Artists Make More Characters From Random Shapes

Artists Make More Characters From Random Shapes

– [Julia] It’s gonna be my goal to make the next random
shape challenge that I do into a room full of
vampires, just in memoriam. – [Nathan] Yep, our favorite character, room full of vampires. – [Julia] Yeah. – [Jacob] I’m so sad you guys
will never get to see it. The original. – [Nathan] The big hat on a little person? (laughing) Sun’s never gonna get me in here. – [Julia] I have really sensitive skin. – [Jacob] I love this tiny, sad cowboy. – [Julia] Yeah, I kind of do too. – [Jacob] I’ve got a big hat to fill. It was his father’s hat. – [Nathan] My father was devoured by a room full of vampires. – [Jacob] Yeah that’s just like this. – [Guys] He’s just the tiny cowboy. – [Nathan] He shows up, and everyone’s like, oh shit it’s the tiny cowboy. There he is.
There he is. I had a name once, but people call me, Tiny
Cowboy now, and well. – [Julia] I’ve done forgot it. – [Nathan] I’ve done forgot it. Only can keep so much information in this tiny little head of mine. – [Jacob] Welcome to Drawfee, where we take dumb ideas– – [Nathan] And make even dumber drawings. – [Jacob] I’m Jacob. – [Nathan] I’m Nathan. – [Julie] I’m Julia. – [Jacob] And guys, what’s up? It’s Nuesdy. – [Nathan] Nuesdy? – [Jacob] It’s Nuesdy. – [Nathan] Nuesdy? – [Jacob] You know the
days of the week, right? You got Monday.
Mondy. Nuesday. Doozdy. – [Julia] Y’all talkin
about my great aunt Nuesday? – [Jacob] Throosdy and Froozdy. – [Nathan] Is someone
talking about me in there? – [Jacob] No one’s talking about you. – [Nathan] Julia, were
you talking about me? – [Julia] Yeah I was aunt Nuesdy. – [Nathan] You never call. – [Julia] Well, I apologize for that, but also you never gave
your casserole recipe. – [Nathan] No, you have to
beat me in single combat to earn that. – [Julia] I didn’t know this Nuesdy. You’re learning.
Julia, we’ve talked about you taking phone calls, during the episode.
– [Julia] Yeah. – [Nathan] Am I on speaker? – [Jacob] Yes, you’re on speaker Julia’s aunt Nuesday,
Wow. – [Jacob] but we’re hanging up on you now. Goodbye, goodbye.
Okay, bye. – [Jacob] We’re doing a
random shape challenge. (Julia laughing) – [Julia] With great aunt Nuesday? – [Jacob] Great aunt Nuesday
is not invited, decidedly. But who is invited, is the three of us, pulling up random shapes that
I’ve set up ahead of time, on these layers, these mysterious layers. (swoop) We’re going to get a random number, pick a layer, get a
shape, make a character out of the shape, do an episode, get a million, zillion views,
Yeah. – [Jacob] and we’re tired of the bahamas. – [Nathan] Let’s get in
that algorithm again. (swoop) Jacob’s pulling up a
random number generator for us on the internet. – [Jacob] I’m getting– – [Julia] Are you drawing? (Julia laughing) (Nathan laughing) – [Nathan] All right it’s me again, you never hung up. – [Jacob] God dammit aunt Nuesday. – [Nathan] You thought
you did but you didn’t. – [Jacob] Why didn’t you hang up? You must’ve been able to tell that we were no longer speaking to you. – [Nathan] Because to eaves drop. – [Jacob] Well that’s your own problem that you need to work on. – [Nathan] I’m a little gossip hound. (Julia laughing) I love to know what
everybody is saying about me. – [Jacob] We’re saying that you suck and you need to get out of here. – [Nathan] Yeah that’s
what people say about me. – [Jacob] And to stop listening in on people’s conversations. – [Nathan] I never will. I’m too old to change.
I’m hanging up on you, I’m hanging up on you. Goodbye.
Goodbye. (swoop) – [Jacob] Did we hang up, are we good? – [Nathan] No. – [Jacob] Julia hang up. – [Julia] I don’t know how
this phone works, it’s new. I’m doing–
I’ll be quiet. (Nathan yelling) – [Julia] Hey you want
to phone a random number? – [Nathan] I would love to do that more than anything if I could. If I could do it, I would love to. – [Julia] You want to get
yourself a random number that’ll correlate to a
random shape layer number and then draw from there. – [Nathan] Yeah that is what
I would like to do Julia. Thank you for asking. I got number two. [Jacob] You got number two. Let’s see what shape that is. Ooh, oh this is balls, this is some balls. – [Nathan] This is some balls, this one? (Jacob laughs) This one?
Oh this one, it’s some balls. – [Jacob] You drew some balls. – [Julia] This is essence of Popplio. – [Jacob] This is kinda
essence of Popplio isn’t it? – [Nathan] This looks like– – [Jacob] If you did
like the eyes over here and it’s like “I’m a big seal.” Wait.
