Artists Draw Pokemon As Dark Souls Bosses

Artists Draw Pokemon As Dark Souls Bosses

– [Jacob] Welcome to Drawfee,
where we take your dumb ideas. – [Julia] And make even dumber drawings. – I’m Jacob.
– I’m Julia. – [Karina] And I’m Karina. – [Jacob] And guys, we’ve come up with a combination of words– – [Julia] The crossover of the century. – [Jacob] That I think
you’re gonna like to hear. – Yes.
– And I guess, to be fair, it wasn’t us that came up with
this combination of words. It was a fan of the show, Ndidi Nahusi, who said, “Pokemon Dark Souls.” (Karina gasps) – [Julia] Love me some crossovers. – Wow.
– And they put a little smiley face.
– That’s the words they said. They said those three words in that order. And we all died and went to heaven, and now that’s where were drawing from (mystical harp music)
is from heaven. So the way this will work is, I’ve got a random number
generator from one to 807, the current number of Pokemon there are. – [Julia] Is that true? – [Jacob] Yes. – [Julia] Are all the
comments gonna be like, uh, actually.
– Excuse me. – [Julia] One of the
Pokemon only kind of counts. – I don’t fuckin’ care.
– It’s technically 808. – [Jacob] I couldn’t care less. We’re doing–
– Ash died, and his ghost came back,
and it became a Pokemon. (Karina laughs) – [Jacob] We’ll include Ash’s
ghost Pokemon on the list. I’m gonna do a random number, and then use that Pokemon.
– Use. – [Jacob] And then I’m gonna
do a Dark Souls boss on it. – [Julia] Yeah, use it. – [Jacob] 227. – Wow.
– Oh, boy. – [Jacob] Okay, let’s see what I got. Pokemon 227, Skarmory. – [Karina] Skarmory. – [Jacob] That’s the metal bird. Now, this is a good
Pokemon for Dark Souls. – [Julia] Metal bird. – [Jacob] ‘Cause it’s an armor bird. – [Julia] He loves some death metal. – Yeah.
– And he loves– (Jacob growls) Yeah. – [Jacob] I feel like this is something that would already exist in Dark Souls. – [Julia] That’s true. – [Karina] Now you can make double sure. – [Jacob] Okay, I feel like– – [Julia] He has blades for wings. – [Jacob] He does have blades for wings. – [Julia] I guess if he is,
yeah, it says armor bird. I do wanna say that one of his abilities appears to be weak armor,
which, he’s an armor bird? That seems counter-productive. – [Jacob] I think that he maybe weakens the armor of other birds. (lighthearted whistling music) – [Julia] ‘Cause they look at his armor, and they’re like–
– And his armor can’t be too heavy, he’s gotta fly. – Yeah, he does have to fly.
– That’s true. Well, it’s like a plane.
– He’s gotta get places. – [Julia] You know? – [Karina] I don’t understand
how planes work. (laughs) – [Julia] Fair. People who design planes don’t
understand how planes work. There is an ongoing debate
on what the prevalent rule that keeps planes up is. Is it the updraft, or is it, I don’t know.
– Well, that’s kinda of– – Engine power.
– A scary thought. I would think at least
the people who make them would know what they’re doing. – [Jacob] The people that make them don’t know the answer to that question? – [Julia] No, they don’t know which rule is the more important one. (Jacob and Karina laugh) – [Jacob] Well, whatever it is, they’re good at making
planes stay up there. – [Julia] Yeah. – [Jacob] At least, that’s good, right? – [Julia] Yeah. – [Karina] (chuckles) Yeah. – [Julia] I choose to
read this Pokemon’s name as Ska Roomry. – [Karina] Roomry? – [Jacob] So you’re saying
your preferred method is Ska Ermery? – [Julia] Yeah, he’s a big fan of ska. – [Jacob] It’s got such a good flow to it.
– Then what’s the Ermery part? – [Julia] That’s his name. – [Karina] Ermery? – [Julia] Yeah, and then
he joined a ska band, and he was like, “Hey,
call me Ska Ermery.” (Jacob and Karina laugh) – [Jacob] This bit sucks. So I’m trying to figure out how to really make this metal as hell. And I think sword tail. I want it like a big bird, sort of more like a drake, though. – [Karina] Sword everything. – [Jacob] So dragony, sword
everything is pretty good. – Sword everything.
– I do like that. – [Jacob] Sword are everything. (Karina laughs) I mean, these things over here
are definitely big blades, just like they are on Poke,
on the Poke themselves. – [Julia] So with Dark
Souls, I like to work my way from lore back into
design of these things. What if Skarmory is the embodiment of all of the dudes that
went to go fight someone, and their weapons that got left behind. – [Jacob] Became a bird. – Became a bird.
– Ooh. – [Jacob] I mean, that’s pretty rad. I don’t know why that would happen, but I like that it did happen. – [Julia] I don’t know
enough about Dark Souls to make this connect to the cannon.
– I mean, if we are coming up
with some bullshit like, the weapons were of great warriors, and they were imbued with
the spirits of the warriors, but now that the warriors are
gone, the weapons still roam. – [Julia] Yeah, and then a
bird that liked shiny things came over and was like, “I’ma possess that.”
– A bird happened. – [Jacob] Yeah, a bird fell
into the pile of weapons noise was like, “Shit!”
and then tried to get away. – [Julia] Like a cat when they
get tape stuck to their paw. – [Karina] Aw. – [Julia] And they just
