Artists Draw Superheroes Based On Random Superpowers

Artists Draw Superheroes Based On Random Superpowers

– Welcome to Drawfee, where
we take your dumb ideas– – And make even dumber drawings. – I’m Jacob. – I’m Nathan. – I’m Julia. – And, guys, what is Oldes’s
day is Nues’s day once again. – [LAUGHS] – If a thing gets
old’s day enough, it eventually is reborn. – Jacob pulled out a scroll
and started reading from it. – Is this the– the mythical
eighth day of the week that the Beatles sang about? – Old’s day? – Old’s day. – Yeah. – Old’s day is now new’s day. – But today it’s new’s day. – Yeah. – It’s risen from the
ashes more beautiful and gallant than ever before. – We’ve done so many
different things, different iterations of drawing
challenges on this show, and then forget about
them for– for months. – Months, years. – Years even. – Generations of YouTubers
have lived and died since we last did one
of these episodes. – So we’ve excavated
one of our old– old faves. – Yeah. We found the bones and we
put them back together. And it was the Superhero,
Superpower Wiki Roulette. – And now it’s new’s day. – And now it’s new’s day. – [LAUGHS] – Isn’t it crazy how time works? – [LAUGHS] – The way this works is–
in case you haven’t seen one of our other ones– we’ve got–
we’re on the superpower Wiki, which is, if you want to check it out. – If you want to type that– – Excuse me. It’s superpower_wiki. – Yeah. You left out a very
important underscore. – They’ll get it. They’ll get it. The underscore was implied. – [LAUGHS] – So if you go to this page,
you can do a random page search and pull up a random power. And what we like to do is
pull up a couple random powers and then design a hero that
would use those powers. – That would combine
those powers. We’ve done that. We did heroes. We did villains. – Yeah. – We might have done this on a– on an upcoming Draga episode. – Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. – Did I ever do this? I don’t think I’ve
ever done this. – You might have done it– – You only did it on that– – I only did it on Draga. – On that Draga episode. – Well, you’re doing it now. – All right. – Which you guys can
expect at some point, soon. – [LAUGHS] At some point. – Very soon. It’s– – We’re talking about
it again, which means– – It’s approaching. – Someone’s working on it. – Can I please
start this episode? – Yes. – I’m going to
click a random page. – Do it. – Perfume magic. – Wow. – The power to utilize
magic involving perfume. – A smell– a smell-based– – Yeah, it’s a variation
of fragrance manipulation. Can cast magical
spells with perfume. – Magical smell spells. – Smell spells. OK. So we got someone smelly. – Sorry, can you scroll down
to limitations for a second. Magic has a price, is the top
line of the perfume magic– – All magic has a price. – Yeah. Why is it listed there? – Well, because that’s a
limitation on all magic. If you have a magical ability– – OK. – –it’s going to
have a price, a cost. – This isn’t a science-based
perfume ability. – No. – This is a– this is perfume magic. – This is perfume magic. – Mm. – Let’s see what
my second power is. Reactionary power. The ability to gain abilities
by reacting to things? – What does that mean? – Excuse me? – What? – The example they
have is just Wario. – It’s just Wario. – He gets numerous abilities
through reactionary means. You can’t explain the thing by
using the word in the thing. – I think they can. Let me read more. The user gains abilities
by reacting to things, sometimes without taking damage. For example, being set on fire
could allow enhanced speed. – What? – Being compressed
into a ball could allow for ball like abilities. Ball like abilities. – I wasn’t ready for that. Being set on fire could
lead to increased speed. Being compressed into a
ball could lead to ball like abilities. – Finally. – Bouncing, rolling– – I have the abilities– – Being thrown. – That a ball might have. And of course,
being stung by a bee could puff one’s face up
and allow them to float. – What? – Naturally. – This seems like a grab bag. – This does seem like a grab. – I think you can do with
it whatever you want. – The applications
seem to be anything. – Yeah, as long as
it’s a reaction. It needs some sort
of external stimulus. – Yes. To activate is what
it seems to be. But you get to decide
the parameters. It’s like a Jo-Jo stand. A lot a lot of them
are very conditional. – Yeah. So it’s like a Nen power from– – From Hunter Hunter. – From Hunter Hunter. – Yeah, it’s gotta meet a