“Hello.” – [Julia] Ah. – [Nathan] Oh yeah. – [Julia] It’s also Goofy. – [Nathan] That’s Goofy. – [Jacob] I’m a seal, I’m a clown seal. Popplio the pocket monster. – [Nathan] (laughs) Why
does he sound like Julia’s, Why does Popplio sound
like Julia’s great aunt? – [Jacob] I’m the clown seal
pocket monster, Popplio. – [Nathan] (laughs) This is the only voice any of us know how to do. – [Jacob] Put me in your pocket. (everyone laughs) – [Nathan] This is good, I live there. Alright so Jacob’s done with his. – [Jacob] This is not what I’m doing. (Nathan laughs) I’m exploring some options. – [Nathan] We always do
some practice options. If this is your first time
viewing a Drawfee video, I’m sorry
Strap in and we say we’re sorry
at the end, don’t worry. – [Julia] Yeah, we apologize. – [Nathan] We’re always sorry for this. It kinda looks to me like
a guy with a big nose, who’s been sorta knocked over. Oh yeah.
Sure, I see that. I also see, what if Mickey
Mouse had one big ear? – [Julia] Oh and one tiny ear. He’s like really coming at us, it’s some forced perspective. – [Nathan] You’re really doing a lot of– – [Julia] He’s skateboarding,
he’s doing a cool trick and his got on the Mangles. – [Jacob] Yeah, ’cause like
that arm’s gonna be small, this one’s coming right at you. – [Nathan] This is some dramatic– – [Jacob] Dramatic, we foreshortened Yeah.
Mickey. (Mickey Mouse laugh) Here I come. You can’t escape me now. I’m doing a kickflip. Yeah that’s not it. That’s definitely not it, here. The man lying down, I do like that one. Yeah.
That’s pretty fun. – [Nathan] It’s like a Mr. Saturn head, with like bulbous body. It’s like one of those punching bags that you punch and then it comes back up. It’s mid- coming back up. – [Jacob] If it’s just like this, Ah! – [Nathan] Oh damn! – [Julia] Hey you know what I’m seeing? – [Nathan] (laughs) I do wanna know what you’re seeing, Julia. – [Julia] A room full of vampires. (Nathan laughs) – [Jacob] That’s really surprising to me, that that’s what you would see. (Julia and Nathan laughing) – [Nathan] Well I’m glad you’re the one drawing this one, Jacob. That’s exactly what I saw immediately. This is, yeah. – [Julia] It also looks
like Gaara’s gourd. – [Jacob] It does look like Gaara’s gourd. – [Nathan] Gaara’s gourd. By Gaara’s gourd, it’s a drawing, yeah. You just draw it, whip out a quick Gaara standing in front of this gourd. (laughs) – [Jacob] Okay, wait, wait. I’m changing it up.
Okay. I think I want it to
be, okay how about this? – [Nathan] Yeah? – [Jacob] How about this? – [Julia] It’s a room full of vampires. – [Jacob] It’s not a
room full of vampires. Someday, maybe it will be, but not here, not now. What if it’s like, okay go with me here. I’m going.
Okay. – [Nathan] I’m with you. – [Julia] We’re here. Go with me here.
I’m here for this. – [Jacob] What if it’s like a cute bear, but he’s in like a seductive pose? (Nathan laughs) – [Julia] Yeah. – [Nathan] Yeah. Yeah okay.
Yeah, that’s it. – [Jacob] He’s doing one of
these and then he’s got like– – [Nathan] Oh, he’s really, yeah. – [Jacob] He has one hand up here. – [Nathan] That’s basically
what I drew for knock-off you. Remember?
Yeah, yeah, the seductive bear. – [Nathan] I drew you as a
little seductive bear cub. – [Jacob] Little corn bear. – [Nathan] Corn cub, yeah. This one will have less corn, obviously. – [Jacob] But just as seductive, I think. We’ll see when I get
the full thing in here. – [Nathan] Yeah. – [Jacob] This kinda
looks like a monkey now. Maybe it’s a monkey. Maybe it’s a seductive little monkey. (Nathan laughs) Imagine you walked into the
zoo and you were looking in. – [Nathan] Yeah. – [Jacob] And this is what
you saw looking back at you. – [Nathan] It’s like, “Oh
this monkey, this monkey’s– – [Jacob] This monkey is making some eyes. – [Nathan] This monkey wants
some attention from me, and they’re gonna get it. – [Jacob] They’re gonna get it. – [Nathan] Oh yeah. ‘Cause all the other monkeys, they’re jumping around, climbing stuff, flinging their poops. – [Jacob] Yeah, as monkeys do. – [Nathan] And then
there’s just this monkey. – [Jacob] Then there’s this monkey. – [Nathan] There’s something
different about this monkey. – [Jacob] I wanna fix this leg, you need it to be really. (Nathan laughs) – [Nathan] Yeah? – [Jacob] You know like. – [Nathan] Yeah. – [Jacob] It’s gotta be just right. – [Nathan] You gotta
get that, the good pose. – [Jacob] What if it’s like this? Uh huh!
Oh! – [Jacob] Yeah, what if we give him a little bodily turn there? – [Nathan] Oh yeah! – [Jacob] So this is like
his little belly button. Oh yeah.