sprint all over the place. – [Jacob] Yeah, exactly like that. But it’s a bird covered in blades. – [Julia] Yeah. – [Jacob] I could definitely
see something like this existing in Dark Souls. – [Julia] Yeah. – [Jacob] Or it could even be like a bird or a dragon or something
that was experimented on for battle purposes, as you do. – [Julia] Right. – [Jacob] And then whoever
was doing the experimenting is long since gone at this
point, but the bird still lives. And it’s just out there terrorizing. – [Julia] Right. – [Jacob] Doin’ some real messed up shizz. You’ll notice that this
bird is called armor bird, and so far I’ve only given it blades. – [Julia] Ska. You didn’t address–
– Stop saying ska! – You gonna give it some ska?
– You didn’t address the ska. – [Karina] You gonna give it
a little trumpet or somethin’? – [Jacob] This will not have a trumpet. Take this seriously. – [Julia] Did you know that
ska came before reggae? – [Jacob] Take this seriously. You’re currently taking it
un-seriously, which I hate. (Julia sniggers)
So I think, it’s not a ska bird! – [Julia] It’s a ska bird. – [Karina] I really like this
image we have as reference. I never noticed how
much Skarmory was shaped like a bowling ball pin. – [Julia] Oh, he is, though. – [Karina] Yeah. – [Jacob] Yeah, he super is. – [Julia] Oh, I kinda love him now. – [Jacob] You hated him before? – [Julia] Hey, you know what
happens a lot of the times at bowling alleys? Ska concerts. You know what a lot of ska people wore as shirts in the ’90s? Bowling shirts. I’m seeing a connection here. And I want you to acknowledge it. (Julia and Karina laugh) Don’t look at me like that. – [Jacob] I’m over here
trying to make a good drawing for the fans to enjoy. – [Julia] You’re not trying, you’re doing. – [Jacob] And you’re back here talkin’ some real ska bullshit. Although, you know, you
have got me thinking. – Mm-hmm.
– Oh boy. – [Jacob] About what
a ska armory would be. Like if the great ska wars happened, and like all of the ska
guys to go armor up. – [Karina] Go to war? – To go to war.
– You know that so many trumpets would be made into helmets. – [Jacob] It would definitely
be like a lot of horn-related. – [Julia] Yeah. – [Karina] That’s really the gist of it. – [Jacob] So here’s a spooky head. Oh, and it’s got these neck things going on, too.
– Yeah, it’s got a little choker.
– Yeah, that’s cool. Yeah, that’s pretty cool, I’d say. – [Julia] I’m looking up ska facts. – [Jacob] Julia, I need you
here, present on this episode. – [Julia] I’m here present on the episode. I’m lookin’ up ska facts.
– You’re over there giggling to yourself at ska
facts that you’re reading off of your phone.
– Because the first–
– Those are only tangentially related to what we’re doing. – [Jacob] I’m trying to draw. I can only talk so much. Karina’s over here doin’ her dang best. – The first–
– I’m really not. – [Jacob] You’re reading ska– – The first result–
– Karina’s over here giving 30%. (Karina laughs) – [Julia] The first result for ska facts is ska facts for kids, and I don’t know why it’s
specifically for kids. And that made me laugh. – [Karina] It just means they
don’t have any curse words in them, for kids. – [Jacob] Yeah, it’s ska light. You know, I think if
you’re on a dating website and you’re about to go out with a guy, but you’re worried that he may have formerly been a ska dude, you can look up his Ska-fax history report and get that information
about his past ska endeavors. (Karina sighs heavily) – [Julia] You know what
you do when you want, after you look up your Ska-fax about this dude you wanna date? You go pick it up, pick it pick. (Karina giggles) – [Jacob] You’re an asshole. (Julia and Karina laugh) – [Julia] Jacob, you’re
doin’ a wonderful job with this Skarmory.
– Thank you. – [Karina] With this ska bird. – [Julia] This ska bird. – [Jacob] Feels like a plumage situation going on.
– Yeah, oh. So that’ll be a horn–
– It looks like the– – [Karina] With a megatooth ska. – [Jacob] Oh, (mutters) god damn it. (group laughs) I do wanna make it a horn, though. – [Karina] I guess it’s not a horn, but I thought it was a horn. – [Julia] I like it. I mean, it’s giving me curling vibes, like the handles that’s on the
top of the stones in curling. – [Karina] Oh. – [Julia] That’s what I was thinkin’ of. – [Jacob] That’s what you
were thinkin’ of, huh? – [Karina] This bird’s got
a lot of stuff going on. It’s got ska, it’s got sports. (laughs) – [Jacob] This bird’s got hobbies. (Julia and Karina laugh) – [Karina] It’s part
bowling, part curling. – [Jacob] This bird’s got shit to do. – [Karina] Never a dull
day with Ska Ermery. (Julia laughs) – [Jacob] Perfect, flawless. So happy to be here with both of you. I miss Nathan. (group laughs) Nathan wouldn’t be doin’ this. He probably would be doin’ this. – [Julia] He would be
making up more clever puns. – [Jacob] That’s probably also true. Oh yeah, so if we make it like plates, like actual plates that are
strapped onto this bird. – [Julia] This was like
someone’s steed into battle. – Yeah, I think that’s–
– This is like a dragon version of Sif. – [Jacob] Siv. – Is it Sif, Siv?