certain type of condition. – Some sort of condition,
some sort of external force causes you to react, and
it gives you a power. – Yes. Like ball like abilities. – Like ball like abilities. Ball like abilities–
my new favorite thing. That’s so good. You know, all the
powers a ball has. – Yeah, you know
how balls are known for their many and
numerous power. – They roll, they bounce. – They can be thrown. Jacob. – You can dunk them. – Jacob. – Yeah. – That’s a good mouth. – This is what
we’re starting with? – We’re starting with a mouth. Or good mouth out approach. – We’re Going mouth
out on this one. I think I actually want
it to be a little more– – That was a false mouth. That was a practice mouth. – I want it to be a
little more smoochy. – Oh, OK. – That was pretty smoochy. – But this one is smoochy. – This looks really smoochy. – OK. – It’s so smoochy
it’s like a duck bill. – Yeah, even smoochier
than that one was. – And have we decided– are we all doing heroes? Or do we get to
decide whether we’re drawing a hero or villain? – I think it’s kind of
like we’ll feel it out. And it could go either way. – Cool. – Because I’m kind of
thinking mine’s power could be used for
good or for ill. – Right. – So really it depends
on the intentions. – Yeah, depends
on this character. Whether they seem like they
would be noble or more selfish. Do you remember those
like perfume things that have the ball that you squeeze,
and it squirts out the juice. – Yeah. That’s what your going for. – Because that’s another
ball like ability. Being able to squeeze. – Yes squeezeability. – Be squeeze. Balls cannot squeeze,
they can be squeezed. – Now this is a shape. – Yeah, I’ve got a
shape going on here. – This is– You know, I encourage
anyone watching to just keep their mind out
of the gutter while looking at this shape. – It sounds like your mind
is the only one that’s in the gutter. – I’m encouraging– – Right now, that’s
what that sounds like. – I’m encouraging
everyone, including myself, to keep their mind
out of the gutter when looking at this shape. This is just a
perfume bottle shape. It’s not reminiscent
of anything else. – Well maybe if you
stop talking about it, no one would be
thinking about it. – That’s what– no,
I’m trying to help. – You’re not helping. – I’m trying to
tell them not to. – You’re not helping. – I think I– – You’re not helping. – I think I’m helping. – You’re not helping. Julia, is he helping? – I plead the fifth. – Julia had such a serene
look on her face just then. Just staring wistfully. – I just– – Oh, yeah. So I think like– so it does a smooch– the lip smacking is
what creates the smell. – It squirts out the smell. – It’s sort of like a breath. – Yeah, it’s a really,
really fresh breath. – Yeah, and I think– – Oh, look at this. – That it’s the type of thing
where the reactionary part comes in where it based
on its like surroundings, it can create either like the
best smell for the situation, or the worst smell
for the situation. Depending on whether it’s being
used for good or for evil. This hero is more like a tool. They’re like chaotic neutral. – OK, I like that. – So they show up– – A force of chaos. – And depending on who squeeze– – Depending on who squeeze? OK so they need– – I’m going to have
like a hand up here. – The external
force in this case is the someone needs to squeeze? – Someone needs to squeeze,
and based on their– – So you can cripple
this hero just by making sure they’re isolated
from anyone who could squeeze. – Yeah, as long as no one
squeeze, then no problem. – No power. – No squeeze, no power. – This looks like a
rejected character from Beauty and the Beast. Lumiere, I am here. – Do you have to be? – Dude, stay away from me too. Like, I’m on fire. The combination of the
two of us will just– – We can make a flame thrower. If you squeeze me– – So violent. – And I blow my stinky,
stinky gas on your fire, it will create a powerful
flame that is also very stinky. – I don’t think we
need to do that. – We super don’t need that. Although, when the castle
was attacked, the flipping wardrobe, the chef dude
had all those knives, a few people had pitchforks. You know, I guess,
God, I guess it’s not out of the realm of
possibilities, huh, dude? – I’m just glad you are
willing to talk to me. No one else– everyone
else runs away whenever I show up
because I’m so stinky. – Because I can make a very bad
stink and it is not up to me. – This is just what
my life is like, and so I try to overcompensate
with confidence. But I’m very sad and lonely. – Please, I very much