Do monkeys have belly buttons? They must, right? – [Nathan] They should. – [Jacob] I don’t know
a lot about monkeys, is what I’m realizing here. – [Nathan] We don’t know
a lot about most things. – [Jacob] Yeah. – [Nathan] Is what we
realize on every episode. What’s nice is the commenters
will always tell us. They’ll always tell us
what we didn’t know. – [Jacob] Yeah, they’ll tell
me if monkey don’t wear bikini. They’ll tell me that. – [Nathan] You can put
a monkey in a bikini. – [Jacob] No, nothing in the
rule book says you can’t. – [Nathan] If you try hard enough, you could put a monkey
in a bikini for sure. I don’t know why you would want to, but I’m not here to judge. – [Jacob] Thank you for not judging. – [Nathan] I’m not here to judge. – [Jacob] Because I do want to. – [Nathan] I’m here to draw. – [Jacob] Yeah and then this
arm’s just gonna be like– – [Nathan] And watch my friends draw. – [Jacob] Like this. Kinda over the side. – [Nathan] Yeah. – [Jacob] And then maybe there’s
like a tail that’s like– – [Nathan] This is looking less seductive, and more just like this monkey ate a lot and is now just tryina deal with the gas. – [Jacob] Well you know, that’s like one of
nature’s great mysteries. Is this monkey horny
or did he eat too much and has gas? And that’s what the
primatologists are at there. – [Nathan] I’ve done this
position before, for sure. Just a big like ah! This is a post-Thanksgiving dinner. – [Jacob] Okay but what about this? Wink! (laughs) – [Julia] Oh no, there we go. – [Jacob] Okay, what about this? We put on some eyelashes, we get a little bit of a wink going. Winking right at ya, little sparkle. – [Nathan] That’s pretty good. – [Jacob] What about this? – [Nathan] I like that. – [Jacob] What about a little
tongue liking the lips? – [Nathan] What I need you to
do for me, Jacob, right now. – [Jacob] Yeah. – [Nathan] Is I need to you fix this area. – [Julia] That tangent. – [Nathan] Is it a tangent? It looks like the tail is extending from– – [Jacob] Yeah, sure. – [Nathan] You just gotta
make it so that they’re not– – [Jacob] Sure, I see what you’re saying. – [Nathan] You just gotta fix it. – [Jacob] Sure, I’ll fix it. – [Nathan] I’m gonna lose my
mind if I have to look at that. – [Jacob] If you have
to look at that tangent a moment longer. – [Nathan] Yeah. – [Jacob] What it looks like
here, is that okay with you? – [Julia] Yeah. – [Jacob] Does that work for you? – [Nathan] That’s what you want. – [Jacob] I would hate to displease you on this episode of the Drawfee show. I’m only here to make you happy. – [Nathan] It’s a thing that I do so much and so if I can prevent my
friend from doing it, I will because do as I say, not as I do. – [Julia] Jacob, this is a good monkey. – [Nathan] This is a
good monkey, I like it. – [Jacob] Yeah and I think the monkey is just maybe in like a– – [Nathan] An enclosure? – [Jacob] I was thinking on like a bed. – [Julia] Oh. (Nathan laughs) – [Jacob] Maybe the
monkey’s lounging on a bed. – [Nathan] Okay, so this
is not the zoo anymore? This is you come home. You come home from the zoo.
There’s a trail of, instead of rose petals,
it’s just banana peels leading up to your– – [Julia] It’s a big safety hazard. – [Jacob] There’s definitely
like banana peels all around. – [Nathan] Just seductively
arranged banana peels. – [Jacob] And again, it begs the question, did this monkey just eat too many bananas? – [Nathan] Right. – [Jacob] ‘Cause there’s a lot of peels. – [Nathan] Yeah and we can’t
find the nanners anywhere. – [Jacob] We can’t find the
nanners and it could be, it could go either way on this one. – [Nathan] Yeah. – [Jacob] But follow your heart. This monkey is in your bed, this monkey’s definitely in your bed and that’s one thing we can’t ignore. – [Nathan] This is one of those Twitters, where it’s like, you come home and you find monkey in your bed, what do you do?
Yeah, what do you do? I think this is done. – [Nathan] This is pretty good. – [Julia] It’s perfect. – [Jacob] I don’t know what else I could possibly do to this. – [Nathan] No, this is you char, what’s this monkey’s name? It’s needs to be a character. – [Jacob] Right as a character, so this, the horny bikini
monkey is maybe just full. Let’s see, what’s a good
name for this monkey? Maybe it’s like, it’s Bethany. – [Nathan] Okay, Bethany
the bikini monkey. – [Jacob] Bethany the bikini monkey. I think this is Bethany the bikini monkey. – [Nathan] That’s great. – [Jacob] And she’s in your bed. – [Nathan] She’s in your bed, And listen,
and what do you do? – [Jacob] What you guys
decide to do, that’s not– – [Nathan] That’s up to you. – [Jacob] I’m not gonna judge you. – [Nathan] I didn’t judge you, putting this bikini on the monkey. – [Jacob] Yeah. – [Nathan] If you immediately wanna take the bikini off the monkey and sort of help it back to the wild.
To the wild where it belongs. – [Nathan] That’d be pretty good. – [Jacob] You can do that,
but there’s options here. – [Nathan] Yeah. – [Jacob] It’s evocative. – [Nathan] Maybe the monkey
is a gamer, you don’t know. – [Jacob] Maybe the monkey’s a gamer. Nathan do you wanna do one? – [Nathan] Yeah, yeah. – [Jacob] Yeah, you come in now. (swoop) Six! Six!