– Sif. – [Julia] Did I say the right thing? – [Jacob] Yes, you did. I’m proud of you.
– Yay! – [Jacob] This leg is not right. – [Karina] I think they have longer legs, like this is an action shot. – Wait, what do you mean?
– If you want that as an option, I think you have
artistic license on this leg. – Oh, then I can–
– Yeah, you could give him some dope haunches. – [Jacob] Well, he has a dope haunch. It’s right here. – Yeah, but really–
– I’m just trying to decide which way–
– Lean into it. – [Jacob] The leg goes, you know. – [Julia] I like him going
in to reach in for something. You know, his claws are front. – [Jacob] Like he’s comin’ down. Maybe he’s doin’ a dive.
– Yeah, he’s about to grab somethin’ off the ground. – [Jacob] Yeah, he’s doin’ a dive. This is all metal. – [Julia] This bird should
definitely avoid all fish. – [Jacob] There’s blades. – [Julia] He’ll just drown. – [Jacob] Yeah, this is
not an ocean-faring bird. This bird hunts on land for big
prey, like bears and tigers, and man, the most dangerous game. (Karina laughs) It’s doing a big dive. You’ve gotta watch out for the big dive. – [Julia] Yeah. – [Jacob] So that’s gonna be comin’ up like this.
– That’s when he jumps off stage during the ska concert, and he does a crowd dive,
but it’s like a deep dive. So he really just goes
as far back as he can into the crowd.
– Yeah. – [Julia] It’s a deep dive. Hey, you want me to deep dive
on some ska facts for ya? – [Karina] Only if they’re for kids. – [Julia] I don’t think
Jacob’s talking to me anymore. – [Karina] Hey, hey Jacob. Hey Jacob. – [Jacob] I’m done
speaking in this episode. (Jacob and Karina laugh) I’ve done what I can do, and
it wasn’t enough to stop you. I think that the tail has a shield on it. – [Karina] The tail on the Poke has a pretty interesting shape. – [Jacob] Yeah, but I’m ignoring that. – [Julia] He has like a bottle opener for a tail.
– Oh, he does! – [Jacob] Yeah, it does
look like a bottle opener for crackin’ open a brewski. – [Karina] Literally what it is. – [Jacob] No, I want the
tail to have a big shield so it can block.
– Oh. – [Jacob] ‘Cause it’s an armor Poke. – [Julia] Yeah. – [Jacob] As we’ve established, as I’ve perfectly demonstrated here, this Pokemon is an armor Pokemon. – [Karina] Oh, this is one
of those new legendaries. – [Jacob] Oh yeah, Sword and Shield. And this one’s got
swords, it’s got shields. – It’s got everything!
– It’s got everything. This is gonna be the one in
the other version they make that has like all of ’em, which everyone is jokingly
saying is gonna be Pokemon Gun, which I do think is very funny. And I hope that’s what they do. – [Karina] I do like
the fact that the shield is on the back-most part of the body. – (laughs) Yeah.
– Yeah, what’s it blockin’? – [Jacob] Well, it swings forward to block if it needs to, you know. I feel like this Pokemon’s
got a lot of mobility. So it can spin around.
– It’s very flexible. – [Jacob] It can deflect, deflect blows. Okay, I think this is about done. It’s think this is Dark Souls Skarmory. – Yeow.
– And in the render, it’s gonna have all these scuffs and dirt. And it’s gonna be old and shitty, and the helmet’s gonna be cracked, all that cool stuff everyone
likes from Dark Souls. – [Julia And Karina] Yeah. – [Jacob] When things
are all old and rusty and dusty and busty. All right, I think I’m done. – Yeah.
– Sweet. – [Jacob] Karina, do you
wanna jump in and do one? – [Karina] I wanna jump in and do one. – [Jacob] You should jump in and do one. – [Karina] I’m comin’. – [Julia] All right, Karina, pull up your random number– – Okay.
– In the generator. – 631.
– 631. – [Group] Heatmor! – Oh, oh, it’s a little–
– Oh. – Oh, it’s–
– Oh. – [Karina] What do you call it? – Oh, he rules.
– And he’s a– – [Julia And Karina] Anteater! – [Jacob] He’s an anteater with fire comin’ out of his little face. Oh, I like this one.
– Oh, yeah. This rules. – [Jacob] This guy’s cool. – [Karina] I feel like I’ve seen this one like once ever in my life, maybe. I’m just gonna get a little body in, get a little somethin’ going.
– I love this, this squat that this anteater has. – [Jacob] I mean, there are
some silly-looking enemies in Dark Souls, also. – [Karina] I imagine. – [Jacob] And sometimes
that’s even scarier. ‘Cause you’re like, this
is a scary, weird world, and somehow this stupid, idiot thing has survived this whole time to come at me in the
damn sewers or whatever. – [Julia] I’m trying to remember any dumb Dark Souls enemies. And the only one that I can think of is very funny to just run past that I saw on the Summer Games Done Quick, which is the dudes that just
have big lumps on their backs, and they just look at you like (groans). – [Jacob] Oh yeah, the egg-a-men. – [Julia] The egg-a-men. – [Karina] The egg-a-men? – [Jacob] They got eggs on their back. – Aw. (laughs)
– Because they worship the spider queen. – Oh, is that their deal?
– Ah, oh, ew. – [Jacob] Yeah, they’re like
disciples of the spider lady. And they worship her. And so they get egged, basically. – [Julia] Yeah. – [Jacob] And in the game,
you can also get egged. – Oh.
– And if you do, and you don’t do anything
about it for long enough, eventually, your head turns into an egg. – Oh.