need some friends. – Oh, he’s got a
little tank top. – My little tank
top does not help. This is my French accent. Please help me. My little tank top. – This is what my voice sounds
like when you squeeze me. – Makes it harder
to do the accent. – It makes it– – Every time Jacob tries
to do a French accent, it just becomes pan-European. – What? – But. – Wait! – I am French. – I am from France. – Hello, I’m a French! – Oh, good. – Just really, really alienating
our entire European fanbase. – Well, we’re trying
to do a Lumiere. You know, it’s not good. The things we do sometimes. You’ve got a little
star on his shirt. – He’s Steven Universe. – Yeah. – This is some weird
Steven Universe OC. – So yeah, depending
on how you squeeze– let’s say you were– – Yeah, give an example. – OK, if you were at a
nice dinner and it’s like– – Be our guest. – These beautiful food
smells everywhere, and this guy comes in, and
a bad apple in the crowd gives him a squeeze. – And then he smells
like a bad apple. – The whole place smells
like you know, rotten food. Or it smells like a dead rat. Or it smells like
something you wouldn’t want to small at a restaurant. – So the intent of the
person doing the squeeze informs the smell? – Yes. – So like, if is someone at
that same restaurant then went up and did a squeeze to
make it smell better– – Yeah, then it would smell
like the most delicious food. – Someone cooking food. – That you’ve ever smelled. – Some real nice–
some sizzling onions. – I have a question. – Yes. – Hat or head? – That’s his head. – That’s his head. – Oh, where’s his brain? – What do you mean? – That’s in there. – It’s in there? – Yeah, you’re
squeezing his brain. – You’re squeezing his
brain a little bit. – Yeah, it’s not good for him. It’s not comfortable for him. – Well he’s making
the best of it. – He’s making the best of it. – Look how surreal– – Please, God, I have
such a headache today! Please, do not squeeze me! Oh, God! – Oh, that actually
made me feel better. I think you killed
whatever brain cells were reacting to the pain. – I think it’s also worth noting
that he does not have a nose. So he is immune to
his own power, which means that he
doesn’t know if he’s doing good or bad until
people start reacting. – I am just that someone
is talking to me. – I’d crave human touch. Thank you. Most people try to
avoid touching me. It’s a very
unpleasant sensation, because that is my skin just
surrounding my soft squishy brain. My skull has melted away
as a result of this power. – My life is misery. I am lonely and I have no skull. – If anyone were to do a
particularly hard squeeze, I might die. – This guy’s name is L’Odore. – Oh! – L’Odore! – I L’Odore him. – Oh, thank you Nathan. Julia, do you L’Odore him? – I do. – Thank you. – Is he wearing– – I’m glad you both do. – Pants? – No, he doesn’t need them. Nathan, do you want
to make a hero? – I do not have genitals! They will take– – My life is so much misery! – That witch’s curse
really fucked me up. All right, yeah, I’ll do one. – Yeah, you come in. – All right, well
let me get my powers. Enhanced brain capacity. We were just talking
about brains. – So this is bigger brain. – Unlike L’Odore. – Big brain. The ability to use
one’s brain capacity far above the maximum level. Sub power of enhanced
condition, advanced version of maximum brain capacity. So enhanced is
better than maximum. – And that seems– I guess maximum– – It’s above maximum level. – I’m Super Saiyan-esque
powering up. I didn’t know someone’s
brain could be at that level! – Some real brain genius
bullshit going on here. – Extended knowledge
and usage of the brain. So it’s not like telekinesis
or anything like that. It’s just– – You’re just very smart. – You’re just better
at brain stuff– – Yeah, than anyone. – Than anyone. – Even people with
maximum brains. – Yeah, you’ve enhanced
beyond maximum. OK, so big big brain. – Big brain beyond maximum. – Big brain plays
coming at you combined with personal environment. The ability to
create a sphere that acts as a mini environment. – Like a hamster ball? – Like a force field. – Oh. – The environmental bubble. Micro environment. User can generate a
sphere around them that acts as their– yeah. Fresh air in an otherwise
hazardous environment. Regulating temperature. Regulating the weather. It’s just sort of like a
sort of a climate control. So this is actually– this
is a pretty chill combo. Because it basically means you
get to be comfortable and just sort of thinking. – Yeah, it seems like