Six! The sixth shape. – [Nathan] Now that’s– – [Jacob] The sixth shape. – [Nathan] Now that, Jacob. – [Jacob] That’s the sixth shape. – [Nathan] That’s a Goomboss. – [Jacob] Sure it looks like
a Goomboss at first glance. – [Nathan] That’s a trodus Goomboss. – [Jacob] But it could be– – [Nathan] I’ve gotta
draw the Goomboss first. – [Jacob] You have to get it out. To get it out of your head. – [Nathan] Yeah. – [Jacob] It’s got kind
of a crooked frown. – [Nathan] This is the Goomboss. – [Jacob] Frankly, I’m not
interested in being here. – [Nathan] This would
be if a Goomba had legs, which I don’t like. Yeah, just some real, some
shoes, that’s what shoes do. They’re both different,
two different shoes. – [Julia] He doesn’t fully understand what shoes are meant to do. – [Nathan] Yeah, so that’s one option. – [Julia] You know what I’m seeing? – [Nathan] What are you
seeing, I’d love to know. – [Julia] No, I’m not, I’m seeing like a jelly dog, he’s like kinda looking down at us, just ever so slightly. – [Nathan] Oh okay, so it’s like– – [Jacob] A jelly dog. – [Julia] So his cheeks
are getting bunched up into maybe like a collar
down there, or something. – [Nathan] So we’ve got like the paws. – [Julia] Oh, I see. – [Jacob] Oh. – [Julia] I was not thinking this, but I do like it. – [Jacob] You were thinking
this was his head and neck? – [Julia] Yeah, yeah, yeah. – [Jacob] Oh okay. It could be the head and neck of Barney. What’s his name from Hey Arthur? – [Nathan] Hey Arthur? – [Jacob] Yeah, what’s his
name from Hey Arthur, Barney? – [Julia] What are you talking about? – [Nathan] You’re thinking on Binky. – [Jacob] Yeah, Binky. – [Julia] I’m seeing a Binky. – [Nathan] You’re seeing a Binky– – [Jacob] This is Binky in a turtleneck. – [Nathan] This is Binky in a turtleneck. So we’ve got– – [Jacob] It’s from Hey Arthur. – [Nathan] From Hey Arthur. – [Jacob] It’s Barney from Hey Arthur. – [Nathan] And the turtleneck
is just sort of real bunched. – [Jacob] Yeah. – [Nathan] And again the face is almost identical to a Goomba. – [Jacob] Yeah, very similar, once again. – [Nathan] But he’s a
little bit friendlier, he’s got a nose. – [Jacob] Yeah and hippo teeth. – [Nathan] And hippo teeth and he’s like (Julia laughs) “I was a bully in some episodes, “but then we became friends.” – [Jacob] Ain’t that some shit? – [Nathan] Ain’t that some shit. – [Jacob] That’s Barney’s
famous catch phrase. – [Nathan] That’s Barney Binks. – [Jacob] From Hey Arthur. – [Nathan] Bar-Bar Binks. My least favorite Star Wars. – [Jacob] He looks towards
the camera and goes, “Ain’t that some shit, kids?” – [Nathans] Kids, hey kids! – [Jacob] It just be that
way sometimes, don’t it? But he is angry. – [Julia] He’s tough! – [Jacob] He didn’t ask to be here, wearing this turtleneck. – [Nathan] These are options. These are all options, we’ve also just got like shmushroom. Just like a shmushroom. – [Jacob] Just a normal shmushroom. – [Nathan] Just a shushroom
with like a little, like a– – [Jacob] Oh that’s a cute little face. – [Nathan] Hi! – [Julia] Or it could be a
tree with a friendly face. – [Jacob] Hey buddy, hey! – [Julia] Like a Deku
Tree, The Great Deku Tree. – [Nathan] Hey what’s up? – [Jacob] It could be a Deku Tree. – [Nathan] This is fun. I like this one. – [Jacob] I mean he’s really nice. The mushroom is obvious. – [Nathan] The mushroom is obvious and we’ve got do different. It could also be a Snoopus. Like if this was the ear. – [Jacob] Oh Snoopus the doopus, from– – [Julia] Oh! – [Jacob] You’re a god one, Charlie. Charlie, man! – [Julia] Charlie, boy. – [Jacob] You’re a good one, Charlie boy. – [Nathan] This is his tail. These are is feet. ♪ Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo ♪ – [Julia] So, follow me on this. Just join me on a journey. – [Nathan] I’m joining you. – [Julia] Someone doing a handstand, their hands are perfectly
flat on the ground and then maybe they’re
wearing a big, poofy dress that’s falling down, ’cause of gravity. And it’s just like kind of
enveloping them a little bit and then the little feets are touching. – [Jacob] Oh!
At the top by the toes. – [Nathan] So it’s like head
there, head here, doing– Doing a handstand.
Doing a handstand and then the feet, the feet are up here. They’ve got sort of hooveys. – [Jacob] I don’t know if that’s the way I would have drawn the feet. – [Julia] Nope! – [Jacob] Given my own set of choices. – [Julia] What is this man? – [Jacob] If I had my own set of choices. – [Nathan] He’s got big legs. Oh.
He’s like a horse-man now. – [Nathan] He’s got
hooveys, he’s a horse-man. – [Jacob] A hooveys horse-man. – [Nathan] He’s a horse-man. – [Julia] (laughs) What is this? – [Nathan] I don’t like this one. – [Julia] I don’t like this one. This one makes me sad.
I misinterpreted what Julia was saying and I did a bad job. – [Julia] What do you see, Nathan? – [Nathan] I’m just gonna set some lines. – [Julia] I’m seeing like
maybe a Mass Effect alien with really wide eyes. – [Nathan] Oh sure, yeah if
you put the eyes on the sides. – [Julia] Yeah, some big ole eyes. – [Nathan] Could be a bug’s head. – [Julia] My other
favorite, Dora’s new movie. – [Jacob] It’s a Pixar. This looks like Grimace’s ass coming out of some skinny jeans. – [Julia] He’s bending over to pick up some change
he found on the ground. – [Nathan] No. – [Jacob] This looks like Grimace’s ass. – [Nathan] This isn’t Grimace’s ass. – [Julia] I love this Grimace ass It’s not!
drawing. – [Nathan] It’s not Grimace’s ass. (Julia laughs) – [Jacob] Is it someone’s ass? – [Nathan] It’s no one’s ass. – [Jacob] Okay, it’s like a dog-beaver? – [Nathan] It’s like a beaver. It’s like a beaver, it’s got big cheeks. – [Jacob] This is the new Bucky. – [Julia] Yeah this is Bucky’s competitor. – [Jacob] This is Chucky. Chucky the cheaver. No one likes the store, the store is bad. – [Nathan] Or you know what? Hold on.
