name is Kristopher Stallworth, and I
teach the photography classes here in the digital arts program at Bakersfield College. There are two pathways you can take in Digital
Arts Program. We have both graphic design and photography. The Graphic Design Program
will give you a great foundation in graphic design. You would learn how to use Illustrator
and prepare you to move on into an entry level job or into a four year school.
pause The greatest benefit of BC is the cost. It’s
a relatively inexpensive program. Through a variety of grants we have been able to purchase
cutting edge technology. We have the up to date software. So we really prepare you well
for your next step.>>>The reason I chose BC and their Photography
Program was so that I can venture into the fashion industry and make a career. They offer
the most current programs which other institutions offer, but with a higher price.>>>We still have the equipment here on campus
to be able to process film, develop it. We have a whole dark room here on campus, which
many campuses do not have that.>>>I’ve also got to learn how to process and
develop my own film, which I really enjoy. Without this class being available, I don’t
think I would have ever got to learn that.>>>I think the dark room is really fun and
cool because you get to do everything yourself.>>>I think the dark room is one of my favorites
because not only taking the picture, you do the process to where you are doing your roll,
and then you go into the dark room and when you are just starting with a blank piece of
paper and then all of a sudden your picture starts to appear. The first time you do that,
there’s an excitement.>>>The instructors are very accommodating.
Because every student’s different, they seek the time to work one-on-one, and I find that
to be very helpful.>>>The instructors are very helpful. They’re
there for you whenever you need them. The technology they have here helps us learn
new things and keeps us updated with the world.>>>The degree I’m getting in digital arts
at BC is probably going to help me get a pretty good job in graphic design hopefully.>>>The things that I’ve learned here at Bakersfield
College will take me into the future.>>>The classes here at BC are helping me achieve
my goals and become a better photographer.

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