– Wow. – [Jacob] And you can’t
wear a helmet anymore, but you can squirt a little
leech out of your head– – Ew.
– At enemies. – [Julia] Nice. – [Jacob] So that’s somethin’. – [Julia] That’s very Binding of Isaac. – [Jacob] That’s a
lesser-known thing you can do in Dark Souls is make your head an egg and squirt shit at foes. – [Karina] What a good feature. (laughs) – [Jacob] Yeah, it’s a
pretty good feature, I think. – [Karina] Here’s a form. – [Jacob] This is a good form so far. This is already spooky-lookin’. – [Julia] It’s nice and lumpy like a Dark Souls.
– It’s got– – [Jacob] Yeah. – [Karina] Big ol’ claws. – [Jacob] I think you went a
good, you made a good decision in taking the shape of the exisTing thing, and then being like, all right,
now how can I fuck this up? – [Karina] How do I make it lumpy? – Just push it.
– Yeah. – [Julia] Yeah. – [Jacob] As opposed to my method, which was let’s just
draw a whole damn thing, a whole new thing. – [Julia] Imagine this guy
just like, you turn a corner, and he’s just squattin’ like this. – Yeah.
– Right. – [Jacob] ‘Cause it’s
like, in the Souls games, everything’s kinda got its own history. And nothing’s really there for you. So you’d definitely be
underground in a burrow, and you would come across
these guys doin’ their thing. And they’d probably be very territorial. – [Karina] Mm-hmm, he’s gonna be real big. Like if this is a little
burrow, here’s your little– – Oh.
– That looks good. – [Karina] I don’t know
which ones these are. Are they stalag– – [Julia] Those are stalactites. – ‘Tites?
– Those are ‘tite. – [Julia] Those are ‘tites. – [Karina] (laughs) Thank you. – [Jacob] So you come into what to you is a very big chamber. – [Karina] Yeah. – [Jacob] But to this fellow– – [Karina] He’s doing a little squat. – [Jacob] He’s gotta
really squish in here. – [Karina] Yeah. – [Jacob] And he hates it. And so he’s gonna kill you.
– I see he has a little, is it a little butt pipe? – [Jacob] It looks like an exhaust pipe on his butt.
– Oh, my goodness. This guy’s got it all. He’s kinda enginey, I guess. – [Jacob] He is kinda enginey. – [Karina] I don’t know what
is going on in his lower front. – [Jacob] Oh, that’s his dick. – [Karina] There’s two. – [Jacob] Yeah, yeah,
unfortunately, there are two. – [Julia] He’s bi-dickle. (Karina laughs) That’s what that’s called, right? – He’s bi-dickle.
– That’s the term. (group laughs) – [Jacob] It’s like a bicycle that I have no interest in riding. I like, on the original
one here, this armor, this wrist armor that he already has. – [Karina] I think it’s like, ’cause he looks kind of machiney. – Yeah.
– So that’s what? It’s like car parts. – [Julia] I am getting
some real Knuckles energy out of this dude. – Yeah, there is some.
– Knuckles from Sonic. – [Jacob] There is some
Knuckles energy for sure. I think the lore would be, in this game, these moles kind of crawl
through the deep earth, and they run through
remnants of old society, and they get all these
parts attached to them from crawling through them. So they get covered in
all these machine parts. – [Julia] Mm, I was
thinking that maybe this was a creature that the people who were trying to make
these big, cool castles used. They took these cool,
almost god-like animals, and they strapped a bunch of shit to it to make it effective for building castles. And then they only remain,
and the people don’t. – [Jacob] See, that’s good, too. That’s also good lore.
– Ooh. – [Julia] That feels Dark Soulsy to me.
– Maybe you have to ask the self, ask the self.
– Ask the self. – [Jacob] Confront the self, and ask it. – [Julia] Have you ever
asked the self, self? – [Karina] What do you know
about Pokemon and Dark Souls? All the time. – [Jacob] It’s gotta be ambiguous, though, you know.
– Well, this some twisted metal shit, like
castle parts, I think. – Yeah.
– Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. – [Jacob] It’s like, did people
do this to this creature, or did it do it to itself? And we don’t know. We can’t ask it. I’m getting, all of a sudden–
– I definitely– – Digimon vibes. – [Julia] A little bit. – [Karina] I feel like
some of the newer Pokes lean a bit more Digimon. – [Jacob] Lean Digi. – [Karina] Like the sword
dog and the shield dog, those are very Digimon to me. – [Julia] Because they just have a bunch of filigree on them. – [Jacob] Yeah. – [Julia] And just like, shapes. – [Jacob] But they’re
not wearing enough jorts or bondage clothes to be Digimon. – [Karina] Once they
start wearing clothes. – [Jacob] Yeah. – Jorts, some bondage clothes.
– Some jeans. (laughs) – [Jacob] Does Digimon always digivolve from cute little animals
to bondage furries? – [Karina] Yeah, or like an
animal wearing jorts with a gun. – [Jacob] Yeah. (laughs) Or just like– – [Karina] Those are the two kinds of Digimon.
– A man. Sometimes they just become
a man, like a big man? – [Karina] Yeah. – [Jacob] A big, nude man? – [Karina] Was Angemon
wearing jorts or jeans? – [Jacob] Angemon is wearing, he’s got clothes.
– He’s wearing something. – He’s got–
– But he has jean energy. – [Jacob] Yeah. I gotta look him up. – [Julia] I’m looking up some Digimon now, because surprise, surprise,