Yeah. – [Julia] He sells beaver balls. – [Nathan] “Eat my beaver balls.” What if it’s just like
fully Grimace’s ass? Fully Grimace’s ass. No, what if it’s like this? – [Jacob] Okay, so this is a
dog’s nose and dog’s mouth? – [Nathan] Yeah, sorta
coming up like this. – [Jacob] The sequel to A
Bug’s Life, was A Dog’s Mouth. And it was not popular. – [Julia] It was the great
cross-over between A Bug’s Life and A Dog’s Journey. – [Jacob] Yeah, A Dog’s Mouth. – [Nathan] Here we go, this
is an extreme close-up. I do well when it’s an extreme close-up. – [Jacob] Of a dog’s mouth. – [Nathan] This is a squirrel. – [Jacob] Oh I see, oh I like that. – [Julia] Ah! – [Jacob] It’s got a big, fat face. It’s got a big, fat face.
And it’s like a beaver-squirrel. – [Nathan] It’s like a beaver-squirrel, it’s got like this thing. – [Jacob] This will be one of those videos where it’s like, “Squirrel took my GoPro.” – [Nathan] Yeah. – [Jacob] “And this is the footage I saw.” – [Nathan] Yeah. – [Julia] Or in Kingdom Hearts III, when Chip and Dale give you the cellphone with the camera on it, and you immediately try to
take a photo of one of them, get just way too close. – [Jacob] Yeah, when you get
way too close to Chip and Dale. – [Nathan] I think he’s
going like, “Do me!” – [Jacob] “Oh is the photo of me? “Oh how could it be a photo of me?” Yeah.
It looks like a groundhog kind of. Maybe this is a groundhog. It looks like really
number of the rodents. – [Nathan] It’s a big,
gross, close-up of a rodent. – [Jacob] Yeah. – [Nathan] Is what we have here. Yeah.
I think. I think as the best option. I think we can all agree
it’s the best option. – [Jacob] I think second only to Grimace’s ass in skinny jeans. – [Nathan] I’m not, if anybody wants to draw their own Grimace’s
ass in skinny jeans, send it to Jacob only. – [Jacob] Julia too. – [Nathan] I guess send it to Julia too, she probably needs it. – [Julia] Yeah. – [Nathan] She probably wants it. – [Julia] Let me see that Grimace ass. – [Jacob] She’s always complaining when we don’t do enough
Grimace ass content on Drawfee channel. – [Nathan] This is some
Grimace ass content. – [Jacob] This is some Grimace
ass content right here. Is he gonna have another
hand doing the thing? – [Nathan] What? – [Jacob] Does it have
another hand doing the thing on his face? – [Nathan] Yeah hold on. I’m doing the nose. – [Jacob] Okay do the nose. – [Nathan] I’m doing the nose and then, maybe this is like, it’s got like a little bit of a chin. – [Jacob] Kinda like wombat. Little wombat.
This is kind of wombatty. Sure yeah, let’s get me some whiskeys. – [Jacob] You would get
your camera back from this and it would be covered in some kind of unidentifiable slime. – [Nathan] Yeah. – [Jacob] And you’d be like, “I don’t know “if I can use this anymore “after whatever that rodent– – [Nathan] Yeah, he’s kind of wet. – [Jacob] Whatever that rodent did to it. – [Nathan] He’s a little wet. – [Jacob] Something was
wrong with that rodent. – [Nathan] There’s something
wrong with that rodent, but at least it isn’t Grimace’s ass (Julia and Jacob laugh) in skinny jeans. – [Jacob] This is Rodney the wrong rodent. – [Nathan] I could maybe, you know what? I can make the mouth open. – [Jacob] Oh, so it’s going like, “Oh!” – [Nathan] Yeah. – [Jacob] “Oh!” – [Nathan] Let’s get the tongue in there. – [Jacob] “Oh photo of me.” – [Nathan] Yeah. – [Jacob] “I have wasted
so many long years “for a photo of me.” – [Nathan] Yeah. – [Julia] “Oh you wanna
take a phot of me?” “Of me?”
“Little old me?” – [Jacob] “No one’s ever
wanted a photo of me, “they say I’m too wet.” – [Nathan] So what do we say,
this guy’s name’s Rodney? – [Jacob] I said he was
Rodney the wrong rodent, but– – [Nathan] This is
Rodney the wrong rodent. – [Jacob] It’s up to you
all to– (sound drowns out) – [Nathan] I think it’s absolutely
Rodney the wrong rodent. Either that or it’s Barney Binks. – [Jacob] (laughs) Barney
Binks from Hey Arthur. – [Nathan] From Hey Arthur, this is– – [Jacob] Hey Arthur! ♪ Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo ♪ – [Nathan] Arthur? – [Jacob] You’re a wonderful kind of– – [Nathan] Arthur! (Jacob laughs) ♪ Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo ♪ ♪ Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo ♪ ♪ Arthur ♪ – [Jacob] They do say
“Hey” in that theme song. – [Nathan] Yeah they do
say “Hey” that’s true, so– – [Jacob] Consider that. – [Nathan] Consider that. This is great.