they would really just do a ton of thinking
in their comfort bubble. – Yes, I think that’s sort
of what I’m going to do. It’d be the kind of hero where
like once in the story arc they would awaken
from their reverie and offer the one
piece of information that everyone needed. – Let’s just get a big
old brain coming in. – Yeah, enhanced
brain, beyond maximum. – It’s a big brain, but the
skull has expanded as well. So this is sort of a– – Well yeah, obviously
they figured out a way to do that with
their enhanced brain. – With their enhanced brain. – Does the brain even need
to be bigger to be enhanced? – No, not really. – I think it would
just be better. – OK so maybe– – Mojo Jojo had a big brain and
he wasn’t particularly smart. He could just talk like a human. – Yeah, well for him
that’s pretty good. – Yeah. – So then maybe this
isn’t the brain. Maybe they’re wearing
just like a big helmet to protect their brain. – Oh, that makes sense. And also to give the impression
that their brain is very big. Because they’re like,
well normal people– – They did the research. – Yeah, people will think
you’re smarter if it looks like your brain is really big. – This is just like a
bulbous Magneto helmet is what I’m drawing right now. – Or really big Elvis hair. Kind of and it looks like. Yep! – A big, shiny hair helmet. – Oh he’s giving me some
Marvin the Martian vibes. – It is kind of Marvin the
Martian-esque, what I’m doing. I guess I don’t have
any original designing. – Nothing’s original
anymore, man. – I never think about
Marvin the Martian. – I love Marvin the Martin. – He was the referee. – There’s a lot of things
I don’t think about, but Marvin the Martian is
really low on that list. Like, I forget him constantly. – He was the
referee in Space Jam because he is a
Tune and an alien. So he was the most impartial. – That makes sense. – I’m a Marvin the Martian
fan in the way where I haven’t watched
it since I was a kid and I decided that
I really liked Marvin the Martian the
most out of all the Looney Tunes characters. – That’s a weird pull. – And I have not
thought about it since. And because of that,
he stays my favorite. – There you go. – I mean, that’s fine I guess. – Yeah. – I don’t know if I have
a favorite Looney Tune. I don’t like any
of them that much. – I like Taz. – I have favorite skits. – I don’t like Taz. I definitely don’t like Taz. – Well. – Definitely don’t like Taz. – He’s gross and dirty and makes
loud sounds and is all spitty. I don’t want that. – Yosemite Sam’s
got some fun bits. – I do like Yosemite Sam. I like Foghorn Leghorn. – Foghorn leghorn is
just my grandfather. I think he’s like everyone’s
grandfather, really. But he reminds me so
much of my grandpa. – He’s everyone’s southern
lawyer grandfather. – He’s just reading. – Please don’t disturb me. Not that you could. Because I have my own
personal environment bubble. It’s impossible to disturb me. – I wish I had my own little
personal environment bubble. – We would never
hear from you again. – Yeah that’s true. – You would just be gone. – Yeah. – You wouldn’t come out of it. – I would get a
lot of work done. – It’s already hard
enough to just like get your attention while you’re
working without an environment bubble. – It really is impressive. We’re like the opposite
when it comes to working. I am the most easy to distract,
and Juliet is almost impossible to distract. – Yeah, it’s really impressive. – I’m all in. – I’ll lean really
close and just stare directly at the side of Julia’s
head while she’s working. And she won’t notice me. She didn’t even have peripheral
vision when she’s working. I’m like this. – Yeah, would you notice that
if I was doing that to you? – I did notice it. – I leaned really close to you. – You leaned really close to me. – But Julia does
not notice that. – No. – She’s in her personal
environment bubble. I get too into the zone. It’s all I think about
is what I’m working on. I go full focus I love
that he kind of has like a small little
body and his big head. And I love it. – He doesn’t need a big bod. – No. – He has a big brain. – Got big brains. – I guess he could if he
wanted to have a big bod. If he wanted to go work out. – Like if he wanted– well,
because he knows all the best workout techniques. – Yeah. He’s done a lot of research. He knows if he were
to start working out, he could really make
some fast gains. Cause he’s got
all the knowledge. – Yeah. He knows the exact
workouts that he would need and the exact diets. – Yeah, he’s not