wasn’t into Digimon either. (Karina chuckles) Wow, they’re just, they’re somethin’, huh? – (laughs) I really–
– This one’s just a weird baby dino. – [Karina] What, the most popular one, the most famous Digimon? – [Julia] Agumon? – Yeah.
– Yeah. Agumon’s the Pikachu–
– Welcome to the Digimon episode you’ve always asked for. – [Jacob] Yeah, welcome
to the Digiverse, idiot. – [Julia] Welcome to the half
ska, half Digimon episode of Drawfee.
– You thought you were getting Dark Souls and Pokes? Surprise.
– You’re getting ska and Digimon. (group laughs) Oh, are you gonna get–
– He has some shit on his back. – [Jacob] Yeah, he has
some real shit goin’ on that I’m uncomfortable with.
– I’m just gonna make it into a castle. ‘Cause I don’t know better.
– Oh, I like that. That’s cool. – [Karina] Yeah, he’s just got
shit on his back, poor guy. – [Jacob] Yeah, no wonder he’s so mad. – [Karina] He has to crawl around. He does have a very naturally angry face. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – [Karina] I do love his
cartoony face in the actual art. – [Jacob] Yeah, he’s got
a very not-havin’-it look that I appreciate a great deal. – [Karina] I feel like that a lot. – [Jacob] Yeah, this
has got Karina energy. – [Karina] This one was meant for me. This is my lad. – [Jacob] This is a beautiful lad. And just an exhaust pipe in his ass. – [Julia And Karina] Yeah. – Poor guy.
– Just right in there. That’s not good. – Oh.
– That can’t feel good. – [Julia] I imagine that when he poops, it comes out and just goes, foomp! – Yeah, it just flies out.
– It’s just a ball of it. It sounds like one of those
tennis ball shooting machines. – [Julia] Yeah, foomp! On a bad dietary day, it just goes, foomp, foomp, foomp-foomp,
foomp-foomp, foomp-foomp, foomp-foomp, foomp.
(Karina groans) Oh, gross.
– Some shit on his back. – [Jacob] Yeah, castle shit. – [Karina] Castle shit. – [Jacob] Maybe some
tiny people live in it. – [Karina] (laughs) Maybe. – Probably not.
– Yeah, ’cause this’ll be you. – [Jacob] Oh, so you’re
one of the tiny people that could live in it. – [Karina] Yeah, you could just hop on in. Here, you got a little fire, so. – [Jacob] And so I guess, according to this image
of the original Poke, the fire just kind of squirts
out of his little mouth. – [Julia] Yeah, it definitely comes out like a (whines).
– That’s his little mouth. – [Jacob] He’s just
got bad dietary issues. – [Karina] This guy’s kind of just a mess. – [Jacob] There’s a fire
inside of him always because of his bad stomach. And he has to get it out
either through mouth fire or the butt launcher. – [Karina] Oh, he fills
the tunnel with smoke. – Oh yeah, that sucks.
– Disgusting. He really just has a tough
time with things, poor guy. – [Jacob] I just wanna be left alone. – [Karina] He’ll have
some chains and shit. – [Jacob] I’m very uncomfortable. – [Karina] Now I’m just making
it difficult for myself. – [Jacob] No, chains are good. – [Karina] A problem for later. – [Jacob] Chains are very Dark Souls. Shit chained to other
shit is very Dark Souls. – [Karina] And I guess
he still has stripes. – [Julia] It could be like big scars. – [Karina] Ooh. – [Jacob] Now we’re into some business. – [Karina] So he has them going this way, but, ooh.
– We’re into some dirty business here. Oh yeah, this is cool. – [Karina] Another thing
I’ll make look cool later. (group laughs) – Yeah.
– This is gonna be real, real dirty, ’cause all he does
is crawl around underground. – [Jacob] Yeah, and get
castle parts chained to him. – [Karina] Yeah, poor guy. He really just has a lot of trouble. – [Julia] This line on his
mid shin makes it look like he has shin-high socks on.
– Yeah, it does look like he’s got on some
socks, some high socks. – [Karina] I just feel
like that sometimes. You’re crawling around underground. You still need to look
cute, though. (laughs) – [Jacob] Yeah, feel cute today. – Mmkay, there.
– Yeah. I think that’s–
– There is Heatmor. – [Jacob] That’s awesome. – [Julia] I love it. – [Jacob] It’s got that energy where you–
– Lookin’ spookier. – [Jacob] You like it
and you’re scared of it. But also, you feel bad for it. And that’s very Dark Souls. – That’s my boy.
– Yeah. – Yeah.
– Wonderful. – All right, my turn!
– Thank you. – Get in.
– Get in. Whoa.
– Time for me to get my number. And what is it? – [Jacob And Karina] 595. – [Karina] Oh, this is the thing! – [Jacob] Oh, this guy’s so cute! Oh, he’s so cute.
– Oh, it’s a little baby. It’s a little hairy baby. – [Jacob] It’s Joltik, by the way. We didn’t say that.
– Yeah. – [Jacob] We just said how cute he is. Oh.
– What the hell am I supposed to do with this? – [Jacob] Baby. – [Karina] Make it Dark Souls. – [Jacob] There’s some
cute things in Dark Souls. – [Karina] Yeah, and put a chain on it. (Julia sighs)
(Jacob and Karina laugh) – [Jacob] Put a chain on it. – [Karina] Just lay it across it gently so you don’t hurt him. He’s a baby. (laughs) – [Jacob] Please be nice to baby, Julia. He’s an electric bug. – [Julia] He’s an electric bug. Electric. – [Jacob] It’s electric. – [Julia] Okay, I have an idea. – Wonderful.
– So excited. – [Julia] I have an idea