This is good. – [Julia] Good, yeah, perfect. – [Jacob] Is this what we wanted? – [Nathan] This is what we wanted. This is what I wanted. – [Jacob] “Oh, a photo of me, “a close-up of me, yay, hooray!” – [Nathan] “For once I was
the right rodent for the job.” – [Jacob] “Yes, I got water everywhere, “’cause I’m a gross, wet rodent.” – [Nathan] “I’m a wet rat.” This is the only voice we know how to do. Yep.
Yeah, What do you need more for when this one’s so good? – [Nathan] After I complained
about your tangents, this whole area in here
is just a mess, but It’s alright.
We’ll deal with it. – [Jacob] Yeah, you’re a real asshole. – [Julia] Let me draw. – [Nathan] At least I’m
not Grimace’s asshole. – [Jacob] That’s true, we could all aspire to that. By Gaara’s gourd and Grimace’s asshole, It’s Julia’s turn. – [Julia] It’s me! (swoop) Alright let me get my number. – [Jacob] Roll the dice mother fucker. Five.
Five! – [Nathan] (laughs) It’s a nose. – [Jacob] Oh now here’s a shape for you. – [Nathan] That looks like a nose. – [Jacob] To use. – [Nathan] Or a bust. – [Jacob] I feel like
I want you guys to know that for all three episodes
of this that you’ve done. You’ve managed to avoid
my most vile of shapes. (Nathan laughs) And even still it waits, it
waits for it’s time in the sun. – [Julia] Have you just been
keeping it and holding onto it? – [Jacob] Yeah I’ve been
keeping it every time and no one has rolled my
most vile of shapes yet. – [Nathan] We’re getting close, this is an upside down mushroom, we’ve done two mushroom shapes. – [Jacob] Yeah, this is
a mushroom-heavy episode. – [Julia] Right so Nathan
you’re seeing a mush. – [Nathan] I see an upside down mush, I also see a nose, I
also see sort of a bust. Okay, that’s the mush.
That’s the mush. – [Julia] You saw a nose? – [Nathan] Yeah this sort
of looks like a big nose you could draw a face around. – [Jacob] I think a big
nose is definitely the most, the most obvious version of this thing. – [Nathan] Yeah this
looks like a very Jacob, like you can tell Jacob
did all these shapes. – [Jacob] Yeah, they’re my shapes. These are my special shapes. – [Nathan] These are
Jacob’s special shapes. – [Jacob] Do not steal, no
one may use these shapes. – [Nathan] Aw, I like his little mouth. – [Jacob] Yeah it’s right up under there. – [Nathan] “Ooh, you
were looking at my nose?” – [Julia] You saw a bust? – [Nathan] Yeah like
these are the shoulders and that’s the head. – [Jacob] You could be like
an alien in like a nice dress. – [Nathan] Oh yeah and alien Strapless gown.
or like a cool– – [Julia] What? Okay hold on! – [Jacob] If you make that into the arms. – [Julia] Right. – [Nathan] Really get
all the fingers in there. – [Jacob] Yeah we wanna
see all the fingers. – [Julia] Okay. – [Nathan] Julia, you’re so
good at drawing little fingies. – [Julia] Thank you. – [Jacobs] Little fingies and thingies. – [Nathan] Little fingies
and thingies, thingies. – [Julia] That one’s deflated. – [Nathan] Oh no, oh! Okay.
This alien’s going to the ball. – [Nathan] Oh yeah and then here’s the, oh yeah, it’s got the
shoulders peaking through. – [Jacob] Yeah, get some
collar bones in there. – [Nathan] I really like this already. I know we’re still deciding. – [Jacob] Yeah we have
a lot to think about. – [Nathan] But this alien is
so elegant and regal and– – [Jacob] And I love them. (Julia gasps) – [Nathan] Oh they got little lippies. – [Jacob] Little lips for kissing if it’s a lucky kind of night. – [Nathan] Aw, it’s a smoochy alien. – [Jacob] But with a dress like this, I think some smooches are in
store for this alien’s future. Oh you look beautiful. (Julia laughs) You’re wonderful, anyone at the ball would be lucky to haver ya. (Nathan giggles) Oh that little necklace.
Necklace. Yeah dipping down into the cleaves. – [Nathan] Oh yeah and we
really got those collar bones Yeah.
coming in. – [Jacob] Absolutely. – [Julia] Storm Area 51, am I right? – [Nathan] Oh yeah this– – [Jacob] I’d be storming there for this. – [Nathan] Little glimpse at when we’re recording this episode, who knows what will have happened by the time this comes out.
Yep. Maybe we’ll have to cut that whole bit. – [Nathan] Maybe. – [Julia] Oh so we have alien, right? – [Nathan] Alien’s an option. – [Julia] Alien is an option. What does Julia see? – [Nathan] What does Julia see? Julia, what does you see? Do you see a room full of vampires? – [Julia] Well I can and I do see just, and this isn’t what I’m going with but here’s a option. – [Jacob] Whenever Julia does it, I have to wait to see what– – [Nathan] Another sort of, – [Jacob] Oh it’s two faces,
it’s like a eye puzzle. Oh and they’re like–
It’s two faces kissing. They’re like sucking– – [Nathan] They’re not, yeah. – [Jacob] Sucking their
lips into each other. (Jacob grunts) (Julia laughs) – [Nathan] What are that? That’s the hair.
