Arts Education & The Creative Advantage

Arts Education & The Creative Advantage

What the teacher’s focusing on is Greek mythology as part of a literature unit on building characters
and we have a teaching artist from Powerful Schools who’s going to be coming in and and working with them on Greek dialogue. She is goddess of harvest and I like her because she makes plants and stuff and I do too. So they’re learning about Greek mythology
and the characters in their classroom and connecting that in the art room by really focusing on the
characters and how they would actually show that making it into a three-dimensional character Creative Advantage has had a very positive impact in many different ways on our Community, on the John Muir community. I see it daily in the experience that kids are having a heightened joy of learning and they are getting opportunities to learn in multiple ways through music, through visual arts, hands-on work. We’ve been integrating a lot more movement into our classes, and we know that if you are having
fun when you’re learning you’re going to be more inquisitive and keep exploring One of the benefits of having the Creative Advantage program here and really having this rich arts opportunity is I feel like it gives our children a chance to express themselves in different ways and when we look at the arts in
education, I feel like they’re the things that matter most to us
in our culture and our communities: being able to share music and being able to share things that we create, learning about other artists and their creations. And
then sort of trying their strategies on. It’s a kind of growth and a kind of celebration life that I would want all of my students to have. And I’m so thankful that we have this program and the support of the district at John Muir

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