doing any of that. But he does know it. And that’s gotta
count for something. – You know what? Working out? Not important to him. And that’s fine. He’s working on
his brain muscle. – I’m going to give him a cape. – In his research he’s
determined that he likes capes. – He does like capes. – Because then he can just pull
it over himself and take a nap. He could pull it over himself
and use it like a blanket and just go to sleep. – He could swaddle up. He can swaddle up. Yeah, let’s get that
sort of coming around. – It took him 1,000
years of research to determine if he liked capes. – Yeah. And then like what
kind of material. – But he did 1,000 years
of research in one day. – Whoa! – What would have taken you
1,000 years has taken me just a few minutes. Because I am– – I could have known
that I liked capes. I already know that. I don’t need 1,000
years of research. – Do you really know– – I’m pretty sure. – Anything? – I guess not. I guess you’re right. – Give him like–
yeah, here we go. – I want you guys to know that
I Googled Marvin the Martian and the top question for him
is does Marvin the Martian have a girlfriend. – Because people are looking. People are interested. – Yeah, people are interested. – I don’t think– I think Marvin the
Martian’s asexual. – Well, apparently, Marvin
the Martian has had– – Sex. – A girlfriend. – Canonical. – Her name was Queen Tyranny. – Queen Tyranny? – Oh, dang! – Yeah. – Damn, Marvin. Dating up, huh? – She does not love Marvin. – Oh. – And she loves Duck Dodgers. – Oh, of course she does. – Everyone loves Duck Dodgers. – Fucking Duck Dodgers. How could you resist that bill? – It’s got a little
environment in here. – It’s his favorite environment. – Maybe some– just like, yeah,
just a nice sort of partially cloudy, slight breeze. – Yeah, very comfortable. The type of environment
you don’t even notice. – Got a little sun peeking
out behind the clouds. Just a little sun. – Yeah, but not enough to cast
a glare or hurt your eyes. It just provides perfect
lighting conditions so that he can read his book. He’s probably reading like
Twilight or something. I bet he’s got a
book in that book that’s like a trashy
romance novel. – Absolutely. – He’s like please don’t
interrupt my research. It’s very important that
I finish this chapter. – I’m doing some reading
that you would never be able to comprehend. Bella, why are you choosing–
why are you choosing that guy? Come on, everyone sucks here. – Yes, I’m reading Twilight! But I’m doing it ironically! – Be a strong,
independent woman. – I’m very smart! – It’s– you know, just trying
to read what the humans are readings so that I may
understand human culture better. – He is a human. – I was once a human. But I have ascended. And now I am just The Brain Man. – Have you met my bird? My little friend? – Smart Book for Smarts. Smarties? – Smarts. – Smarts. Love it. – Smart Book for Smarts. Well I guess he’s got
to wear like, a diaper. Because he doesn’t want to leave
his little environment bubble. – He hasn’t figured out any
technology better than diaper for dealing with waste? – It’s a high tech diaper. – This is a high tech diaper. – It’s a high tech diaper. It’s got like one of
these tubies that goes– – It’s different than a
diaper a baby would wear. Mine has a tube. – Mine has a tube and it goes– there it goes. – Please don’t step on my tube. – All of my dooties and
peepees go through this tube. – Do not step on
the doodoo tube. – I’m too smart to waste
time going to the bathroom when my doodies and peepees
can just go out through a tube. Now please leave me alone. – Beautiful. I love him. – I need to come up
with a name for him. This is, of course– – Dooties Ronamus. – That’s bad. – Let’s see. Brainiac, already a thing. Is it just– is it
just Bubble Man? – It could just be Bubble Man. – I think this is– – Bubble Brain? – I think this– Bubble Brain. Bubble Brain. – This is Bubble Brain
and his poo tube. His famous poo tube. – Yeah, bubble brain and
his sidekick poo tube. It’s like how Tony
Stark has Jarvis. The poo tube does talk to him. – Man, based on our
content, we should be uploading to poo tube instead. Know what I’m saying? – All right, let me draw. – We’re bad. – All right. So I’m going to look
up my superpowers. First one is dream
world manipulation. Great, the ability to
manipulate the dream world. – Great. – Great. – Sweet. – Cool. – So they can come
into your dreams. – Yeah, and then
just mess you up. – And really just do all sorts
of bad bullshit in there. – The user can create,