Hair. – [Nathan] They both have
mohawks that touch each other. – [Jacob] They both have
mohawks that touch and tickle. Little touch and tickle. – [Nathan] This is really cool, this is like a New Yorker cartoon. – [Jacob] Yeah. – [Nathan] About how millennials kiss. – [Jacob] (laughs) About
how millennials kiss. (laughs) – [Nathan] All we know for sure is that boomers don’t like it. – [Jacob] No.(laughs) That was cool, that was really cool Julia! Thanks.
I wasn’t expecting that. That was cool, yeah. Cool. – [Julia] What do I really see? Maybe, maybe. – [Nathan] Oh I’m so excited. Whenever it’s Julia’s
turn I just get excited. – [Jacob] She always goes places that I never would have imagined. She takes me on a journey deep
into the heart of the Cosmos. (Nathan giggles) – [Nathan] Okay, alright, you’re
just like Julia loves this. – [Jacob] You’re laughing. – [Nathan] She thinks it’s really funny, whatever she’s doing. – [Julia] I’m laughing already, ’cause I’m picturing Jacob
being disappointed in me and the decisions that I make. – [Jacob] (laughs) Is
that what’s gonna happen? – [Nathan] (laughs)
That’s Julia’s prediction for this design. Okay, I still have no idea at this point. – [Jacob] Yeah, I’m still so lost. – [Nathan] I’m so excited. – [Jacob] A lot of outside the shape work, which I appreciate. – [Nathan] That’s a mouth. Okay this is a room full of vampires. (Julia laughs) This is gonna be a room full of vampires. Julia? (Julia laughs) Is this gonna be a room full of vampires? There’s at least one vampire. – [Jacob] Oh I see now,
those are some faces. (Julia laughs) Oh okay. – [Julia] Yeah. – [Nathan] I wanna see how you
make this make sense though. ‘Cause right now we’ve got two. – [Jacob] Yeah, you’ve got a
lot of stuff to deal with here. – [Nathan] Oh are those
collars extending down? – [Julia] Yeah. Oh!
Oh those are their collars. – [Nathan] Oh yeah! – [Jacob] Two vampires. – [Nathan] They’re two vampires and they’re just having a
little whisper to each other. – [Jacob] Yeah and they’re like, “Do you know when the
next room’s gonna be? “The next room full?” – [Nathan] “No I can’t wait, “I needed to just be in a room with you.” – [Jacob] This is a
romance full of vampires. – [Nathan] Oh his got his
little hand up to his chin. Going like, “Ooh!” – [Julia] “I can’t wait.” – [Jacob] “I can’t wait ’til we get “a whole room of us together. “It’s my favorite time of year. “Oh undoubtedly.” – [Nathan] (laughs) The
arm goes like that, sure. (Julia laughs) – [Jacob] Of course, that’s how arms– (Nathan laughs) Go way down there. (Nathan laughs) – [Nathan] Julia got so excited. (Julia laughs) – [Julia] Yeah, yeah. (Julia and Nathan laugh) – [Nathan] It’s sad, because
nothing’s ever gonna be better than the original room full of vampires, which is gone! – [Jacob] Yeah it’s gone forever. – [Nathan] Like you can see the drawing, but the process for that one. – [Jacob] You’ll never know, the world may never know. – [Nathan] Yeah. – [Julia] Yeah. – [Jacob] I just like that
it seems like your goal, when I give you a shape, – [Julia] Yeah. – [Jacob] Is to ignore the
shape as much as possible. You wanna hide the shape. – [Julia] I’m breaking the game my friend. – [Jacob] Yeah you’re breaking the game, you’re changing the game,
you’re breaking the game and you don’t want the shape
to be recognizable any longer, and once again, I feel like,
we always go back to this but the prompt of the game is that you make a character out of the shape and it seems like you just refuse. – [Nathan] These guys
have a lot of character, I don’t know, Julia’s character can’t be contained in one shape. – [Julia] Yeah, exactly. Now what is–
Do you want me– I’m dramatic.
Oh that’s a shading. – [Julia] Yeah. – [Nathan] Julia’s fuck around drawings are more complete than our finished ones, that we’re like “I’m happy with this.” – [Jacob] Yeah. – [Nathan] My fucking beaver-squirrel– I Love Rodney.