that will make Jacob unhappy, but I’m going to do it.
– What? – [Karina] Yes. – [Jacob] Why would you make me unhappy? – [Karina] It’s the make
Jacob unhappy episode. – [Julia] I’m gonna start
off with a shape here. – [Jacob] Now. – [Karina] Now, this– – [Jacob] The shape you’ve started with– – [Karina] Is this
shape gonna be something I expect it to be? – [Jacob] This is a head. This is a person’s head–
– Yeah. – [Jacob] That you’ve started with. – Oval.
– You’ve started with a person’s head. – Oval.
– Yeah. Yeah.
– It’s an electric bug. – It’s an electric–
(Karina laughs) – [Jacob] But you’ve started
with a person’s head. – [Julia] Electric bugaloo. – [Jacob] Is this gonna be like the person that the bugs are one? – [Julia] No. – [Jacob] Is it like a
“The Mummy” situation, like they crawl on you
and you’re like, “Oh no!” and you have to roll to get ’em off? – [Karina] Yeah, or that scary story where they nest inside that girl’s face? – [Jacob] Yeah, is it
like that scary story where they nest inside that girl’s face? – [Julia] What? – [Jacob] From “Scary
Stories to Tell in the Dark”? (Karina slurps) That the sound it probably makes. Scary scories to scare in the dark.
– Oh my god. Is this Spider-Man? ♪ Spider-Man ♪
– Yeah. ♪ Spider-Man ♪
– You’re drawing Spider-Man. – Uh, no.
– You didn’t tell me that Spider-Man was in Dark Souls. – [Jacob] There’s a good
reason I didn’t tell you that. Okay, this is a pro wrestler. (Karina laughs) I’m intrigued to see where you’re headed with this.
– So is it a knight that’s Joltik?
– Yeah. – [Jacob] Is it gonna
be like an armor set? – [Julia] Yeah. – [Jacob And Karina] Oh. – [Julia] I wanna take
the feel of Joltik– – Soft?
– And kind of makin’ it– (Karina laughs) Do you see that thing and think soft? – It looks very soft.
– I’m not thinkin’ it’s– – [Karina] Yes. – [Julia] I didn’t see
soft when I saw this guy. – [Jacob] It looks like it’s covered in the most beautiful hair. – [Julia] I have a different thought– – Yes?
– About that. I thought it was just very
spiky and bad to touch. – [Jacob] You look at that and you think, bad to touch?
– Oh, like it’s, oh– – Yeah.
– Like its spikes are hard. – [Julia] Like a heg-hog. – [Karina] A heg-hog? (laughs) – [Jacob] It does not
look at all like that. It looks like a soft, fluffy friend. – [Karina] Follow your heart, Julia. – [Jacob] Hearts can be wrong. – [Julia] We’ve established
that my heart is wrong. – It’s like the–
– In many years of this show– – [Jacob] The Celine Dion
song, My Heart Will Go Wrong. This looks kind of like
some Howl armor right now. – [Julia] It does. (Jacob caws) I’m gonna have to figure out how to make it a little bit more bug-like. – [Jacob] Yeah, you’re
gonna have to bug it up. So this helmet, does it have hair? – [Julia] No, it’s like armor plates. – [Jacob] It’s got hair. This helmet got hair. It’s like a JoJo situation. – Right.
– It goes straight into hair. – [Karina] Yeah, you’re not really sure where the armor plate ends. Is that still armor plate? – Yes.
– Or is it hair? – Oh.
– Don’t know. – [Karina] You don’t know? (Julia groans)
(Karina laughs) – [Jacob] What’s the knight’s
hair doin’ under there? – [Julia] It’s this, more or less. – [Jacob] So it fits the hair perfectly. – Yeah, yeah.
– Oh. – Completely sheathed around.
– Yeah. – Okay, that’s–
– It’s incredibly customized. – [Jacob] Yeah, that’s really convenient. – [Julia] Because the knight
really wanted head protection but really wanted to
keep that hair intact. – [Karina] Priorities. – [Julia] Priorities. – [Karina] Aw, his little face. – [Julia] I’m trying to
decide how to make this a little bit more
bug-like but also Joltiky. – [Jacob] Yeah, we gotta
get some lightning stuff goin’ on here, some lightning theming. – [Julia] Yeah. – [Jacob] I mean, this looked cool. But it’s not cute, and
I don’t wanna hug it. – [Julia] There aren’t
many things in Dark Souls that you wanna hug, I’m assuming. – [Jacob] That’s probably right, I guess. – [Julia] Other than the onion knight, who I did kinda wanna hug. – [Jacob] Yeah, I do wanna hug him. He needs it. – [Julia] Yeah. Okay. – [Jacob] This would be
like, in Dark Souls games, they have NPC invasions, where computer characters
will invade you sometimes. And then if you kill them,
you can get special items. – [Karina] Like hugs? – [Jacob] Like hugs. This would be like one of those. This NPC would invade you, and
you’d have to fight him off. And if you beat him,
you’d get is armor set, the Joltik armor set. His name is Sir Joltik
from the lightning land. (Karina laughs) – [Julia] I need just a lot
of spikies on this dude. So I think, so he’s gonna have
shoulder armor, of course. – [Jacob] Yeah, naturally. – [Julia] ‘Cause he’s got a
set of arms and a set of legs. – [Jacob] Yeah, and they’re so cute. – [Karina] He is so soft. – He’s not soft.
– They’re so stubby. – [Julia] I don’t see him as soft. – [Karina] I’m almost certain it’s soft. – [Jacob] Yeah, I’m 100,000% certain. I’ve never been more certain of anything. (Karina laughs) – [Karina] There’s only one
thing I know in this world, and it’s that Joltik is soft. – [Jacob] Joltik is
soft, and Joltik is baby. (Karina laughs) Those are the only things