shape, and manipulate the dream world and
everything in them including all the
aspects of urban areas from the purely physical
ones and also mythical and conceptual ones. All right. And my second power is
healing empowerment. The power to gain
strength from healing. Don’t we all? – Well, I think
from healing others. Maybe. Or is it not? The user becomes stronger,
faster, more durable, et cetera from healing others. – I was right. – OK, possibly
unlocking abilities related to the affinity
enhancing their existing powers. OK. – So they heal and
they get stronger. This person’s like
a dream healer. Like a– – Dream healer! – They sound like a quack. – Yeah. – They show up in your dreams. And they heal you. – And they demand money. – And they heal you
and then they get stronger by demanding money. Yeah, definitely sounds
like dream healing. That’s a pyramid
scheme for sure. – I went to a dream
healer for the first time and it really changed the way
I interact with my dreams. I sleep so much better now. It’s like, let me
just tell you about it for the next 30 to 40 minutes. – Are you going to– OK, because you missed
a lot of days of work. – I was dream healing. I’m going to be a much
better employee now. – OK, I’m looking
forward to that. – I’m no longer the same
person you knew because I went to dream healing. And now I’m different. Now I’m better. – But then you look down. You’re in your underwear. It’s still a dream. – It’s still a dream. – You’re still in the dream. How do you know
when the dream ends? It’s why you gotta get a totem. Inception. – Inception. – Inception. – There was no part of
Inception where they looked down and they were in
their underwear. And I think that’s the least
believable part of Inception. – There’s not nearly enough
high school gym teachers. – Yeah, no one had to
go back to math class. – No one had to build a go kart
with their estranged uncle. – Yeah. They only dream about was
being chased by bad guys. – Yeah, all they dreamed
about was like cool hotels and like guns. – Action set pieces. – Yeah. I never dream about that. – I never dream
about that at all. I dream about a scary bear. And then my legs don’t work. And I’m trying to move. And then just like
lots of escalators. Lots of just like weirdly
narrow escalators. – Yeah, not enough escalators. Not enough you’re driving a
car and you lose control of it, but your limbs won’t work
fast enough to hit the brakes or turn the wheel. – Driving dreams
are crazy for me because I do not have
a driver’s license, and my brain knows this. So anytime I’m
driving in a dream, I’m like I should
not be doing this. – I don’t know how to do this. – I am going to get in trouble. Or– – Dead. – Or dead. I’m usually more worried
about getting in trouble. And then of course
the brakes don’t work. – Yeah, naturally. They never work in dreams. – The brakes don’t work. The accelerator works great. – Yeah, too good,
some might say. – I don’t think I’ve ever
had a dream about driving. – That can’t be true. – Lucky you. – I think I really have never
had a dream about driving. I have a lot of dreams
about where I’m not– like there’s a situation
that I did not cause, but then I feel like I have to– it’s my fault. That’s
always my dream. It’s like, oh there’s a
bad situation going on. Whoops, I did this. But it wasn’t me. So it’s just me feeling
guilty for doing nothing. Those are my dreams. – Wow. – Yeah. – That sounds like bullshit. – Yeah. – So your subconscious
is just constantly telling you that you’re
not doing enough, even though you do the most
of any person that I know. – So it’s like, oh,
you’ve caused problems. You should fix it. – Your inaction caused problems. – Yeah. – And then Julia comes to work
and does everything forever. – And then goes home
and goes to sleep, and then her brain
says didn’t do enough. – Didn’t do enough. – Didn’t do enough. – Going to have to do more. – Look at all these dream
people who are mad at you. – Look at all these
problems you Caused. – Oh man, but I did have
a dream not too long ago. And I told Jacob
about it because it was the weirdest thing. I had a dream that
I was a Jedi that was fighting Just Two Things. The Clan of Just
Two Things which is just those t-shirts
that combine two things. – You were fighting t-shirts? – No, but I was fighting
like the things that would go on the t-shirts that
are Just Two Things. – You were fighting like
Red Deadpool Redemption. – Yeah, that’s exactly it. – OK. And that was my whole dream. Was that I was fighting