Bogus! – [Julia] I love Rodney. – [Jacob] The wrong rodent. – [Julia] Don’t you dis Rodney. – [Jacob] And don’t forget Bethany. Bethany the bone ape. – [Nathan] (laughs) Is
that her official title, the bone ape? – [Jacob] Yeah, yeah
she lova da good bone. – [Nathan] (laughs) I
can’t, I can’t condone this. (Jacob laughs) I simply can’t. – [Julia] Do you want a
character out of this? – [Nathan] I think the
people watching are owed, here’s the thing. – [Julia] Yeah. – [Nathan] Like you could make
this into another cowboy hat. – [Julia] Oh I could, hold
on, you know what, maybe. – [Jacob] Could it be a rival? – [Julia] Maybe there’s
a fancy lad under here. – [Jacob] Oh, a tiny, fancy lad. – [Nathan] A tiny, fancy lad, the arch rival of Tiny Cowboy. – [Jacob] Yeah. It goes against everything
Tiny Cowboy stands for. This lad– – [Nathan] This lad hates music. – [Jacob] Hates music, loves money. – [Nathan] Loves the money, hates the open prairie, loves crowded cities. – [Jacob] Yeah, he wants to
tear down the open prairie and build there a mega mall. (Nathan laughs) Where everyone can buy giant hats. Where everyone can buy hats, yeah. – [Nathan] That’s the one
thing they have in common, is they both love wearing hats. If you put him in a black suit, then yeah, it doesn’t matter
that he crosses the line, smart thinking Julia! – [Jacob] I think they
discover along the way that they have this similarity,
they’re both very tiny. – [Nathan] Well yeah and by the end you find out they are brothers. – [Jacob] Yeah, ’cause
there’s only two people that could be this tiny
with hats this big. – [Nathan] Yeah. – [Jacob] How does he not
just fall right into the hat? That’s my question. – [Nathan] Sheer force of will. – [Julia] He’s a very powerful tiny man. – [Jacob] Yeah, that was his first task as a business executive, it was constrict a device
that will allow him to walk, wearing the hat. – [Nathan] ‘Cause Tiny
Cowboy lives in his hat. – [Jacob] Yeah. – [Nathan] He’s not fully wearing it. It just sort of
Drapes. – [Nathan] Drapes over him. – [Jacob] Yeah. Really, you know?
Oh, big executive chair. – [Nathan] To fully
understand this episode, you do need to see our
other random shapes videos. – [Jacob] Yeah, maybe
I’ll do a last time on. – [Nathan] Okay. – [Jacob] Last time on
random shape challenge. – [Nathan] Oh that’s fun, that’s really fun, I like that. – [Jacob] And we’ll just have a clip of the room full of vampires and a clip of Tiny Cowboy. – [Nathan] Yeah. – [Jacob] And then people will
be like, “Okay now I have– – [Nathan] You did a clown! – [Julia] No! – [Nathan] You made the
chair into a happy clown. It’s a happy clown chair. – [Jacob] Can we put a
money sign on his hat? Like, you know this guy– – [Nathan] This is a money hat. – [Jacob] This guys keeps
all his money up here. – [Nathan] This is a monied hatman. – [Jacob] Yeah this is Monied Hatman. Hee haw!
S. – [Jacob] We’re getting that dosh. But at what cost? – [Nathan] Yeah exactly. – [Jacob] And then Tiny
Cowboy has to like move him With a song.
With a song. – [Nathan] He’s like,
“Damn it Tiny Cowboy.” – [Julia] He tried it once before and then he just wound up selling the song to another artist. (Nathan laughs) – [Nathan] I’d like to think there’s a little bit of humanity left inside Tiny Fancy Lad. – [Jacob] Yeah. – [Julia] Well then Tiny Cowboy goes around the world getting
experience about music and then he comes back with
the ultimate legendary song. – [Nathan] The ultimate ballad. – [Jacob] And he saves the prairie. – [Nathan] It’s a worse
version of Wandersong. – [Jacob] Pretty much yeah, that’s what we’re pitching. – [Julia] I think I want
this dude to have a bolo tie. Okay.
Since they’re both like– – [Nathan] Old West sort of oil-bearing– – [Jacob] Yeah, oil tycoon. Can his name be Doshman? – [Julia] Doshman? – [Jacob] Yeah. – [Julia] Yeah, I like that. – [Jacob] Doshman Reeves, ooh oil baron. – [Nathan] Did Tiny Cowboy have a name, or was he just tiny Cowboy? – [Jacob] He’s just Tiny Cowboy. – [Nathan] Okay. – [Jacob] But Doshman
Reeves does have a name. – [Nathan] Okay, then Tiny
Cowboy’s last name is Reeves. – [Jacob] It’s gotta be. – [Nathan] But he never shares that, because he doesn’t wanna be associated with Doshman, of course. – [Jacob] That’s a big twist,
it’s a big shocking moment, it was in test screenings of the movie, audiences just like broke down. – [Nathan] Yeah, they couldn’t believe it, that these two tiny characters
were in fact related. Yeah.
They thought it was just a coincidence. – [Jacob] And they’re, “What will become “of our beautiful cowboy
that we love so much?” And you gotta watch the movie to find out. – [Nathan] Yeah. – [Jacob] That’s the deal with that. – [Julia] So I think that’s it. (Jacob and Nathan laugh) I’m in a room full of vampires again. – [Jacob] And a tiny man
with a big hat again. – [Julia] And a tiny
man in a big hat again. Is that– – [Jacob] So I think those
are the two requirements. Yeah.
Once they are complete, we know the episode is done. – [Nathan] Yes. – [Jacob] That’s how we know
we can move on with our lives. – [Julia] Yeah. (swoop) And yet not a Grimace’s ass to be found. – [Nathan] No Grimace’s
ass today, I’m sorry. And again, if you want
your own Grimace’s ass, please draw it and tweet at only Jacob. – [Jacob] Just wait until one of you pulls my rudest and most vile shape. – [Julia] I can’t wait. I’m so excited for the rude shape. – [Jacob] Yeah, you’re gonna hate it, everyone’s gonna hate it. (Nathan laughs) – [Julia] I’m excited, I hope I get it. – [Nathan] Look forward to
hating that on a new episode coming out sometime. – [Jacob] Sometime. – [Julia] I wanna get it. – [Nathan] And as always, you guys did a really good episode, I’m very proud of you. – [Jacob] I swear to God. – [Nathan] I couldn’t
see any of the drawings. – [Jacob] I’m hanging up
the phone, we’re sorry. – [Julia] Sorry. – [Nathan] Sorry. – [Jacob] Sorry.

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