I know in this world. Oh, I like the under-pauldron. – Yeah, he’s got two layers.
– Big fan of the under-pauldron. – He’s got two layers.
– Ooh. – [Jacob] For when one’s not enough. – [Julia] Yeah, I feel like– – [Jacob] Keep that shoulder safe. – [Julia] I can’t really
square anything off. I gotta make it triangular. ‘Cause he’s very triangular, this boy. – [Karina] I guess. – [Jacob] But then he’s just gonna have little bitty arms and
legs like Joltik does. – [Karina] Yeah. – [Julia] Yeah, they end right here. (Karina and Jacob laugh) – Mm.
– Please leave it like that. – [Jacob] Oh, I’m gonna get you. – [Karina] Oh, I’m comin’. – [Jacob] I’m gonna get you so good. – [Karina] (chuckles) I’m Joltik. – [Jacob] There is
precedent for small people in the Souls series. – Yeah?
– In “Dark Souls II,” if you go to Belfry Luna,
I believe it’s called, a bunch of really little dudes attack you. – Really?
– Aw. – [Jacob] Yeah, they’re so little. And they really don’t like you at all. And they wanna get you. Joltik has never looked this intimidating. – [Julia] No. Okay. – [Karina] Joltik has only
ever looked like baby. – [Jacob] Yeah, big
baby, big beautiful baby. – [Julia] He has a little
pauldron on this side to get that above-the-hand spiky. And okay, so I wanna get
the lightning in here. – [Jacob] Yeah, you do. – [Julia] Because he’s a lightning bug. – [Jacob] Gonna have a lightning weapon? – I think–
– ‘Cause lightning weapons are common in the Souls games. – Oh yeah?
– Oh. – [Jacob] Lightning is one of the elements you can imbue weapons
with, so you’re on track. – [Julia] That’s cool. That’s-
– That’s cool. – [Julia] The only thing I’ve
been on track with, I think, in the history of this show. Well, I was going to say that maybe he just has a
lightning rod, you know. Or maybe it’s like a big
javelin or something. – Oh, I like that.
– Ooh. – [Julia] ‘Cause I don’t know
how this little guy attacks. – [Jacob] He just gets on you. – [Julia] He just gets on you. – [Karina] Yeah, he just tickles you. – [Jacob] And then he shocks
you with his little lightning. – Yeah.
– And you love it. (Karina laughs) – [Karina] And you are all about it. – [Jacob] Yeah. Like, ooh, tingles. – [Karina] Thanks, Joltik. – [Jacob] Thank you. – [Karina] You are baby. – [Jacob] And you give him a little kiss. – [Julia] Okay. – [Jacob] I would never send
this Pokemon into battle. – [Julia] No, you can’t. How could you? – [Jacob] I wouldn’t. – [Julia] Okay, I’m just
trying to wrap this up. This is my guy. – [Jacob] You’re gonna
put some lightning effects on that rod in post? – [Julia] Yes. – [Jacob] Yeah, you are. I know you are. – Nice, nice, nice.
– Gonna have some cool glow. – Wow.
– Some lightning glow. Yes! – [Julia] So he’s wearing a golden armor. – [Jacob] With blue highlights. – [Julia] With blue highlights, and yeah. – Yeah.
– That’s rad. Cool approach, Julia. – Thanks.
– I would not have thought of designing an armor set, but now I wanna do a whole
video designing armor sets based on Pokemon. – [Karina] Hmm. (group laughs) – Now–
– Stay tuned! – [Julia] We’re just gonna get a lot of suggestions for that. – [Jacob] Yeah, well, it’s cool. – [Julia] It is cool. I wanna do it.
– Not my fault it’s cool. I didn’t make it cool. – [Julia] I wanna do it again. – [Jacob] You made it cool. – [Karina] Yeah, you’ve already done it. – Yeah.
– Yay! Does that mean I’m not
allowed to do it again? – [Jacob] Yes, that’s what it means. – (laughs) Banned.
– No. – [Jacob] You’re off the show. – [Julia] No! – [Jacob] And on the streets. – [Julia] Oh no, I’ve
lost my apartment, too. I think this this is my guy. – Awesome.
– Wow. – Well, great work, everyone.
– Whoops. – [Jacob] This was fun. I like all of the things we
came up with, especially me. Good job, Jacob. – Your Ska Ermery?
– I love ska. – [Julia] Yeah. I love ska. – [Karina] I love Digimon. – [Jacob] Everyone go watch
Digimon and listen to ska at the same time. I’ve heard that it syncs up. You’ll find a hidden message.
– I’m surprised– – [Karina] ‘Cause that’s what
this episode was really about. – [Jacob] Yeah. – [Julia] I’m surprised that Digimon doesn’t have a ska intro,
considering, I think, it also happened in
the ’90s at some point. – [Karina] I’m trying to remember if there were any ska
songs that ever made it into the Digimon soundtrack. But I can’t–
– You know there are. – [Karina] I can’t remember
off the top of my head what it could’ve been.
– If you could remember off the top of your head,
I’d be so concerned. – [Julia] Is there a ska “Yu-Gi-Oh!” Song? – [Karina] No. – [Julia] Dang it. – [Karina] And I like Digimon. – Yeah, but if you–
– They had a soundtrack with “Kids In America” on it. – [Jacob] It did have
“Kids In America” on it. We have to end this episode now. – [Karina] Yeah, we’re kinda just drawing it out over nothing. (laughs) – [Jacob] Thanks for watchin’, everybody. We hope you enjoyed this. And if you’d like to
see us do more like it, let us know in the comments below, or let us know whatever you
wanna see us do in the future. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – [Jacob] And as always, we’re sorry. – Sorry.
– Sorry!