the Just Two Things Clan. – Just Two Things Clan. Everything has the
power of two things. – Of two things. – That’s sort of what we’re
doing on this episode. Is we’re combining two things. – Yeah. – So who– what’s
this guy’s deal? He’s just wearing a nice suit. – Yeah, you’re drawn a man
in a suit again, Julia. I don’t know how
to tell you this, but no matter your prompt,
you draw a man in a suit. – Which Pokemon is this? – Well I want him to be– so we had joked that he’s
like a psychologist that pops into your dream to
kind of help you out, you know, to try to heal you. – I see. – You know, he’s like you don’t
have time for a psychologist. Well, I’m here. – Let’s work through this. – Yeah. He’s like, I can help
you when you sleep. – So you’re going to therapy
while you sleep basically. – Yeah. But– – Pretty good gig. Pretty good racket. – I’m not going to– – This is like a good
superpower to have as part of a superhero team. Because I imagine
lots of superheroes are wracked with
guilt and emotions about sort of the
power that they have and the responsibility that’s
been thrust upon them that they don’t ever really have time to
deal with in the waking world. – So they do it when they sleep. – So they do it when
they sleep and then they’re a more effective crime
fighting team when they wake. – But what they don’t know
is that each time this guy does one of these sessions,
he’s getting strong. – He gets stronger. Yeah. – And I think he ends up
being a secret villain. – OK because he knows all
of their deepest fears and weaknesses. – And he’s been
hoarding this power that he gains from doing this. – So he shows up and he’s
like your team you guys, you know, you don’t have
time to go to therapy. Because you’re out
fighting crime. Let me help you while you sleep. Deal with all of
the ramifications. And they’re like, yeah,
sounds like a good deal. And then– – Next thing you know. – Next thing you know,
he’s super strong. – And you’re in your underwear. – And you’re in your underwear. Well, this is a dream. – This is a dream. So, yeah. I think that’s him. And he’s also like– – Tiny stool. – Yeah, he’s sitting on
a little tiny school. – Aren’t you usually on
like a comfortable couch when you’re getting therapy? – Yeah, but in
dreams there’s always like some weird uncanny valley. Like something’s
a little bit off. Just so you feel a
little bit uncomfortable throughout the entire dream. You know? – In the dream world, they
haven’t invented chairs. It’s only tiny stools in
this particular dreamscape. – Yeah. This guy’s also a
villain because he’s one of those dudes who sounds
like he’s there to help you, but really just
doing the opposite. That’s like some true
real world villainry. – Is he gaslighting him? Doing some gaslighting? – Well I think he’s just
like, yes, I will help. – Now what– – So it’s a dream, right? – Uh huh. Is he– – Maybe he’s working
on some phobias? – So he’s a big– – He’s got a big bug body. – So he’s got a big– – Yeah, maybe this
guy’s like scared of– – Scared of big bugs. – Therapists with bug bodies. – Therapists with bug bodies. – Unnatural. – Immersion therapy. – Irrational fear for sure. – Yeah. – If this guy showed up
in my dreams as a tomato, I don’t know what I’d do. I’d lose my mind. – And you’re not
wearing any clothes. That’s more skin. – Yeah, there’s less
stuff to protect me. – From the things that
tomato can do to you. Which who knows how
many things there are? – I mean, it’s going to
get its gross juice on me. – That’s for sure. – Know that. – That’s absolutely true. – Tomatoes are so stupid juicy. – Stupid juicy. – That sounds like a compliment
when you say it that way. – Stupid juicy. – These tomatoes
are stupid juicy. – It’s not a– oh. I have to go. – Gotta go get a tomato to
snack on, am I right, buddy? This is a dream. – This is a dream. You’re stuck in a nightmare. – I need to wake up. – You’re getting
therapy right now. I’m licensed. – Have you guys ever had dreams
about recording episodes? – I have not, actually. – I’ve definitely had dreams
where we’re doing live shows. – Yeah. – Yeah, I’ve
definitely had that. – Yeah. I usually get those
sort of stressed dreams before guest episodes. Where I just make a complete
ass of myself with the guest. And I’m like, well, I blew it. – We’ll never have
a guest again. – I didn’t blow it yet. – I didn’t blow it yet. – Still time to blow it. – I guess it’ll g– I hope it goes better than that. – Yeah, I feel like that’s
your brain’s way of being like, well listen, it won’t
be as bad as this. Worst case scenario. – But I wouldn’t
think it was going to be that bad if my
brain didn’t convince me it was going to. – Well, you know, anytime
I interact with ProZD, and he doesn’t hate me
afterwards, I call it a win. – I did a whole
recording with ProZD where I refused
to take his soul. So if he doesn’t hate us after
that, we’re doing pretty OK. – We’re doing OK. – He’s just in a
gross cave as well. You know? He’s just like, oh my God,
there could be bugs everywhere. I’m just so itchy. – That’s real drippy. I bet he has to go
to the bathroom. – Oh, that’s true, yeah. – It’s so wet in there. He’s dreaming this because
he’s got to go pee. And he’s like not yet. We gotta work
through some stuff. – We’re in the
middle of a session. Do not pee your pants. Well I guess you’re not wearing
pants, so it’s probably fine. – Should have little
hearts on his boxers. Never actually
seen heart boxers. – You’ve never
seen heart boxers? – In real life. – In real life. OK. – They’re– for how common
they are in cartoons. They’re incredibly
rare for real life. – Yeah that’s true – Anyway. – So there you go. – There’s my dude. – What’s his name though? He doesn’t have a name. – Yeah my– the bar’s
pretty low with– L’Odore is very good. Bubble Brain not as good. – It’s pretty good. – It’s OK. It’s got the
alliteration at least. – Yeah. Is this guy like Dr.
Hypno or something? – Stuff like Doctor– – Dr. Eam. – That’s pretty funny. – Yeah. – This is Dr. Eam. – Yep, absolutely. It’s Dr. Eam. – Well great work guys. This is always fun to return
to one of our old formats. – Yeah. – Do it again, give
it another shot. – I don’t want this
superhero team anywhere near me or my children. – I don’t think
you have to worry about Bubble Brain wanting
anything to do with you. – That’s true. – And really Dr. Eam is the
one we have to worry about. – Yeah, Dr. Eam, yeah. Because at least you can
smell L’Odore coming. – And he’s not going to do
anything on his own volition. – And you can just squeeze him
to make him undo whatever– – To make a nice smell. – Yeah. As long as you get him
in squeezing range, you’re pretty good. – I can’t believe we’ve done a
superhero episode where we’ve made two neither superheroes
nor villains that are just people who want to be. And have powers. – Yeah. Listen, it’s– – And then one villain. – Listen, writing
superheroes is something that takes skill to create
interesting characters that have motivations and goals. And we appreciate the people
who do it professionally. – Like us. – Like us. – Then we’re professionals. – Julia did just
create a nightmare which will haunt my nightmares. So good work. – Thank you. – And thanks for
watching everybody. Let us know what
other stuff you’d like to see in the comments below. And as always, we’re sorry. – Sorry. – Sorry.

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    ALSO, names;
    1. Monsieur Spray
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    You are welcome.

  4. i actually love Dr. Eam, that's a pretty cool idea.
    And since you're revisiting past challenges… how about some more random SCP? Just uh… keep Nathan away from SCP-504.

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    edit: i love the idea of this that i couldn't stop thinking about it. what if the team didn't even know who the guy was and he just appears in each of their dreams with a different face and they think nothing of it at first because to them hes just a character in their dreams who helps them out, but as the nights go on the start having more and more night mares and they slowly descend into madness which only makes it harder for them to stay awake and to find him,

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  12. I'm trying to sneak around but my tomatoes are dummy juicy and the drip of the tomatoes keeps alerting the guards

  13. Ichiya from fairytail also has perfume magic and his body responds to whatever perfume he uses.. n1 is easy imo

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  15. 30:01 he writes Lovecraftian horror in his free time and in the dream world makes up monsters which come into existence in his dreams.

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  25. How about draw original characters based off what you think a person from that state would look like? I vote Alaska first 😉

  26. reactionary power is cartoony, like wile e coyote running over a gap and not falling until he looks down but in reverse

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