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100 Replies to “Artists Draw Pokemon As Dark Souls Bosses”

  1. All this talk about Ska made me want Drawfee to make a video whare they drawn dead music genres and in the Spirit of this video they should be Pokemon trainers.

  2. can you do another one of these, but you pick the pokemon? like sure these are great, but if you pick you get like super well designed pokemon with way more potential, and yeah the randomness would be gone, but i feel your artwork would be even better, if you would have be given stuff like volcarona, metagross etc…

  3. Name ideas for the PokéSoul characters

    Skarmory- Bird of Restless Irons

    Heatmor- The Burning Undertow

    Joltik- Plasnis Sword of the Spider Queen

  4. 4:14 oh…..sounds just like the Dragonslayer Armor lore, instead of Armor, its weapons and instead of a bird, its butterflies.

  5. Maybe one of these or none?
    The world may never know 😈

    Minecraft + Dark Souls
    Five Nights at Freddy's + Disney
    Minecraft + Five Nights at Freddy's
    Minecraft + Disney
    Minecraft Mobs that u never seen before
    Five Nights at Freddy's characters that u never seen before

    HELP ME!!

    (Here's a random think that just now came to me, Julia is the queen of horror and strange/creepy monstrosities 😂😂😂)

  6. 22:50

    I’m leaving this comment so I can come back to this moment every single day and just rewatch the “put a chain on it!”

  7. This is how I'd imagine it to be if it was in Dark Souls. First after beating SKAMORY lol you would gain his soul and would create a boss weapon, a sword or a shield. Now there would be an object description for both the soul and the weapons.

    Soul : "The soul of a legendary weapon, gained after beating SKAMORY the Bladewing (whatever) . It is said that the soul of SKAMORY is actually the one of an ancient warrior, which imbued his blades with his own soul. After his death, the blades remained "alive" because of the warrior's soul."

    Winged blade : "A powerful sword forged through the remainings of SKAMORY. The blade is filled with a legendary warrior soul. He still lives through the blade, like before it created SKAMORY. Who knows what would happen if the sword and shield would be reunited again ?"

    Tailed Shield : "A powerful shield forged through the remainings of SKAMORY. This reflecting shield is filled with a legendary warrior soul blablabla."

    Kinda f*cked up but it's funny lol.

    Great job on the drawings !

    "EDIT : Do a pokémon armor set please

  8. When doing Pokemon stuff, you should pull up each Pokemon's Bulbapedia page so you can see their Pokedex entries, Abilities (and what they do), and their moves to get a good understanding of how it is.

  9. After seeing Jacob's drawing it reminded me of Metalbeak, so please do Sly Cooper bad guys either from memory or never heard of.

  10. "The warriors died but the weapons are still there" that´s actually a thing that happens in Dark Souls, when you kill a boss if it isn´t an animal or one of the main bosses you can craft from their soul a weapon that has part of the bosse´s atributes and backstory.

  11. I alwats knew that skarmory was a play on armor, but I just realized that it is literally sk(armor)y, aka sky+armor. Damn you game freak

  12. Joltik armor set description:

    This knights were under the command of Ornstein before the age of fire. The power of lighting was their main ability, and it proved to be the greatest weapon against the ancient dragons. However, when the abyss consumed Oolacile, the knights of Joltik where defeated alongside the great Artorias, in a failed attempt to stop the father of the abyss: Manus.

    This set offers decent protection against venom, lighting and dark attack.

  13. I gotta see how you guys interpret Animorphs aliens, just based on the wild book descriptions.

    Highlights include a species that can fully rotate at the middle

  14. Joltic, the lightning bug….I can see that armor setting being VERY useful against dragons, like a “Super Paladin” kinda thing…

  15. Joltik's ovoid body is completely covered in yellow fur, with notable tufts sticking out on each side of its face, just over each eye, and its lower back.

  16. Joltikman, Joltikman, does whatever a joltik can
    Spins a web any size, catches thieves just like flies
    Look out, here comes the Joltikman
    Is he strong? Listen bud, he's got electric blood
    Can he swing from a thread? Take a look overhead
    Hey, there! There goes the Joltikman
    In the chill of the night At the scene of a crime
    Like a streak of light he arrives just in time
    Joltikman, Joltikman, friendly neighborhood, Joltikman
    Wealth and fame, he ignores, action is his reward
    Look out, here comes the Joltikman
    Joltikman, Joltikman, friendly neighborhood, Joltikman
    Wealth and fame, he ignores, action is his reward
    To him, life's a great big bang up, whenever there's a hang up,
    You'll find the Joltikman!

  17. I thought about suggesting Kirby bosses as Dark Souls bosses, but then I realized most of them kind of already are. Try and tell me Queen Sectonia's lore wouldn't be out of place in a Souls game.

  18. My god at 9:33 I just realized he's not drawing a helmet but a bird I thought you was drawing a bird in a helmet

  19. Id like to see you drawnyour own veriation of a Xenomorph, like how in the comics their are flying ones swimming ones and even a dragon one!

  20. Imagine killing this giant knight, whose been abandoned by time itself, and the next thing you have to kill is a very confused, annoyed and slighly angry bird stuck to the broken sword you threw out not even twenty minutes ago…

  21. Backgrounds:
    1. Skabird of the Blades: A great empire was caught in a war with one of the neighbouring nations, and began to lose. Their scholars discovered a spirit that they determined they could manipulate to join their cause. A cadre of their best soldiers was sent to find and capture it for use in the war. When they tried to cage it, it tried to fight them off, but it couldn't. It absorbed them all in self defense, but in doing so it absorbed their souls, armour, weapons, and purpose. Though both nations fell long ago, it is said that Skabird of the Blades still stands watch over the ruined towers and cathedrals, waiting for battle that would never come.
    2. The Walking Fortress: This creature is the larger version of smaller creatures enslaved for burrowing by a subterranean race. This one had a fortress built on its back and was probably used for storming fortifications.
    3. Lightning Lord Joltik: The last of the elemental lords. He refused to leave his throne when the lords were called to the Golden King's aid. He now guards eternally the throne he loves so dearly.

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